USS Magellan
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When is The Next Group Ready

Posted on Fri Mar 13th, 2020 @ 11:29pm by Story Teller

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Inside Large Anomaly
Timeline: MD10 || 1140

"zori'Kuma," one of the perimeter officers called out with some urgency. "One of the naturally occurring gravimetric deviations has formed within the proximity of one of the generators. It is causing an instability, which is pulling some of the asteroids out of their projected paths. It's impacting upon others, and the entire ring may be affected."

"Will they impact any parts of the stations or the generators?" The real worry here was losing the generators. If they were damaged, the anomaly that kept them hidden from the enemy detector nets would collapse, and their true might would be exposed. As far as the galaxy was aware, the 'Ravagers', a name they neither cared for nor gave themselves, were just a small insignificant presence within the Great Expanse. Their true strength would be revealed within time. But that was for another day.

"We don't know. We are trying to project the various paths, but there are thousands of asteroids, and it is taking time. It is likely that will happen, we just won't know yet."

Fortunately, they had spent thousands of years within the Great Expanse, and in that time, they had learned to harness the gravimetric deviations and learned to create their own. They couldn't yet stop the naturally occurring ones from forming where they didn't want them to, but they had learned to slowly dissipate the deviations that did. Though why this one had formed as close to their generator, he did not understand. The generators had dissipators built into them, to prevent exactly this occurrence.

"Is it fixable, urkub? He asked the officer.

"Yes, zori'Kuma, but I have lost connection to the generator." The urkub was going through the detector net data and appeared somewhat startled when he came across a specific line. "It appears that this deviation formed within the generator. I'm not quite sure how to explain this. The deviation is moving almost in an orbit of the generator."

"Why did the generator's dissipator not prevent it from growing to its current size?"

"I don't have that information yet. But it's beginning to affect the paths of several more asteroids. There are three frigates advancing toward it, to begin its dissipation." The console in front of the officer began to make a beeping sound. "zori'Kuma, the deviation has been dissipated. But there are still several asteroids moving out of formation. The frigates are moving toward various asteroids to use attractor beams to move them back into stable orbits."

A shrill alarm came from the console. "What is it, urkub?" The commander of this facility asked.

"One of the asteroids impacted another after one of the frigates had locked on, They have sustained damage, but were able to slow it down substantially. Other frigates are moving to assist.

The door behind them opened, and uka'zori'Kuma Sani walked into the operations center. "I appear to be missing all of the entertainment." He said, with a curt smile across his face.

"The dissipators in one of the generators failed to control the formation of a deviation. It has caused several asteroids to move out of formation and caused damage to one of the frigates."

"That's new. Nothing like this has happened before. I shall begin an investigation once the situation has resolved."

"Thank you, uka'zori'Kuma. When is the next group ready to leave for the homeworld?" zori'Kuma Tonna asked his sub commander.

"Four hours, zori'Kuma. There are approximately twenty-eight cruisers, and eight wings of fighters. They are to report to the Khrexani System Defense Force. The Tzenkethi construction equipment has increased our construction capacity to almost triple what it was. The next twelve frigates will be ready tomorrow instead of next week, and another eight cruisers the day after tomorrow." The officer replied.

"I don't care for the Tzenkethi, but they seem to know what they are doing with ship construction. We have quadrupled the size of our fleet, in less than half a year." The zori'Kuma replied to his subordinate.

An Erganite, whose name he had not yet learned, walked up to him. "zori'Kuma, our detector nets have picked up a Starfleet ship moving at high warp, heading in this direction."

Intriguing he thought to himself. "No one can see us, not even out allies" he said with a hint of disgust. "Are they heading this way because they detect us? Use our detector net records and plot their course."

"It will be done, zori'Kuma." He walked towards his station and began to bring up the relevant information. "I believe they are heading in this direction as it is the shortest way from their current position, to their Starbase, outside of our space."

"They do not have our deflection frequencies they will not be able to enter our gravimetric field. They will simply be destroyed upon hitting it. Ensure that the field generators in that area are set to maximum. and have one of our patrols prepare to intercept if they, by some miracle, enter the anomaly."

"The Tzenkethi have opened communications."

"Put it on the viewer." The viewer flickered, showing the Tzenkethi on the ship they had stationed within the facility. "Luvaen Siv Vel-B, how may I assist you?"

With it's usual look of disgust, it simply looked at him. "Our sensors have detected a Federation ship. What do you plan to do with it if it penetrates your anomaly?"

"In the unlikely event that it managed to breach the anomaly, it will be destroyed. We simply can not risk knowledge of this facility getting back to the Federation yet. We are not ready."

"You will not destroy them, zori'Kuma. As chaotic as the Federation is, as with most lesser species, if they lost one of their starships, they will send others to find them. And if they have the intelligence to realise what is happening here, it could lead to an armed conflict with the Federation, who would likely bring the Klingons into it. We would be outmatched," as he said the word outmatchedhe almost flinched. "and would not be able to sustain it for long."

"They can not be allowed to leave with this knowledge. We have more than enough ships to defen..."

The Tzenkethi interrupted. "You will not destroy the ship." The channel closed.

"Ready the frigates located near the Tzenkethi ships. Do not alert them."

"It will be done, zori'Kuma."


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