USS Magellan
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Posted on Sat Jan 11th, 2020 @ 11:00pm by Lieutenant Wesley Holt & Ensign Aysha Rivera & EMH MK XIV

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Sickbay
Timeline: MD10 || 1210 hours

Picking herself up off the floor, Aysha leaned against the bulkhead, the lighting above flickering. Something had hit the ship. Probably one of those damn anomalies I keep having to avoid. Must have been a big one she thought to herself. No way Loran would have hit it otherwise. She went to tap the wall panel with her right arm and felt an excruciating pain in her forearm.

Fortunately, she wasn't far from Sickbay. She walked the 30 or so meters to sickbay, and entered, into what could only be described at pandemonium.

There were crew and officers in various states scattered around the sickbay, some conscious, some not, all with medical staff hurriedly working on them, before quickly moving to someone else.

Lieutenant Holt looked to the door as Aysha. With the CMO nowhere to be seen, she imagined he was somewhere else treating other people. Sorry Ensign, you're walking, so you have to get in line."

"Aye, Sir." She looked around at the doctors and nurses rushing around after what seemed to be endless casualties, as even more began entering the sickbay. "I think it's just a broken arm. Is there anything I can do to help Doctor?" She asked.

Holt looked over to the EMH. "Em, diagnosis of Ensign Rivera please."

The hologram walked across the room, tricorder in hand, and scanned her arm. "Nothing is broken, just some swelling. Administering ten cc's of terakine and some anti-inflammatories should reduce the swelling and pain." He picked up a hypospray from the trolley beside the door and pressed them to her neck with a hiss.

The sickbay com chirped. "Ensign Keppler to medical bay, Commander T'Prynn has been seriously injured. Head trauma. She's unconscious and her pupils are non-responsive to light. Transporting to you, now."

Lieutenant Holt continued to scan the crewmember in front of him, as he tapped his combadge. "Thank you, Ensign. Sickbay out." Closing the channel right away wasn't usually the way Wes would respond to a medical call. But with the number of people in sickbay right now, it was hardly the time for pleasantries. "Em, clear the triage table for incoming transport."

"Affirmative." Doctor Em replied. Having been active on this ship for a number of years, he had chosen a name that fit his personality as an EMH, hence the name Doctor Em.

"I'll give you a hand." Ensign Rivera replied as the hologram nodded in response. There were two people currently being treated on the triage table, Aysha put her good arm around one, and helped him away from the table, as the hologram did the same to the other.

The triage table cleared, the EMH tapped the console on the end of the biobed, routing the incoming transporter signal to the bed. As the female Vulcan materialised, a look of concern passed over his face. "Lieutenant, Commander T'Prynn has arrived."

Holt was still helping out "Em, what's her condition?"

"Severe intracranial injury. Scans are showing signs of a subdural hematoma and she is totally unresponsive. Pulse is thready, and there is bleeding in the brain too. She requires immediate surgery." The EMH replied. With hundreds still needing treatment, there was just no way the surgery could happen right now. Who knows how many more injuries like this there throughout the ship.

"We don't have the people spare for a surgery that complex," Wes replied. "Em, options? Can we put her into a coma?"

"No, Lieutenant. At this rate, there will be irreparable brain damage within a matter of minutes. The best course will be putting her into stasis until everything is calmer."

"Do it, Em," Wes responded. Aysha stood there, feeling herself become a little upset. She hadn't interacted with the Vulcan XO very much, but the few interactions they had had, she seemed nice.

"Energising. She is in stasis room 2, pod 3."

"Sickbay to bridge." Nothing. "Sickbay to bridge." He spoke again, with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "Communications must be down. We'll let them know later. For now, let's fix who we can. It's going to be a busy shift."


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