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You Did What!?

Posted on Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 @ 10:23am by Major Kachiko Bayushi & Reiko Bayushi

Mission: E2 P1 Let's Take A Breath
Location: Quarters, USS Magellan
Timeline: Current

"Wait, you did what!?" Reiko looked aghast.

Kachiko sighed, "I had a bit of an argument with an Admiral. It really wasn’t a big deal."

"And she didn't throw you in the brig?"

"No, sweetie. She just told the Captain that I was to be confined to quarters until I see her day after tomorrow, officially," Kachiko explained to the twelve year old.

"Mom, you really shouldn't do that. It's not like this is Vice Admiral Uvar," Reiko scolded her mother, whom she was actually taller than, now. Then again, her mother stood less than five feet.

"I know, I know," Kachiko sighed."Sometimes I just get impatient with the speed of bureaucracy, especially considering the things we experienced on our way to the ship. That needs to be addressed."


"Well, if they have developed something allowing instantaneous transport over that long a distance, that's a dangerous weapon that Starfleet needs to know about yesterday. Not as soon as whenever Admiral Fancypants finds it in her schedule."

"Oh, yeah. I can see that being a problem," Reiko shrugged.

Kachiko smiled suddenly as she felt a furry insistent push at her dangling hand, the hand shifting to scritch the top of Bubbas fuzzy head. Then with a trilling sound, Bubba hopped up over the arm of the couch and into the Marines lap, Kachiko laughing at the absurdity of the large Maine Coon finding it comfortable to settle down in her admittedly small lap.

"He has been a bit more lovey-dovey since we got here, Mom," Reiko watched her mother's hand stroking through the felines long fur, the cat responding with a vociferous purr. "So you have a little staycation, Mom?"

"Kind of. I still have administrative work to do.I will just do that from my little office here instead of down below with the kids."

Reiko laughed,"I'm a kid, mom. They're adults, aren't they?" Reiko was amused.

"Just a figure of speech, sweetie. I have been referred to as 'the old man' by quite a few privates and corporals, so it kind of stuck."

"Okay..." Reiko shrugged. "Are we doing anything today?"

"Not really, no. You're free to go see the sights, though I imagine that you know where not to go?"

Reiko nodded,"I know, mom. I am going to take a nap before I go out."

"Sweet dreams, Reiko-chan."


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