USS Magellan

Ensign Kiara Hansen

Name Kiara Kate Hansen MD

Position Medical Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 1.82m
Weight 65kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Pale-skinned, grey-eyed and curly-haired (see attached image). She is considered by many to be rather tall 'for a woman', but comes from a long line of tall people.


Spouse Unmarried
Children No children (yet, and she is currently determined never to have any).
Father Björn P. Hansen, III
Mother Elena S. Hansen, née Parker
Brother(s) 1 younger brother, Linus.
Sister(s) None.
Other Family Kiara's extended family is large, and locally rather influential, but she has never even met most of them. She keeps in regular touch with even fewer.

Her paternal grandfather, Björn P. Hansen, II was a force to be reckoned with when she was growing up. She joined the Fleet against his explicit wishes (and those of her father), which is a large part of the reason she's mostly not in touch with the family anymore.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kiara descends from a long line of surgeons. However, in her family, only men become doctors, and many of the women don't work outside the home at all.

Kiara is considered a bit of a black sheep in her family: she is the first to break with family tradition that, to hear Kiara's grandfather tell it, goes back at least 3 centuries, if not longer. As a young child, she used to be extremely eager to please, always angling for a pat on the back from her father or -- especially -- her grandfather. As she got older and it started to dawn on her that the ambitions she had for herself were unlikely ever to meet with their unqualified approval, she became unafraid of saying and doing whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, if she thought it was going to help her further her goal.

Wanting to prove her father and grandfather wrong is part of where her drive to succeed comes from, and it has in fact bought her some limited success even within the family: when Kiara was nearly done with her undergraduate education, her father grudgingly admitted that it wouldn't be the end of the world if his daughter became a surgeon, like him. Once she became an MD, he even set up an interview for her at his own hospital, prepared to throw his weight as chairman of the board behind it. Which is exactly why Kiara refused to take him up on the offer, and joined Starfleet instead.

The fact that Kiara's drive comes with an irreverent streak has gotten her in trouble more than once, not only with her family, but also in school and on the USS Vindicator, where she served her first year in the Fleet as a neurosurgery resident.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kiara has been described by various people as various things. Terms that pop up often are funny and irreverent, intelligent and brave, determined, and dependable in a crisis. But also: stupidly stubborn, single-minded to the point of distraction, and shockingly disorganized for a Starfleet officer; although somehow, she manages to keep the chaos in her personal space and life mostly out of the workplace.

Kiara likes to make people believe that nothing much affects her. She's more likely to deflect emotionally charged situations with attempts at humor than to meaningfully address them. In reality, though, she cares deeply about many things; sometimes too deeply.
Ambitions For a long time, Kiara's main ambition in life was to get as far away from her father (and by extension, her entire family) as she possibly could.

Now that she has gotten away and is pretty secure in the knowledge that she'll never need to go back unless she wants to, the wisdom of her years (which she is slowly, slowly growing into) is making her wonder what she might be missing.
Hobbies & Interests Kiara is an amateur pianist who once achieved a reasonably high level of mastery. But until very recently, she hadn't played in many, many years. When she was growing up, playing the piano was more something she 'had to do', because it was what her father wanted, than something that brought her joy or satisfaction. At least, that's what she tells herself. The truth is that she actually came to like it as she acquired more skill and technique; something she was recently reminded of, when a colleague convinced her they should play together.

Personal History Kiara comes from a long lineage of people who, many moons ago, might have been considered 'old money'. Her ancient ancestors were land barons, though inhabiting a mountainous coastal region of Northern Europe that was considered breathtakingly beautiful by many, but didn't much lend itself to most types of agriculture or, later on, large-scale real estate development. With the advent of steam ships, trains, and eventually cars and airplanes, they made most of their money in the tourist business, though some became bankers and financial analysts along the way. Then, in the late 20th and early 21st century, they were among the first to invest heavily in clean energy solutions. That bet would eventually make them very, very rich. So very rich, in fact, that nearly 200 years later, when the New World Economy was taking root, Kiara's ancestors were among the few to actively and vehemently oppose the abandonment of currency: they still had significant assets to protect. If they hadn't already been very conservative in their social and economic outlook, and distrustful of government, then this is where that might have changed.

In more ways than one, Kiara's life choices defy everything her family has believed in for generations. To them, having children and making sure there is something to pass on to them when you die, is the most important thing in life. Kiara has repeatedly said she doesn't want any. Mothers stay home to take care of their children. Kiara was the first woman in her family to become a doctor, and one of the first to work outside the home. The ancestral land is sacred. Kiara is trying to get as far away from it as she possibly can. If she could have gotten an assignment in the Delta Quadrant upon joining Starfleet, she probably would have. But with the destruction of the transwarp gate in 2388, a few months before she finished medical school, that option went away. So instead, she joined Starfleet's medical residency program in the alpha quadrant, which was at least guaranteed to rotate her through a variety of far-flung deep space medical facilities, and/or put her on a hospital ship that would never stay in one place for too long.

She ended up on the USS Vindicator, where she served as a neurosurgical resident for a year before her CO decided to send her on a short-term TAD assignment to the USS Gisborne, following an incident that had disabled or killed most of the Gisborne's Sickbay staff. She went alongside her friend and colleague Hannah Peeters, who was then near the end of her own three-year residency in emergency medicine and traumatology. When it turned out that the Gisborne could not take them back to a starbase or their old ship in a timely fashion, they both landed on the USS Magellan.
Service Record

Rank Years of Service Rating Unit/Ship

2388 - 2389 Resident: Neurosurgery USS Vindicator NCC-23911

2389 - Present Medical Officer USS Magellan NCC-71820