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The State of Repairs

Posted on Sat Nov 10th, 2018 @ 10:52pm by Captain Anjad Terax & Ensign Loran Kita & Chief Warrant Officer Natalie Loburn

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Bridge, Main Shuttlebay
Timeline: MD07 0750

Captain Terax watched as his Chief of Operations left the bridge. He stood from his chair and walked towards the conn station.

"Ensign Kita, you are one of our good pilots. Get down to the shuttlebay and take a runabout. You basically heard the plan?" The Captain paused briefly while Kita nodded. "Ok, keep out repair crews safe. Get to it Ensign."

"Aye, Sir." He nodded, stood up and walked to the turbolift at the rear of the bridge. He didn't catch which relief officer took over his station.

He was on deck 3, and in the shuttlebay control room within around 30 seconds, and looking for the current duty manager of the shuttlebay. Today it was Chief Warrant Officer Loburn, the overall shuttlebay manager. "Chief Loburn, the Captain sent through a request for a runabout?" He waited while she checked the requests.

"Yes, it just came through. Well the industrial replication modules are in the Manawatu but that's is out for repairs. We are replacing her warp coils. The Tongariro is available, but there have been some reported issues with the computer core. Nothing major, its still usable. But its last 5 flights, 3 errors were reported. It just seems to slow down for a few microseconds."

"As long as its shields are fine?" He asked.

She nodded. "Yes, shields are fine, though I see you have a a couple of shield specialists on board, so I imagine you wont have many shield problems. " She smiled at him.

"Here's hoping" he replied. "How long until the modules are installed?"

"Couple of minutes. You are free to jump into the command module. We will let you know. Shouldn't be too much longer. Thats one of the good things about the mono-modules." The Chief replied.

He smiled at her. "Thank's Chief." He tapped a few keys on the panel by the door, logging the runabout he was taking, and watched as Chief Loburn's authorisation appeared. He headed down the stairs to the section of the shuttlebay where the runabouts were kept.

He tapped his authorisation into the door panel as a science officer, and a tactical officer approached. They stood to attention. "Crewman Dotora and crewman Jenal." He looked at them both, before nodding. "At ease, take your stations" he added. He pressed the panel that opened the runabouts outer and inner door, and entered. He took the seat on the front right hand side, as the other two officers took the the seat behind him, and to the left of him. He tapped the console, opening a channel to the control room. They sat there for a few moments. The comm panel chirped.

"This is shuttle control to Tongariro, the modules are installed, and airlock seals are active. Please confirm?"

"This is Tongariro, seals confirmed, systems are powered up. Requesting permission to depart."

"This is shuttle control, permission granted. The work bees will follow you once you give the all clear, shuttle control out." The plan was the Tongariro would move to a position about 25 metres from parallel to the nacelle.

Once it was in position, it would expand its shields around the nacelle, allowing the work bees to work in relative safety from the gravimetric anomalies. The 3 work bees were to be escorted out when the shield was extended, and after a few tests had been run. A shuttle would extend the shields around them, and guide them along the hull. This ensured that all the work bees were protected from any potential gravitation anomalies at all times.

To some, it seemed like overkill. But an anomaly that was around the same size as a work bee brought the Galaxy class starship out of warp, with alot of damage to both internal systems, and alot of hull buckling on a nacelle, so they weren't taking any chances.

Within 20 seconds, they were already in position, and aligned to the nacelle. They activated the shields, and extended them around the damaged area. He opened a channel. "Tongariro to control, we are in position. Please proceed with the next phase."

"This is control, shuttle and bee's are leaving the hanger now."

"Thank you control, Tongariro out." He turned to Dotora on his right. "Lets get this done."


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