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New Task

Posted on Sat Feb 16th, 2019 @ 10:52pm by Commander T'Prynn & Lieutenant Commander William Harris Jr & Lieutenant Jeremiah Gilbraith IV & Ensign Aysha Rivera

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Stellar Cartography, Deck 10
Timeline: MD07 1000

Across the ship, personnel were beavering away to conduct repairs or analyse data regarding the situation the Magellan found itself in and for the ships Vulcan first officer, their efficiency was... acceptable. But, it was time for the ship to move on and to do that, they needed a way past the gravimetric distortions in the vicinity of the Deep Space 7 debris field. With that in mind, the XO had requested the presence of the ships current Flight Controller, her Chief Engineer and also, rather regrettably, the ships Chief Science Officer.

The working relationship between the two had got off to a pretty rocky start just a few days earlier but that had been a week ago and this was an ample opportunity for the two to establish some sort of agreeable working partnership. It had not escaped her attention that he was a more than acceptable scientist, despite his short comings, and it was clear that he performed a function on this crew, which was why this task would either make them, or break them.

Taking the few final steps down the corridor of deck 10, it was unclear at present whether she was the first to arrive or, the last.

Aysha turned to sound of the door opening. She stood to attention at the sight of Commander TPrynn. "Commander." was all she said.

"Ensign Rivera," the Vulcan nodded as she approached the console the Ensign was sat at. "I was expecting Ensign Kita to be present. Is he indisposed?" she queried with a raised eyebrow as she regarded the flight controller who had been sent in the Bolian's place.

"He is currently helping with the repairs to the Nacelle, was ordered by the Captain, Commander." She replied still sounding slightly timid.

The doors parted and admitted Jeremiah to the Stellar Cartography lab. "You called," he stated. Indeed, when he'd been summoned, he had been chatting up a young sensor tech. It had been going well too; her green eyes had been flirting with him while he wooed her. Walking away from her, especially when it felt like he was getting close to something, wasn't easy.

"Lieutenant," the Vulcan nodded in acknowledgment of his timely arrival to the Cartography lab. "The Captain requires a way past the gravimetric distortions. You, Ensign Rivera, Commander Harris and I will provide the Captain with the answer he seeks."

Aysha nodded. She definitely felt out of place here.

Will had hoped that he wasn't the last one to arrive, but nothing got the creative juices flowing better than a cup of coffee. As he rounded the corner, he nodded to a few officers who were ranked lower than him; something he never really got use to being done towards him. As he entered the science lab, he stopped in the doorway when he saw that Commander T'Prynn was there along with Lieutenant Gilbraith and Ensign Rivera. "Good Morning Commander T'Prynn," he said as he took another sip from his mug of coffee.

"Commander," T'Prynn nodded at the new engineer before looking back at the massive holographic surround. "As I was just explaining to the Lieutenant and Ensign Rivera, the Captain requires a plan to clear the gravimetric distortions. We are not to leave this room until one has been found," the Vulcan directed.

"Well," Will said as he sipped on his coffee, this was a more than serious situation that they were facing. The one thing that he truly disliked about Starfleet Engineering was the spatial anomaly classes that he had to take due to the effects on Starships. "First question we need to answer is how many distortions we are facing between here meaning us and what's left of DS7. That will give us a better field of view of what we are looking at," he said as he took another sip of the strong liquid brew.

Aysha felt a burst of confidence and spoke up first. "Well, sensor readings before we were hit by the distortions barely registered anything. Gravimetric interference usually makes it hard to navigate, and there was a slight increase in gravimetric interference, but not even enough to affect navigation." She paused, then continued. "And I am talking slightly like the smallest amount. Barely different from background levels. And the computer chalked that up to the gravimetric background levels that are naturally higher in the Expanse."

"Are you suggesting it is impossible to locate, predict or even evade the gravimetric distortions, Ensign?" the Vulcan executive officer queried with a raised eyebrow and her hands clasped together behind her back. If that was indeed the case, it would be most frustrating.

"Not impossible, but difficult. I am only working from sensor data at the conn. From a course-plotting point of view, it is extremely difficult, unless we find some way to make them show up on sensors." She replied.

Will sipped on his coffee enjoying the group dialog, this one was one things he lived and thrived off of. "I wonder if it is possible to modify the deflector dish to act as a secondary navigational sensory array, and it's purpose would be to locate the distortions while we are traveling at warp speed. I remember my uncle talking about them in Earth's history, he called it sonar or something like that?" he stated as he sipped his coffee again.

"Lieutenant Gilbraith?" the Vulcan turned her attention to the scientist. "Do you have anything to contribute to the discussion?"

"I don't know that you need me for this," Jeremiah replied. "Mister Harris seems to be doing just fine on his own."

Will raised an eyebrown and slightly turned his head in the direction of Lieutenant Gilbraith, and he thought about his choice of words first. "I could have sworn that we were called into a collaborative effort to provide suggestions; which in turn can be built upon to create the best solution to deal with the problem that is currently before us Lieutenant."

T'Prynn raised her eyebrow at the defensive nature of the Chief Engineer's remark and though she did not need protecting, or sticking up for, it was almost refreshing to find someone else had the same issues as she did. "Can we run a simulation of your suggested modifications here, Commander?" the XO asked, turning her attention from the non-compliant Scientist and to the more forthcoming engineer.

"Yes Ma'am" he said as he turned towards towards his XO. "We should be able to run a simulation here."

T'Prynn simply stepped aside, a gesture that showed her willingness for the Commander to run the simulation he had suggested would be possible.

Will moved over to the computer and slowly started imputing his theory, as he created a model of the Magellan and reconfigured the deflector dish to tie into the navigational array. His theory was to use the deflector dish like the old submarines in Earth history; to emit sound waves through through the water to detect objects. He would use subspace frequencies waves transmitted from the deflector dish to try and attempt to locate the gravimetric distortions. After a few minutes went by he pulled up the 3-D HD model of the Magellan.

"Alright Commander the simulation is ready," he said as he pressed a button. "What I propose in theory is that the deflector dish emit subspace frequencies waves. Those waves would then bounce off of nearby distortions to give a clearer picture for helm control," he said as the model went through it's simulation. Visible waves could be watched emitting from the model ship and bouncing off of the gravimetric distortions. The wave then bounced back to the ship, the signal being picked up by the ships sensors.

"The issue however Commander, is that not all gravimetric distortions operate on the same frequency," he said as he pressed a few buttons and watched the subspace waves operate on the same frequency; causing those particular distortions to appear and watch as another distortion close to the ship appeared soon after. "So we would have to fine tune the subspace frequencies to re modulate on a wide spectrum for us to see most of the distortions," he said as he moved from the computer model back to the group. "Also the slower we are travelling the better the picture we can get, the faster we travel the picture becomes more distorted."

"An innovative suggestion," the Commander spoke with a raised eyebrow as she watched the simulation. "Make the modifications Commander," T'Prynn ordered with a nod to the Engineer. "I'll bring the Captain up to speed."

"Yes Ma'am," was Will's reply, while he started downloading the simulation data on his PADD. After the download was completed he tapped the Starfleet badge on his chest. "Harris to Lieutenant Harrison, have the senior engineering staff meet me in main engineering; we have some work ahead of us," he said as he grabbed his coffee cup and placed it in the replicator and walked out.

The Vulcan looked around at the two remaining members of the crew in the room and simply turned and vacated the lab, headed to meet the Captain to discuss the situation.


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