USS Magellan
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Helping Hand

Posted on Thu Dec 12th, 2019 @ 9:44pm by Ensign Solomon Keppler

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Messhall
Timeline: MD10 || 1205 hours

It was Sol's understanding that most people did not like crawling around the Jefferies Tubes. In general, Sol did not mind it. The hum of the ship, the close confines, those were actually nice as far as he was concerned and so he had been tasked with working on one of the EPS relays. Normally it wouldn't have required a journey through the Jefferies Tubes but with the turbolifts being down they were left with no choice.

While making his way through the network of tunnels that ran throughout the ship, Sol was keeping his mind busy going over the diagnostic process in his head for the EPS relays. It was a fun way to keep it fresh in his mind and to keep stress levels low. He was just a worker bee with a task, no need to worry about outcomes.

As he was crawling along something caught his eye in the long-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Pausing, he gave it a harder look only to realize it was crew.

"OH!" He gasped as he snapped out of his mental routine, and shifted gears.

Making his way to the nearest entrance into the Mess Hall, he removed the cover and soon was standing up. Once again, the low frequency laser on his eyepiece came to life as he scanned the room to get a good count of the crew in the room.

A big smile spread across his face and Sol said, "Hello! Is everyone here okay?"

"No," a worried voice came from across the room as a woman in civilian clothing waved the former drone across to them. "Commander T'Prynn was injured in the cargo bay. We've been unable to contact sickbay or the transporter room."

Sol stopped scanning the room and his eye went wide when he realized the ship's XO was clearly injured and being tended to. His experiences with the command staff were limited at that point and to a degree he felt intimidated by them still. Quickly moving to the injured vulcan, Sol wished he had more medical training but his first aid training would have to suffice for the moment.

"I'm part of the damage control teams. We're working on getting power back up where we can." He said to the woman who had first said something to him.

In that moment he was hoping for Comms to miraculously come back online.

Sol sat next to the Commander and checked her pulse before saying, "Commander T'Prynn...I'm Ensign Keppler. I'm fairly sure that I need you to stay awake." Looking around at the handful of crew members in the mess hall, Sol asked with some concern, "Did she suffer some kind of head trauma? How long has she been unconscious?"

"We were getting out of the cargo bay when some containers fell on her," an Ensign sat nearby reported, "apparently she took a hit for one of the people in her team."

Honorable. Sol knew his adopted brother would have loved that, but it didn't change the current situation. She was likely concussed and Sol focused for a moment, remembering his training. First thing, they had already moved her but that had been a necessity. Using a pin light from his tools, Sol checked her pupils and found that they didn't dilate when he shone light into them. What that meant, Sol wasn't sure, but he knew it wasn't good. The fact was that he needed to get the Commander to the professionals as soon as possible.

Looking around, he assessed what he had to work with. A few other ensigns from other departments and a cargo bay. The transporter in the cargo bay wouldn't be functional...

That's when a plan started form in the former drones head.

Pointing to two of the crewmen, Sol started giving orders, "You two, get the Commander ready for transport. I may have a way out of here for all of us that doesn't involve crawling through Jefferies Tubes." Gathering his tools, Sol looked at the remaining crew members and said, "Transporters are down due to power issues. The cargo bay on this deck has shuttle craft. Assuming that the shuttle craft weren't damaged, I should be able to start transporting people to safety. But the Commander takes priority."

The two crewmen looked at each other and then at the Ensign, before back at each other one final time. With a shrug, they moved to the side of the restless Commander and gently lifted her onto the makeshift stretcher ready for transport.

Ensign Keppler made his way to the cargo bay, already thinking about how he was going to pull off his idea. The ship had rattled pretty hard and it was possible that falling cargo could have damaged the shuttle craft just like it had their XO. He needed a backup plan just in case. Once he made it to the cargo bay Sol had to pause for a moment to look at the state of things. The place was a disaster and it looked like the shuttle craft in that bay had slid into the shelves when the deck lost power.

Walking around the area, he could see that there was some damage to the nose of the shuttle and some damage to the roof as well. Scanning the tiny ship with his implant he was able to get an idea of just how bad it was. The power system was good from what he could tell. Sol climbed inside to test the mid-range transporter and found that none of the systems were working.

"Well that's not ideal." Sol said to himself, picking at his arm.

It took a moment to run through the calculations in his head, but Sol was confident that his plan B would be a faster solution...So Sol started stripping the parts he would need from the shuttle craft that were too far from the transporter to matter. That was the easy part. It was funny how things always came apart easier than they went back together. With help from the two Ensigns he had recruited from the mess hall, he started laying a hard line between the shuttle and the transporter itself. First he made a connection with the auxiliary output in the impulse engine, then he spliced his way to the transporter.

When he made the final connection, the panel for the transporter came to life and Sol breathed a sigh of relief. They weren't done yet, but things were looking better and better for the Commander by the moment. Looking at the two crewmen he'd recruited, Sol said, "Bring the Commander here. I think we're in luck!"

The two crewmen who had been with him raced off back to the mess to get Commander T'Prynn. Just as they were walking back into the cargo bay carrying the injured Commander, comms came back online.

Sol didn't miss a beat, typing in the coordinates of the medical bay on the transporter pad. Tapping his comm badge, Sol spoke quickly but clearly. =/\= "Ensign Keppler to medical bay, Commander T'Prynn has been seriously injured. Head trauma. She's unconscious and her pupils are non-responsive to light. Transporting to you, now." With that, he initiated the transport to get the Commander to someone who would know how to fix her.


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