USS Magellan
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I'm all shook up

Posted on Tue Sep 3rd, 2019 @ 4:04pm by Lieutenant Commander William Harris Jr & Lieutenant Jean Harrison & Lieutenant JG Qurjot & Lieutenant JG Iria & Master Warrant Officer Brandon McCall III & Lieutenant JG Thrani zh' Nasia
Edited on on Tue Sep 3rd, 2019 @ 5:43pm

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD10 1140

A loud yawn escaped Will's mouth as he sat down at his mini desk in main engineering; he had been up previously the night before working on adjusting the warp field to lower stress levels on the repaired nacelle. While he was talking with Tim over a late night diner before shift change, it was suggested to reinforce the nacelle for additional stability. That was the one things that they were focusing on as well. Brandon was going into one of his long rants at how Starfleet engineering protocols were slowing down progress and how protocols that were written 150 plus years ago need to be revamped; the loud yawn broke up the conversation.

"I'm sorry if I am boring you commander?" said Brandon as he paused in mid stride of his glorious yet boring and long speech.

"I'm not the only one being bored, judge your audience before you start another rant," he said as he wiped the tears that were streaking down his cheek from his much needed yawn. Brandon looked at his Chief and rolled his eyes as he looked like someone had taken the joy out of the conversation.

"Alright let's get back on track here people," replied Jean as she clapped her hands. That was one thing that he loved about Jean, the simple fact that she could get him to refocus without pissing him off.

"Right, so we have agreed that once we get some down time we will take the worker bees and reinforce the nacelle strut," added Will.

"We are also going to have to reinforce the SIF so that when helm control makes a maneuver, we do not tumble due to a un-even distribution of weight." Iria with padd in hand made several taps on her padd as he bleeped away at what seemed like sub-light speed.

"Not just at sub-light but also at warp speed, that is why the reformat of the warp field is critical. Any additional stress on that nacelle might," she said the Magellan lightly shook. No doubt helm encountered one of those spacial anomalies and couldn't avoid it.

Will moved over the master display in the center of main engineering, and pressed a few buttons. He was pulling up the external shield grid of the Magellan and looked over everything; and it appeared that everything was okay. "Looks like shields are holding," replied Will as he let out a deep breath.

"I cannot wait for us to get out of this region of space," replied Brandon as he moved over to the power distribution network output, and watched as ops transferred additional power to the ships shields.

"Because this isn't what you signed up for Brandon?" replied Qurjot with a slight smirk on his face.

"I didn't want this assignment, I wanted to be on a nice space station away from everyone and everything that could and would bother m--" but before Brandon could finish another rant the Magellan shook violently. Will fell over onto Jean and both officers crashed to the floor, and within moments main engineering was bathed in total darkness; except for the flashing red alert strip.

"What the hell!" replied Will as he slowly rolled off of Jean and blindly tried to find something in the darkness to pull himself up on. Moments later the back up power generators kicked in, and just as soon as darkness enveloped them all; consoles powered back on along with emergency lighting. Jean managed to get to her feet first and helped up her Chief with a slight strain in her voice. "Nasia! Get me a damage report quickly!"

Nasia quickly moved over to the damage control console and started running a level four diagnostic on all the ships systems. "Currently running a level four diagnostic on all ship systems Commander," she replied as her fingers flew over her console.

"Whatever we hit knocked our shields off line," replied Qurjot as he tried his best to bring the back shield generators on-line.

"Commander Harris, we have major power failures on decks 4, 6, 9. 18-20," replied Nasia. "We also have major power fluctuations on decks 23, 30 and 33."

"Switch to emergency back up!" replied Will as he moved over to monitor the deturium tanks and there containment fields. After checking the levels everything looked good. Suddenly the ship shuttered a couple of more times.

"We've lost EPS relays on decks 23 and 30; main power is off line now on those decks," replied Jean. Suddenly two rear consoles exploded behind the engineering team, Will placed up his hand over his face to protect it from the flying glass and shower of sparks.

"We have a power overload moving through main engineering!" replied Brandon. Suddenly steam started venting from around the warp core, no dbout pressure was building from somewhere and the emergency release valves had been triggered.

"Shut down all main access lines to the warp core; quickly switch up to secondary back up line, I don't want anything affecting the core's containment!" replied Will as he moved over towards the core along with one of the engineers and they started quickly rerouting the power transfer lines.

"Aye commander," came the response from someone around him. "Also sir we are showing micro fractures along the hull as well. Not sure how many we are dealing with but I'll have that number for you as well," came the followed response.

"Understood, I want to be able to give a full update for the captain when he calls for it," ordered Will.


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