USS Magellan
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Meeting the New Boss

Posted on Mon Jul 30th, 2018 @ 6:36pm by Captain Anjad Terax & Lieutenant Kala Anjar & Lieutenant Arianna Frost

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Ready Room
Timeline: MD01 0730

"Greetings, Captain Terax. I'm Lieutenant Arianna Frost, with Starfleet Intelligence." Arianna paced the small space of the Turbolift she rode in. "Morning, sir. I'm Lieutenant Frost, with Intelligence."

"No, that won't do." The blonde muttered to herself as she ran a hand through her short hair in an attempt to calm her nerves, and not mess it up further.

Why was she feeling so nervous all of a sudden? All was fine until she stepped foot on the Magellan. She'd served with regulars before, hell she'd been one herself. She hunted criminals and interrogated foreign agents, without a sliver of nerve. Now, she felt like a fresh faced Ensign straight out of the Academy, a woman of her age and experience.


It wouldn't do at all.

"Good morning, Captain..." she started again just as the door to the Bridge opened. "Bloody hell..."Her features quickly schooled into a neutral expression as her eyes took in the stituation on the Bridge as she stepped out.

Lieutenant Clive Donovan looked around, hearing the noise of the turbolift opening. He looked to the new officer, one of many who were reassigned to the Magellan for a number of reasons over the last week since they arrived at Starbase 249. He glanced at her neck. "Good Morning, Lieutenant. I dont believe we have met. I am Lieutenant Clive Donovan. How can I help?"

"Good morning, Lieutenant. I'm Lieutenant Arianna Frost, do you know if the Captain is available?" Arianna asked, taking a slow glance around the Bridge.

The Galaxy, while now an older model, was still quite beautiful in her own right, though her favorite were still and would likely always be, the Korolev and the Ambassador.

"He is just with the new Chief Operations officer, but he should be finished soon. I don't know how much you know the Captain, but he won't mind if you go on in." He replied to the Lieutenant.

Arianna raised an eyebrow, saying nothing. Instead she just nodded and turned on her heel, stepping over to the Ready Room. Commanding Officers of any kind were rarely all that good with people just barging in on them. So instead of just walking in as suggested, she knocked on the side of the door quickly before she stepped inside.

False hope or not, it could have given the Captain and Lieutenant Parker that moment they needed.

“Oh, sorry!” Arianna exclaimed as she stopped short almost right at the door as she entered, just about avoiding collision with said Lieutenant, now Lieutenant Commander Parker.

Terax looked up at the new officer entering his Ready Room. “Lieutenant. Please come in.”

“Sorry, sir!” Frost said again as she looked up at the Chief of Operations.

Tim hadn’t been paying too much attention to where he was walking. His attention had been primarily focused on affixing the new pip to his collar, which he could only do by touch since there was not a mirror nearby to guide him. He’d just looked down to close the box when the door panels parted and he nearly collided with another new arrival.

He looked up to see the blonde Lieutenant and paused, both by the use of “sir” and that there was suddenly someone where he didn’t expect any individual to be. “That’s all right, Lieutenant…” his voice trailed off realizing that he might have said her name had he known what that was.

“Commander Parker, this is Lieutenant Frost, she is our new Intel Chief.” Terax said.

“Ah,” Tim said, glancing back to the Captain, then to Lieutenant Frost. “I’d say welcome aboard, but that would mean I’d have been here longer than thirty minutes.”

Arianna chuckled, “thank you anyway, sir. It’s been a while since I’ve served on a ship in any capacity.”

Looking over his shoulder at the trill, Frost nodded, “Captain Terax, sorry to barge in like this, I was informed that you wouldn’t mind if I just went in.”

Tim couldn’t help but smile at that, unsure as to why. “He’s all yours, Lieutenant,” he told Frost. “See you around.” Then to the Captain before he disappeared, Tim added, “Captain.”

Terax nodded to the officer. "Dismissed Commander."

Ari smirked a little, nodding to Parker as he left, “sir.”

Then she turned back to the Trill with four pips and stepped over to the desk. “Sorry about that, sir. Lieutenant Arianna Frost, reporting in.” She stepped to a semi-relaxed attention stance. Or did she need to the full, rigid back flat and stiff as a brick one? She decided to go with the one she was affecting already to avoid looking insecure and indecisive.

