USS Magellan
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Not The Best News

Posted on Tue Jul 31st, 2018 @ 6:50pm by Captain Anjad Terax

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Bridge
Timeline: MD01 0950

Captain Terax sat in his Ready Room, PADD in one hand, tapping commands away with the other. There were several other PADD's on the desk, new crew rotations, new cabin assignments, so many things. There were some questionable equipment requisitions, that he had no idea what they were for. Some of it was still being installed, and was going take another day or so, at least. Or so he had been told.

While they were still docked there was a minimal presence on the bridge, the current shift being being handled Lieutenant Kala Anjar, a Bajoran man. Terax had known him for a few years now and fought to keep him on the Magellan. There was a chirp from the comm system.

"Bridge to Terax, you are receiving orders on a coded channel. Its Level Ten, your eyes only."

"Why on a channel Anjar? The Starbase CO can't come on board?" he asked.

"They arn't coming from the station Captain. They are coming from Starfleet Command direct." He sounded a little worried.

"Very well. Pipe it through. Thanks Anjar." The channel closed.

The monitor in his desk rose. On the screen was not the face of an Admiral as he had expected, but written orders. This was odd. He read through it. There was an FNS article attached to his orders, and from the looks of it, these were drafted only within the last hour or two.

He read the text, then read the articled. He sat back and let out a breath. "This changes everything" he said out loud to the empty room. He tapped his comm badge. "Captain Terax to all senior staff. Report to the Briefing Room. Briefing at 1000 hours. Terax out."


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