USS Magellan
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Topping Up

Posted on Wed Dec 5th, 2018 @ 11:10pm by Lieutenant Jeremiah Gilbraith IV & Lieutenant Arianna Frost
Edited on on Thu Feb 7th, 2019 @ 4:35pm

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD02

In the absence of other duties, Arianna had downloaded existing files on the Gavarian Corridor, security reports as well as scientific reports. It was a large area and she'd only had so much time to study other aspects of it other than what was in her field of duty.

It never hurt to know more, however. So to get away from the bustle of the Bridge when break time came, Arianna plodded down to the Mess Hall to grab a cup of what the Chef swore was proper Turkish brand brewed coffee. She'd gotten rather hooked on the brand during her Academy days and was keen to test to see if the blend lived up to the name.

So, now she was sat at a small table, facing the stars, slightly bent over, head resting on a hand propped up at the elbow, steaming mug of coffee in the other, a few chunks of turkish delight on a plate next to her. She was reading material composition reports on the nebulas found in the corridor.

It had been a rather uneventful transition into his new assignment. Other than his run in with the rather uptight Vulcan First Officer. That had been less than enjoyable. But there had been fun times too, not that Jeremiah could remember their names. Assuming that he'd even bothered getting their names.

As he wondered the corridors of the Galaxy-class starship rather aimlessly, partly to scout out future mistakes and partly to get a sense for the ship's layout, his stomach growled. When did I last eat? he asked himself while his eyes followed a youthful Trill Ensign with wavy red hair. She bounced happily a few meters ahead of him. With nothing better to do, Gilbraith continued down the corridor, which just so happened to mean he was able to keep the Trill woman in visual range.

Until, it turned out, she entered through some doors, leaving Jeremiah behind. As he passed the doors, he checked the sign to see where he might be able to find the ginger Trill again. 'Environmental Systems - Auxiliary' it read. Operations he thought as he again proceeded down the corridor.

growl growl

That his stomach was now this audible convinced him to seek out food and, so, he shortly thereafter found himself in the mess hall. Gilbraith approached a replicator and ordered a slice of broccoli cheddar quiche and a large glass of cranberry juice. Once it materialized, he picked up his tray and started towards an empty table. As he was navigating the room, he spotted a gorgeous woman he had been hoping to run into again off duty.

"Lieutenant Frost," he said as he approached the table the intelligence officer was seated at.

So, he'd found her finally. She'd been wondering when this would happen, considering his unabashed sparks of interest during the meeting. On paper, she knew him, in practice it would be an interesting journey to find out. Then again all of that was applicable to everyone else aswell.

Slowly, she locked her PADD and looked up, a polite smile on her face. "Ah, Doctor Gilbraith," she nodded at him, "would you care for some turkish delight?"

Arianna lifted the small plate and gestured for him to join her.

"That is tempting," he confessed, pleased that the intelligence officer had offered him a seat. Going well so far, he thought as he sat.

"But I should probably eat this first," Gilbraith continued, pointing his fork at the quiche. "And you can call me Jeremiah. Especially off duty." He used the edge of the fork to separate a bite of his food from the rest of the slice and then speared it with the tines. "How have you been, Lieutenant?"

"Arianna, or Ari." Frost offered. "I've been alright though, trying to get myself familiar with the other aspects of the Corridor. You never know how crucial a seemingly trivial piece of information could be. Yourself? I imagine," she took another piece of the treat, "that the Corridor will bring up a lot of interesting research for your Department?"

He nodded in response, while he finished chewing his mouthful of quiche. "Some more than others, but yeah," he confirmed after he'd swallowed, "many of my people will have their hands full. I know the Stellar Sciences section is chomping at the bit to get to work. Other sections are hoping that we encounter some things of interest to their specialties." He took a gulp of his cranberry juice. "What do you think we'll run into? Since you're the intel officer."

"Hoping for nothing that wants to kill us, and everything we need to find the base and the ships along our flight path." Frost replied. "Realistically though? Hard to predict. A lot of everything now depends on how people react, how circumstances mesh together. We are entering a quite literal powder keg and we don't know the size of our fire extinguisher yet."

Arianna took another sip of her coffee and leaned back. "I suppose that's part of the charm though. This is in essence a form of field work for me, even though, my role will still mostly be an analytical one."

"Then, perhaps," Jeremiah smiled, "we will be spending more time together. Just think of what we could do together."

A blonde eyebrow quirked upward, "perhaps." She took a slow sip, scrutinizing the scientist over the brim of her mug. "Depends on how high your clearance is and what kind of analytics are needed."

"Unravelling so fast, eh Jeremiah?" She thought to herself amusedly as she watched him.

His smile broadened. So far, so good, he thought. Spearing another bite of quiche with his fork, Jeremiah looked at Frost. "Tell me more about you, Ari. I'd love to know what makes you tick," he implored, before placing the food in his mouth.

Arianna leaned back, her mug still in hand. "Knowing why people do what they do. The good, the bad and the ugly." She replied finally, studying his reactions and mannerisms.

While it could be said it was true, in a way, what she had said, Arianna was not the type to reveal too much, too soon, especially to people she barely knew.

"Smashing! What about off duty? How does Lieutenant Frost spend her free time?" Gilbraith inquired. "Other than sharing meals with attractive science officers," he added quickly.

"Oh dear, subtlety be damned, eh?" Arianna gave him a slow, amused smirk as she took another bit of the turkish delight, "tell me, do you start all of your conversations with females with the same spiel?"

"No," he replied honestly. There were women that he wasn't attracted to and there wasn't a reason to act like he was. Generally. "Are you insinuating that my intentions are anything other than friendly? I assure you that I am quite sincere."

The smirk widened, "oh, of that I have no doubt." Arianna leaned forward, lifting an index finger of one hand, "one, people who have purely friendly intentions don't describe themselves as attractive."

Middle finger went up, "two, you've been less than subtle about it since we met."

Ring finger went up, "three, I read people for a living, Jeremiah, so real honesty is what I prefer, no plays, no games." She raised her eyes to meet his.

Her words bounced around in Gilbraith's head, entangling with his physical attraction to her. This is a pleasant twist, he thought. Looking at Frost with a smile, he sat with his arousal for a long moment before responding. "Oh Ari," he began, "you are something. Something very special. I think we're going to get along quite well."

"I'd say you bounced back pretty quickly, but somehow I don't think you quite understood what I was saying." Rather than vocalize her thoughts though, she just raised an eyebrow.

"Well it takes a certain kind to do what I do, doesn't it?" Frost said finally. "Well, there's that and me having access to information..." she let that settle between them and took another morsel of the turkish delight.

"We both deal in information," he offered. "With that common ground, I think we're off to a splendid start." He reached over and picked up a square of the treat in front of Frost. "Wouldn't you say?" he asked before popping the sweet into his mouth.

I think I'm going to like it here, he thought, thinking of how much fun he'd already had and all the potential he'd already seen walking the corridors.


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