Terax looked at Lieutenant Frost, studying her for a moment. He was going to have to have words with Lieutenant Kala. He had known him for many years, and he had always been somewhat of a joker. "Please," he gestured to the chairs in front of his desk. "Have a seat. Lieutenant, have you been briefed by Starfleet Intelligence?" He asked her, getting right to business.

Arianna took the requested seat with prompt ease and nodded, "To an extent, yes, sir. I am 'read-in' on what we know so far of new movement of powers in this area of space, which is more or less why I was reassigned to a mobile station, in this case the Magellan. We know a board is set and pieces are moving, but not much more than that, at this juncture. I'm here to be Intel's eyes and ears and provide reports that can be further disseminated to the rest of the ships in our AO. That being said," the Alpha Eridani native leaned back in the chair, "I was told I'd be briefed on the Magellan's specific remit upon arrival."

"I know that there are some powers at play. Do we have any idea who, or what strengths they have?" He asked. He knew some of the intel that had been passed down. He had spoke with some of Admiral O'Connell's staff, who had been in contact with Vice Admiral Desai, the head of Starfleet Intelligence. "I read in one of the reports that theres a starbase in the Expanse?"

Arianna lifted her hands from her lap, in a measured gesture, shrugging, "we strongly believe there is one, however, as with everything needed to make a case...we need proof. So far it's hearsay and scattered reports without a definitive set of coordinates or a visual account." Frost said, her eyes affixing on the Trill.

Terax let out a 'hmm' to himself. He realised he has caused her to pause, and nodded her to continue.

"We believe the Ravagers have some involvement at least, likely the Talarians as well, though we're still trying to ascertain if they are actually looking at an alliance or just aid with their scuffle with the Tzenkethi..." Ari continued in her calm manner, motioning with her hands as she spoke, indicating borders and positions, then her eyes settled on Terax again, "that was rather unhelpful, wasn't it?"

"Not at all Lieutenant. It makes some of these reports make a bit more sense, if everything is somehow related. It worries me if the Ravagers are involved, they are more akin to raiders than an interstellar empire. And the Tzenkethi hate everyone that isn't a Tzenkethi. They don't normally play well with others." He thought for a moment. "It does represent a dramatic shift in power in the area. What are your thoughts?"

Arianna took a deep breath, taking account of what he had said and what she knew, "For every organization, there is an inevitable counter organization that will rise up. In every such organization, there will be those used in fighting more than others, due to their natural or chosen proclivities. Some will be used for their strategy, others for their resources and so on and so on. Our analyses have indicated for a while that a new coalition of powers would be an unavoidable construct at a certain time in the future. With the Dominion War and the Hobus Incident such indications were lessened, hidden even, but Intelligence and Federation Security never dismissed the possibility."

"Rebuilding and resettlement took a front seat for a long time...until recently, when, as we have seen, a lot of powers started to re-assert themselves again, hell, even we did so. We have had several wars and skirmishes happen all at once, new powers and factions rising from the ashes of what once was and ceded territories." Frost continued. "So the analyses were taken up once again as new information pooled."

"I would say a new organization is in the making, and our analyses suggest the same. However, as I said before, without definite proof, we cannot say for certain." Frost shrugged, settling her hands on her lap again.

A new organisation. That is a new development. A worrying development. "From what I have been told in my reports, that would drastically alter everything we know of the likes of the Tzenkethi." He thought for a few more moments. "I will have a comm channel set up in your quarters, direct to Starfleet Intelligence. I want to know everything that SI has, the moment it has it." He paused again. "I am aware that even having Alpha-Two clearance means I wont receive everything, but I do hold a level seven intelligence clearance from my last host, that was never rescinded. So please keep me in the loop with what we know from Starfleet Intelligence."

Arianna nodded, "of course, sir. It's not in our interest to keep information pertinent to Starfleet Operations in this AO to ourselves." This much was true, at least when it came to intel that could affect the ship, the crew or the mission.

Terax nodded. "Very well, thank you. If there's nothing else Lieutenant, you're dismissed."


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