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Posted on Sun Jan 24th, 2021 @ 5:52pm by Lieutenant Kala Anjar & Commander Timothy Parker
Edited on on Sun Jan 24th, 2021 @ 5:53pm

Mission: E2 P1 Let's Take A Breath
Location: USS Magellan; Security Office
Timeline: MD00 || 1200

Commander Parker stepped onto the bridge as the doors to the Ready Room closed behind him. Since the ship was still docked for repairs, the bridge was a ghost town. The normally bustling place hosted only two other crewmen, not including himself, who were manning the operations and engineering stations, the only two stations that couldn't be left alone. He nodded to the operations officer, indicating that Tim would not assume command, and he then immediately ducked into the turbolift. He did, after all, have some things to take care of as Executive Officer. "Computer, locate Lieutenant Kala."

" Lieutenant Kala is in the Security Office on Deck 9." The computer replied.

Tim immediately instructed the computer accordingly. Within minutes, Tim entered the security office, finding it nearly as vacant as the bridge. The Commander immediately found himself thankful that security hadn't been terribly relaxed while the ship was in dock. Too many accidents could happen if one's guard was let up too much. "Lieutenant Kala?" Tim called out, starting to look for the security officer.

Anjar stiffened slightly, recognising the Commanders voice. "In here, Commander." He called from the room on the Commanders right. "I'm just reworking this weeks duty rosters. It's harder than the Lieutenant made it look. Please, have a seat. Can I get you anything?"

"No thank you," Tim said as he entered. "I actually just finished having tea with the Captain, so I'm good for the time being." He took a seat in the office and made himself comfortable. "What sort of trouble are you having with the duty roster?"

"I've never really done one before. It's basically all there, but I need to remove myself from it and shuffle people around to fill in my removal. I mean, this is the first 4 days of next week, if you wouldn't mind taking a look, Commander?" He asked, almost sheepishly.

Tim nodded and reached for the padd. "If you don't mind me asking, but why are you removing yourself from the schedule? Were you granted leave by the Captain?"

"For this week's rosters I'm taking the Chief's position, I have to run some drills. So I can't have myself doing the drills when I need to run them. So if I have done everything I think I need to have done, for the first 4 days at least, when the drills need to have been run, I'm now running them, with no loss of numbers. But some of my shifts, that isn't necessary, so I still have the same shifts." He paused for a second. "Sorry, Commander. I hope I'm not confusing. Just still trying to learn here."

"It's not confusing at all," Tim stated, tapping a few things on the padd. "I am seeing, however, you've got the security staff stretched a bit further than they should be with either back-to-back or staggered shifts. We're only going on a shakedown cruise, and we wouldn't want to wear anyone out when we're nowhere near a combat zone."

"So if I take out some of the back to back shifts, and just spread them out a bit" he tapped some keys on the PADD, then showed the Commander. "This should be much better, and give everyone a bit more downtime."

Tim nodded his approval. "Definitely looks better. Now, what sort of drills do you have planned for your department? Is there anything you'd like to run shipwide?"

"Given that we are moving along the Pact Border, general security drills, to keep reaction times as low as possible."

"That's perfect," Tim confirmed. "I'll be adding you to the bridge duty roster later today. As you're officially the Acting Chief, you'll need to spend at least one or two watches a day on the bridge. I'd definitely recommend conducting at least one drill from there."

"Thank you, Commander. I'd appreciate that. I'm fine with filling in for now, but I don't think I am ready to do this full time just yet." A small smile flashed across his face.

Tim grunted. That was a matter best up to Starfleet and however long it took for them to decide whether or not to assign a new Chief in quick order. Only time would tell in that regard. "One step at a time, Lieutenant. Anything else?"

Lieutenant Kala smiled at Parker. "Nothing right now, thanks for the help, Commander." He nodded in thanks.


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