USS Magellan

Lieutenant Arianna Frost

Name Arianna Chelsea Frost

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 172cm
Weight 62 kg
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color green-gray
Physical Description Arianna stands at a medium height for a human female, with a decently feminine physique, framed by wiry muscles giving her a more athletic look. She sports a bob cut that varies between chin length and shoulder length, which softens up her sharp features. Paired with green-gray eyes, she appears sharp at first glance, until she breaks into a smile, which immediately softens up her features.


Father Christopher Steven Frost - Owner of a pub in Heliopolis, Alpha Eridani II
Mother Valeria Fedorovna Korshanova Frost - Co-Owner of a pub in Heliopolis, Alpha Eridani II
Brother(s) Robert Kenneth Frost (3 years older) - Private investigator, Heliopolis, Alpha Eridani II

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arianna is a shrewd individual, with a keen eye for details, especially when it comes to reading people’s motives and mannerisms. She prefers to listen and observe rather than speak. When she does speak however, her voice is usually soft and calm, which makes her a good conversationalist. Ari can, however, adjust her pitch for it to be heard, when she wants to, without it necessarily getting loud.

She’s a mild mannered, calm woman that is very slow to anger and even slower to execute that anger, usually very pointedly (can be a rather savage pointedness). Frost doesn’t smile or laugh often and when she does, it’s usually quite sudden and unexpected. That being said, she’s easy to get along with, though only a few really get to know her. This stems from her profession, from being able to extract more information from people than she gives out. It also makes her appear sharper in expression and colder than she really is, though she often uses this underestimation to her advantage.

She is an excellent actress, able to easily guide a conversation to where she wants it and away from herself giving away personal details. Ari prefers intelligent and eloquent people to undereducated fools, though for the latter she has had to learn patience, or at the very least she has had to learn not to show her impatience with them.

Her motives for being an intelligence officer are the same as they had been when she was a security officer, to safeguard the Federation and its citizens, from threats within and without. As a child of Alpha Eridani II, where you were almost always in danger of a romulan invasion, she has been instilled with a healthy dose of paranoia and always being very aware of her surroundings.

Languages: English, Russian, Romulan, Cardassian, Dominionese
Strengths & Weaknesses +excellent analyst and profiler
+peak physical condition and stamina
+knack for picking up languages and accents
+good leader and manager
+good knowledge of forensic investigation
+qualified pilot

-deteriorating vision (managed with microsurgeries)
-deterioratring marksmanship skills due to deteriorating vision
-has no patience for fools
-has trouble understanding why some people think she’s too paranoid (she calls it healthy awareness)
-engineering ineptitude, she is at best a user level when it comes to any sort of technical knowledge
-dislikes romulans with a barely contained passion
Ambitions Wants to one day return to the realms of Starfleet Security and run her own Behavioral Analysis Team, or if her career remains with Intelligence, to rise up to the ranks of the Internal Affairs Office.
Hobbies & Interests Arianna loves to sing, has a good voice to boot as well as training. She loves to keep in shape by running and practicing the russian martial art systema. She is also an avid reader, preferring detective and crime novels.

Personal History Arianna was born as the youngest child to Christopher and Valeria Frost and sister to Robert, in Heliopolis, on the Federation colony of Alpha Eridani II. The siblings, only a couple of years apart in age, were raised in an environment that valued diversity, as their parents hailed from different Earth nationalities, England and Russia, back when such existed on Earth. Their parents descended from some of the founding families of the colony, maintaining cultural traditions, yet at the same time advocating tolerance and acceptance of others. As their parents owned a pub, the kids spent a lot of time there, learning to observe and talk to people. They learned to get along with each other and with people, growing closer as siblings as they did so, and developing a healthy relationship with their parents as well.

Both Robert and Arianna loved to investigate, learn, observe, which would ultimately lead to them both chosing being an investigator as a vocation when they grew up. They would however choose different tracks. Robert was a homebody and he loved Heliopolis and his home planet. So he attended Criminal Investigation studies at the local college and eventually became a private investigator.

