USS Magellan
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An Early Start

Posted on Mon Nov 11th, 2019 @ 6:49pm by Ensign Solomon Keppler

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Quarters
Timeline: MD10 || 1145 hours

Getting ready for his shift had become a ritual of making sure he was presentable as well as reviewing what the previous shift had been up to. Sol liked to be able to start his shifts as quickly as possible, jumping right into whatever needed to be done.

As he prepped for his shift, Sol had decided to try a vulcan tea that had been recommended to him years ago that he had not gotten around to trying until now. It was pleasant, mild, with a floral finish that Sol was rather fond of. Making a mental note to have that one again, he placed his cup in the replicator on his way out of his quarters.

Sol didn't make it that far before the ship shuddered, throwing him into the wall of the corridor and the lights flickered off. Thanks to his implants, Sol was able to still see even in the darkness. The red alert came on and Sol realized that there was going to be even more work ahead of him. His first voyage with the Magellan was providing him with ample opportunities to work with the damage control teams.

It seemed weird that no one was contacting him on comms. Sol assumed that it would not have taken long for someone to contact him and tell him where to report to since there had been a major incident right before his shift was to begin. Tapping his insignia, "Ensign Keppler to-" Sol stopped when he realized his badge had done nothing.

"Hmm...interesting." Sol said softly to himself.

Suddenly thinking about his fellow crewmen he adjusted the light spectrum of his vision to better locate any fellow crew that might be in distress. He wasn't a medical officer but he could at least help anyone he found on his way to help the damage control teams. The low intensity laser attached to his eyepiece came to life, scanning for life signs as he rushed to report in.


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