USS Magellan

Lieutenant Minna Chang

Name Minna Chang

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 46 (266)

Physical Appearance

Height 5’3”
Weight 94lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A very petite Asian woman with the build of a gymnast. Despite her age, from any distance beyond her personal space she looks like a teenage schoolgirl.


Spouse Sintaro Kimura, Deceased
Children Son, Shinzo Kimura, Deceased

Daughter Kyungmi Kimura, Deceased
Father Minsik Chang, Deceased
Mother Hyerin Park, Deceased
Brother(s) Suil Chang, Deceased
Sister(s) Nami Chang, Deceased

Hyunsuk Chang, Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Minna is a person out of time, literally. Born in the early 22nd century, she originally was a gymnast in her youth and a professional musician (classical violin), which she continued as a wife and mother. Everything changed when the Xindi attacked Earth while Minna and her family were visiting relatives in Florida and her husband and son were killed. Minna’s daughter and Minna herself survived simply because they went to a spa roughly 200 meters outside the swath of destruction while her husband and son were at a baseball game directly in the weapon’s area of effect.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cool under fire (unflappable), expert marksman and extreme dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

She does, however, have some serious disabilities caused by both physical and mental injuries incurred during both the Xindi campaign and the Earth-Romulan War including a slow tracking left eye that is both colorblind and unable to focus closer than 2 meters or further than 5, and a left knee that was almost completely shattered and imperfectly repaired resulting in a limited range of motion and lack of lateral stability (she has to wear a brace to run, or even walk more than a few steps).

She also has PTSD dating back to the day of the Xindi attack, and while she completed the modern Starfleet Academy and Security branch training upon her revival from stasis, she remains a bit behind on many technologies and has significant gaps in her knowledge of recent history.
Ambitions To outrun her past.
Hobbies & Interests Minna is fanatical when it comes to maintaining her physical fitness. Upon return to Earth after the mission on the Xindi weapon she was told that she would likely never walk again. She pushed herself for a year until she not only could walk, but could run, and then returned to the MACOs and served with distinction again during the Romulan War.

While fitness is not a “hobby” per se, she spends at least two hours every morning and two more every evening in the gym, which is the minimum to just stay limber, let alone strong.

She also took up Kenjutsu (Japanese swordsmanship) in memory and honor of her late husband during her MACO days, and maintains her skills in both sword and violin.

Personal History Born in Seoul, Korea, Earth in the year 2120, Minna had already achieved most of her goals by the time the Xindi attacked earth in the year 2153. She was “First Violin” for the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra as well as a guest soloist at prestigious orchestras worldwide. She had also supported her husband who was a medical doctor and seen her daughter Kyungmi through her school years and into Starfleet Academy, with her son well on his way to graduating high school with honors and a bright future, he hoped, in engineering.

That all changed when Minna’s husband and son were killed by the Xindi attack on Florida. Her daughter Kyungmi was already in Starfleet, and Minna enlisted into the MACOs, graduating basic training just in time to be assigned to the MACO detachment on the USS Enterprise’s mission to stop the Xindi from returning.

Minna served in the MACOs with distinction until the final battle in the Earth-Romulan War in 2159. Her ship, the USS Columbia, was badly damaged and set adrift. A year later Columbia was declared “Missing, Presumed Destroyed”.

The Columbia was, in fact, not destroyed. The ship, while lacking in propulsion, communications and life support, did have a fully functioning Warp 5 engine and enough fuel for that engine to idle for centuries. Idle it did, powering nothing except the short range distress beacon and 22 of the 30 cryogenic stasis chambers, precisely the number of survivors from the battle of Cheron.

More than two centuries went by until the wreck of the Columbia was found by a Starfleet ship when she drifted close enough to a supply route for the short range distress signal to be received. Of the original crew of 83, 4 were successfully revived from stasis.
Service Record 2153-2159 MACO Sniper

2153-2154 Xindi Campaign
Minna served on the MACO detachment on board the USS Enterprise where she participated in all operations in the expanse, including the final assault on the Xindi weapon, where she was critically wounded.

Rank: 2153 Private First Class
2153 Corporal
2154 Sergeant

2155-2159 Earth-Romulan War
Minna was assigned to the USS Columbia’s MACO detachment for the duration of the war, and was listed as Missing, Presumed Dead in 2160.

On the Columbia in addition to ground combat, Minna was cross-trained with the ship's armory department and was frequently on the bridge directing weapons fire on account of not only her speed and accuracy, but due to her knack of always hitting a Romulan ship where it was most vulnerable. She was nicknamed by the bridge crew "Doctor" Chang, and the phase canons were her scalpels.

Rank: 2155 Staff Sergeant
2156 Sergeant First Class
2156 Master Sergeant
2158 Sergeant Major


2381-2385 Starfleet Academy
Direct Commission at rank of Lieutenant

2386-Chief of Security USS Magellan