Arianna, however, she wanted to travel and see the universe while doing the same thing. So, when the Starfleet Academy exams were being held in a nearby sector, Arianna applied and managed to pass in the second go, into the Security and Tactical track, with a specialization in Criminal Investigations.

She would excel in the physical and investigatory aspects of the studies, as well as her flight courses. It was at the Academy that she took up the old russian martial art of systema, and has been a practicioner since. Frost, however, struggled greatly with the mandatory engineering and scientific courses as technology and stellar cartography barely interested her. Starship tactics and combat she was neither here nor there with in terms of interest, and as such her skill was merely median.

As her graduation neared, so did whispers of tensions with an organization called tthe Dominion. This sparked an interest in Arianna to take up their language, adding it to her arsenal of Federation Standard and Federation Russian which she grew up with and Romulan which she felt she should know due to the constant looming threat of an invasion of Alpha Eridani II by the Romulan Empire. She graduated around the middle of her class and was posted aboard the USS Miyazaki.

She was assigned as the Security Investigations Officer on the Nebula class vessel, where she stayed well into the inevitable Dominion War that started a year later. Loss after loss, battle after battle, Arianna gained experience she never wanted to have, yet would later be grateful for. She rose through positions quicker than she would have liked too, ending up being Assistant Chief of Security well into the end of the Dominion War.

After the War ended and recovery began, Arianna applied for a transfer to the position she had been craving when she’d applied for the Academy, a position within the Behavioral Analysis Team within Starfleet Security Headquarters. It was there her skills came to best use, as she and her colleagues would often participate in cases that crossed paths with intelligence officers.

2378 brought yet another unexpected path opening before her. She received a reassignment to Starfleet Intelligence, due to her excellent aptitude scores and casework while with the BAT. Frost truly found herself during the year long cross-training programme. She understood well tthe danger of the profession, yet loved the benefits of it. She could serve the Federation with more options as an intelligence officer.

She started off as an analyst within the Counter Intelligence Section, where she stayed for three years, helping plan and analyze many operations. Eventually, she moved onto a more demanding position, that of running asset and agent networks for the Special Operations Section.

2385 - 2386 - saw her participate in Operation: Castermer which is now classified Starfleet Security Council grade. She was part of a cross-section team that participated in it.

It was towards the end of Castermer that she received an injury to her upper face and eyes, which caused damage to her eyes she would never be able to get rid of fully. This forced her to take a year long medical leave of absence, which took a mental toll on her as well. She did reunite with her family, who travelled to Earth often during that year to visit with her.
Ariannna also underwent several surgeries in an attempt to salvage her vision, though none of them had a permanent result.

So it was deemed she would need to serve on modified duty, as she was no longer fully qualified to act as a field officer. Frost would need to receive microsurgery treatments to maintain her vision at an acceptable level every so often. After she was cleared for duty, she was initially returned to the Alpha Quadrant Powers Section where she again served as a Handler and Case officer, seeing the Romulan and Cardassian War unfurl as well as the Cardassian-Breen War, which stirred again her long held mistrust of the Vulcan cousins.

With the formation of the Alrakis Pact in 2389, Starfleet Intelligence felt a need to have more personnel present on mobile stations (starships) and began reassigning personnel to Federation ships. One such ship would be the USS Magellan, a Galaxy class ship bound of the Inconnu Expanse.
Service Record 2368 - 2372 - Starfleet Academy (Security/Tactical Track - Criminal Investigations Specialization)

2372 - 2375 - USS Miyazaki, Security Investigations Officer, Assistant Chief of Security

2375 - 2378 - Starfleet Security HQ, Earth - Behavioral Analysis Team

2378 - 2379 - Starfleet Intelligence Cross Training - Mars Campus

2379 - 2382 - Analyst, Starfleet Intelligence, Counter Intelligence Section

2382 - 2385 - Handler/Case Officer, Special Operations Section

2385 - 2386 - Operation: Castermer - data classified

2386 - 2387 - Medical Leave Of Absence

2387 - 2389 - Alpha Quadrant Powers Section, Handler/Case Officer

2389 - pres. - Intelligence Officer, USS Magellan