USS Magellan
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Superior Intellect

Posted on Wed Aug 8th, 2018 @ 12:17pm by Captain Anjad Terax & Commander T'Prynn

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD01 0830

With the expertise of their Vulcan visitor having been put to good use, the Starship Pacifica had managed to make its rendezvous with Starbase - and thus, allow the Vulcan to depart - much to the relief of many aboard the aging vessel. Whilst she had proved to be incredibly helpful in a variety of situations during her short stay aboard, Lieutenant Commander T’Prynn had ruffled more than a few feathers. Her Vulcan nature and the stinging barbs that accompanied it were never used to intentionally scold or upset any individual, but a mere reflection of the truth as she saw it. Despite the lack of intent in upsetting people, the crew of the Pacifica were happy to wave goodbye to their visitor once the ship got underway again.

For the Commander, her next task was simple; navigate the crowds on the station and board the Magellan. A Galaxy class ship of some years, the Magellan provided her with the opportunity to unintentionally offend even more people, an opportunity she would take on a daily basis if the emotional humanoids on Pacifica were anything to go by.

Navigating the crowds on the base had not proven to be that difficult. Having chided one clumsy individual for nearly spilling their beverage had seen to it that most would part like the proverbial Red Sea when she approached, clearing her a path to the transporter room with ease. Once there, and with her clearance and orders verified, she had beamed aboard her newest assignment.

Following the rematerialization process on the Galaxy-class ship, the Commander had suffered through the second round of security clearances until she had been permitted entrance to the many halls and corridors of the Magellan. She had opted against a tour guide to lead her to her private abode, instead choosing to use her superior intellect to guide herself through the brightly lit hallways. When she had dumped her belongings, her next objective would be to locate the Captain and make her presence known. Efficient to say the least.

Anjad Terax was still in his ready room. There had been a steady stream of new officers arriving throughout the day, and he had to meet many of them. Normally a job he would give to his XO, but his next meeting was with the new XO, so he didn't really have the option to give this meeting to anyone else.

As he gazed over the various classified intelligence on the padds on his desk, coupled with the numerous personnel changes and staff rotations, he was starting to feel tired. Being almost 285 years old, tiredness didn't often hit him, except during times such as these when everything seemed to happen at once. There was an old Trill saying, 'It never rains, but it pours'. It was almost 0830 exactly. He expected his new XO to appear in 'three... two...' he counted in his head... 'one'

The chime to the ready room rang out right on schedule, signifying the arrival of the very person the Captain awaited.

"Come in Commander," he called out, knowing full well that his new XO had arrived. The door opened, revealing the Vulcan officer in his doorway.

The woman strolled up to the desk and stood bolt upright before the Captain. “Lieutenant Commander T’Prynn reporting as directed,” she declared, her luscious brown lips closing tight as her pointed eyebrows fell into place.

"Please, have a seat Commander. Did you choose the Magellan? Or were you simply assigned here?" He asked her.

Whilst the Commander usually preferred to stand, she opted not to offend her new commanding officer by denying his request and simply perched on the edge of the offered seat. "At the conclusion of my tour aboard the Mikhail Kalashnikov, I was offered a variety of postings. I opted to join the Magellan," she revealed in her usual stoic tone.

"I have not had the pleasure of a Vulcan XO before. Are you exactly like most other Vulcans? Or do you have your little quirks?" He asked inquisitively.

T'Prynn lifted an eyebrow at the Captain's rather random question and considered her response carefully before responding. "In many respects, yes. Unlike many Vulcan's, I choose to eat meat and fish whilst I also appreciate the benefits of social interactions."

"Interesting." He paused and looked over the information on his PADD. "Good to know. We haven't received orders yet so for now, we remain on R&R. As you well know, that can change in an instant, so I want departmental reports by 1000. There are also still alot of crew transfers to go ahead. They should be finished by 1400 this afternoon. Please coordinate with Operations and make sure everyone is allocated quarters before they arrive. The last of the equipment has been installed, and thats going to be tested throughout the day. Though we are without orders currently, we are to undock at 1800 hours this evening."

"As you wish Captain," T'Prynn nodded respectfully as she rose from her seat, eager to get to work addressing the Captain's orders. Her first port of call upon leaving would be to track down the Chief of Operations.

"Excellent. Dismissed Commander." He gave a curt nod. He had a feeling she was going to be a good Executive Officer. Time will tell, of course.


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