The New Doc

Posted on Sat Feb 13th, 2021 @ 7:43pm by Lieutenant Asa Thorpe MD & Commander Timothy Parker

Mission: E2 P2 Prevent and Prepare for War
Location: XO’s Office

"Lieutenant Asa Thorpe, Chief Medical Officer," the woman in the teal uniform said as she stood at attention before the Executive Officer's desk. She hadn't done this since being a cadet at the Starfleet Academy. The Medical School was a bit more relaxed than that and when she reported to work wearing medical garb or laboratory safe clothing exclusively since becoming a doctor it had been a while. This was also her first posting in the fleet and she was pretty nervous about that as well as the fact that she was the most senior physician aboard and hadn't actually touched a patient in a few years. She shifted awkwardly out of back in the position of attention feeling like the back of her neck was starting to sweat.

Tim held a padd in his hand, his eyes glancing quickly through the Doctor's personnel file and orders. It seemed Doctor Nutley had pulled a few strings recently, following his recent confessions, to be transferred elsewhere in the fleet and away from his family's emporium. And the best Starfleet had to offer was someone fresh out of the Medical Academy. To Tim, this was a clear message. Magellan wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

He fought a frown and set down the display device. "At ease, Doctor," Tim said at last. "While we do adhere to protocol aboard the Magellan, we're not too strict about it." Rising from the desk, he walked over to the replicator. "Can I offer you something to drink?"

She was immediately relieved, "yes that would be nice, a hot green tea would be wonderful?" she asked. It was her go-to drink of choice when she was feeling stressed and had a feeling the replicator might just start pouring it when she walked near. It's a good thing she wasn't crazed and thought they'd take over the Federation one day. She'd met such a patient when she was doing her psychiatry rotation as well as someone who was afraid of everything on the right side of their body. She'd love to see what made their brain wonky.

Moments later, with a cup of green tea in hand, and a cup of coffee for himself, Tim returned to the desk and delivered the beverage. "According to your service record, this is your first assignment onboard a starship. Coming from a research program, it looks like."

"Correct," Asa said, trying to not sound like it bothered her to have him say that. "But rest assured I am board certified in both Primary Care and Infectious Disease. I had my residency at a major Starfleet facility and helped to develop a cure to a devastating illness on the moon of a Federation Protectorate," she said as if needing to give her resume.

Tim grinned. "I certainly hope the Alrakis Pact doesn't try to come at us with engineering diseases, but if they do, at least I'll know this ship is in good hands. Where was your residency?"

"Starfleet Regional Medical Facility Bordeaux," Asa said, after finishing her sip of tea. "It was very exciting getting to work in the federation's capital."

"Bordeaux?" echoed Tim. "I was there once, couple decades ago. A friend of mine and I had a hiking accident outside Paris. I think it was a broken leg they had to mend on me. Took my friend several months to grow back the part of the antenna he lost."

"An Andorian friend? Asa asked, her head tilting. "That can be devastating for them."

"It did grow back," Tim observed. "It took a few months, and it cost him a Parrises Squares season, but he made up for it the following year."

"Glad he recovered, sir," Asa said, with a smile. "I'm looking forward to working on the ship." Which was mostly true she was just also very nervous but a doctor who showed their nerves in front of a patient was not a good doctor and she'd gotten pretty good at hiding them when she was a resident.

Tim smiled. "Excellent. Now there isn't much to worry about for a few days. We got pretty banged up on the last mission, so our next trip out of spacedock is a quick run around the block. Shouldn't be terribly exciting, but it'll be a good chance to settle in. Any questions for me at this point?"

"None sir," she said. "Any matters of sickbay that you know of? I am under the impression that my predecessor left before I arrived," Asa said, then taking some more tea.

The Executive Officer shook his head. "Just that your predecessor made sure sickbay was fully restocked and restaffed. Most of the team is new to the ship, but I'm told that they are capable. Other than that, nothing notable to report."

"Well then, thank you for your hospitality sir, I'll go check in with the staff in sickbay once I know my personal items were stowed appropriately," Asa said, standing up. "Thanks for the tea."

Tim stood up to match the Doctor's action. "My pleasure, Doctor. If you need anything in the future, my door is always open."

“Thank you sir,” Asa said, politely before turning and leaving. She felt a bit more reassured having met the XO and finding him more laid back than she’d imagined.