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Sign off

Posted on Thu Sep 24th, 2020 @ 8:55pm by Lieutenant Tobias Nutley 3rd & Captain Anjad Terax

Mission: E2 P1 Let's Take A Breath
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD2-15:47

Tobias was finally feeling like he had his bearings aboard USS Magellan, it was feeling more like his posting rather than just something he had stepped in to in a pinch. He was updating the medical records of those injured during the ships last mission there was really on one more thing for him to do which was to run it passed the ships commanding officer.

His fingers tapped over the keyboard as he updated the records of the ships former XO, it wasn't a good prognosis at the present time. They needed the kind of care that wasn't available aboard a Starship.

"Computer locate Captain Terax" He gave the instruction as he saved the last of the medical data before he transferred it to a PADD the response came.

"Captain Terax is in Sickbay."

Looking up the doors swooshed open and the ships Captain walked in.

"Captain," Tobias said standing "I was just on my way to look for you, there are some things I need you to sign off on."

"My timing is impeccable then. I was just here to let you know that my head appears to be all back to normal and that I haven't had to use any pain hypos for today. How can I be of service Doctor?" He asked.

He smiled and held up a PADD so the CO could see it.

"I need your sign off on transferring a few souls to the Starbase. They're going to need longer term care than we can give them aboard Magellan"

He stood and moved toward the Captain to pass the PADD to him, he leaned in and lowered his voice to a whisper.

"I also wanted to know if you're aware of the peculiarities around our Marine Commanding Officer?"

Suddenly feeling apprehensive of the topic he stiffened up slightly. "I am aware of... some of them. Are there any more that I need to know about?" He asked.

Tobias mused for a moment before finally settling on an answer.

"I'm honestly not sure, I've been reading up on everything that has occurred in her life and I would say if half of those things had happened to a single person I'd be suggesting that the stress alone would impact their role. In this case I'm not so sure." He added with a smile "Plus, she's a Marine and we all know they're a breed apart."

"I suppose I raise it because I'm concerned that at some point it may become too much for her, and I'd hate to be the CMO that didn't step in because she's quite plainly built like Wonder Woman."

"She, herself, has expressed some concerns to me. And I've already informed her that the moment there are any issues with her performance, she's relieved of duty until she talks with either yourself or the Counsellor. From what you have seen so far, and as much as your qualifications allow, what's your professional opinion of her psychological state?"

Tobias thought for a moment hew knew in that in cases like this the wrong word could be damaging to a career, and the right word given for the wrong reason could be just as damaging for the ship and crew.

"I have barely spoken to her for more than 15 minutes Captain, but my initial thoughts are that she is holding it together in a way that seems almost improbable. I am certain that for now she can function, however if further stressors are applied I'd be worried about what may occur."

"Anyone else would be in the corner perpetually crying given what she has been through that she isn't is either a testament to her mental fortitude or simply because things are bottled away."

"There is a likelihood that we will all be under some kinds of stressor in the coming weeks. So she definitely needs to be kept an eye on, if that's the case."

Tobias nodded in agreement.

"I'll schedule a few more medical reviews with her so that I can keep an eye on her medically and psychologically." He thought for a moment and then added "It maybe helpful if I could have copies of any after action reports generated by the Marines so that I can intervene earlier if there are warning signs."

"Consider it done, Lieutenant. I'll have everything you need forwarded to you, as and when it's available."

Tobias smiled.

"Thank you for that Captain and also thank you from saving me the trouble of tracking you down. Was there anything you needed?

He shook his head in return. "Nope, just to let you know I'm doing alright, following my first contact with the conn console."


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