USS Magellan
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Dirty Laundry

Posted on Mon Jul 22nd, 2019 @ 8:46pm by Ensign Hannah Peeters MD & Ensign Kiara Hansen MD
Edited on on Tue Jul 30th, 2019 @ 10:42pm

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Transporter Room
Timeline: MD09 1800

“What do we do with these?” Kiara asked, gesturing at her duffel as she and Hannah walked out of the transporter room. “Have we been assigned quarters yet?”

Hannah nodded. “Yes. The transfer orders had quite a few attachments on them, including one assigning me room 42 on deck 7, and delta shift for watch standing. I don’t think it’s good form to go straight there, though. Let’s give the Captain a chance to officially confirm we’re welcome here, first.” She frowned and then looked at Kiara briefly over her shoulder. “I was about to ask whether you’re sure your message didn’t include any information like that. But you haven’t checked, have you?”

Kiara hit the door switch, got into the lift and said ‘deck 1’. Then she smiled beatifically at Hannah, who had taken up a spot opposite her. “Of course not. I figured you would know.”

Hannah nodded. “I have good news and bad news for you, Ensign.”

Kiara smirked. “Uh-oh. The last time you called me Ensign, we were arguing over my dirty socks.”

Exactly, Hannah thought. “For your information, I still don’t see how shoving dirty laundry under the bed constitutes cleaning up, especially when the recycler chute is literally right there. It’s still a mystery to me how you ever got through ROTC summer training.”

Kiara shrugged at that. “I got written up a lot. But I suppose the instructors liked my pretty blue eyes.”

“I’m sure,” Hannah said, chuckling despite herself. “But anyway, that’s the good news: as long as we’re on the Magellan, we will never have to argue over dirty laundry again. Every officer has private quarters here, and that includes greenies like us.”

Kiara smiled. “Sweet! So what’s the bad news?”

The turbolift slowed and then came to a stop. Before she walked out, Hannah said with a smile in her voice: “You may have to find a new secretary to keep track of when and where you need to be. I quit.”

Hannah was sure some clever retort was on the tip of Kiara’s tongue, but she didn’t get the chance to voice it before the turbolift doors opened up onto the main bridge. From there, it was a small hop to the Captain’s Ready Room.

A few pairs of inquisitive eyes turned to them as they walked onto the bridge. “Ensigns Hannah Peeters and Kiara Hansen, reporting to the Captain’s Ready Room as ordered,” Hannah said in their general direction. Then she rang the Captain’s chime, and waited.


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