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Checking up

Posted on Fri Jul 31st, 2020 @ 5:28pm by Major Kachiko Bayushi & Lieutenant Tobias Nutley 3rd

Mission: E2 P1 Let's Take A Breath
Location: Sickbay, USS Magellan
Timeline: MD2-07:45

Kachiko sighed silently before stepping through the large hatch of the main Sickbay on the Magellan. She had confirmed that the chief physician, one Doctor Nutley, was present before departing her quarters.

Her long white hair swished back and forth as the small Marine looked about for the Doctors office. Finding it, she frowned at herself, finding that she had been secretly hoping that she wouldn't be able to find it.

Absent mindedly readjusting the blacked out phaser at her hip, she strode over, coming to a stop before the hatch and pressing the call key.

Tobias was hoping for a quiet morning, docked as they were at a Starbase he could send any urgent cases over to there whilst he recovered from the night before. His head was pounding slightly as he reviewed the documents Starfleet Medical had sent his way. There were obviously things he could do to alleviate his pains but he didn't quite feel like he deserved them as yet, sharing his history with the XO had been a foolish move all things considered and the drinking afterwards did not help. He should have stuck to the synthahol and not moved on to the old fashioned grains as he had done.

His stomach lurched as he looked up and saw who could only be the ships Marine Commanding Officer across the sickbay, years of experience told him she wasn't here to see one of the nurses. Steeling himself he waved her over.

"Major" He said with a smile he absolutely did not feel "What can I do for you?"

He stood waiting for her reply trying to push down the queasy feeling in his stomach.

Kachiko winced, sensing the man's distress, "Maybe you should give yourself something for the nausea and the oncoming headache first, Doctor."

Before he could respond, the small woman tapped the side of her head, "Your distress is radiating off of you, Doc. Also, I'm a P-13 on the Psi Scale."

Tobias grunted and nodded. He sat back down and motioned for the duty nurses to head else where.

Once the physician was settled, Kachiko leaned forward, "I'm Major Bayushi, recently arrived aboard. By protocol and standing orders, I'm expected to undergo a physical upon arrival. However, things were not in the right place when I arrived, so here I am now."

"Before we begin, we need to note that everything involved in my physical is secured compartmented information. As you are the Chief Medical Officer aboard, you are being read in," and with that, the black uniform clad Marine produced what looked like a glossy black concierge bell. Setting it on the desk between them, she tapped the button atop it, the device beginning to emit a just barely imperceptible hum.

She shrugged, "A security precaution. To ensure that no one can listen in from afar."

Tobias looked around the medical bay was empty, everyone here had left when he motioned for them too. It was unlikely that anyone would enter unbidden given that they were docked. It all seemed to be a little over board for the pain in his head.

"One moment" He said standing and moving over to the replicator. He typed a code in to the machine which then hummed and replicated a hypo-spray picking it up he forced a smile his face.

"This one is for me, not you" He placed the hypo against his neck and muttered "Physician heal thyself" as he dosed himself.

Moving back to the desk and feeling a million times better he managed a heart felt smile.

"Major welcome aboard, I am also rather new to this ship. What is it you need me to do exactly?"

"I know that you're new, Doc. I have... special access to a lot of things that most do not," Kachiko shrugged."If my uniform wasn't a dead giveaway on that front."

"Well, I require my initial physical for arriving on assignment, to begin with," Kachiko sighed."But first, you need to know about my unique circumstances."

"Back immediately following the fleets destruction at Wolf 359, a certain shadowy paramilitary intelligence organization was running a program to create specialized Clones of a woman with the most pristine genetic structure they had ever discovered. These Clones would be genetically enhanced in ways that made them hardier than the average bear," Kachiko chuckled."They were developed as assassins and Intelligence gathering, but after Wolf, they were quickly repurposed to supplant flagging fleet numbers. I was the first Clone to survive the reeducation program and shipped off to the Academy trials."

"There are other of the clones of my line still alive, including a future version of myself and one whom was not growth accelerated beyond, oh, about six years old," she continued to explain.

"Another was kept by our creator as his personal pleasure slave, something that she seems to blame me for, probably because I was the one who inevitably put a blade through his neck," Kachiko was finally getting to the point. "I was sent deep undercover to ascertain if that sister clone was whom was running an illegal colony on a prohibited world. While I was there, someone at Command burned my cover to my sister, whom had me attacked and taken prisoner."

"Instead, she decided that I needed to understand how she felt lying under the man whom created us, so she, several dozen of her colonist lackeys and a kennels worth of large dogs from Earth availed themselves of my body. When I wasn't being raped, I was being tortured, often by whipping."

With that, Kachiko stood and turned around, lifting her uniform top to expose the pale skin of her back, the skin criss-crossed with lurid whip scars, the skin of each an even brighter white than her already inhumanly pale skin. "I sustained injury to both my vaginal canal, cervix, rectum and bowel as a result of the rapes. Thankfully the other injuries were shallow, but they still took a lot longer to heal than they should have."

"I had black hair, like your average Japanese woman. However, my wife and two Marines were dispatched to recover me. They freed me but we were ambushed. We fought our way out, but as we were exiting onto the planet surface, a force field popped up before she made it out. My captor decided that if she couldn't have her colony, no one could. Especially not Starfleet. So she vented reactor plasma into the colony ventilation system. I watched my wife killed by the plasma, then turned into violet ash."

"I went back inside almost immediately, as the reactor had imploded. I was subjected to considerable radiation, which is why my hair is permanently white, now. Starfleet Medical needs me to be monitored for after effects of the radiation... and they're interested in just how my gene engineering has or will continue to protect me from the radiation."

Now the small woman sat back in the chair, almost slumping, "Well, that's the long and short of it, Doc."

"Oh... I am sterile, as were all of the other clones, except one. She managed to get pregnant give birth to a healthy little girl, then she was killed on assignment. The girl thinks that I am her mother and I want to keep it that way. Reiko is in my quarters and hasn't had a proper physical in two years, so I will have to schedule that with you."

The barrage of words from the ships Head Marine buffeted against his brain as he listened to what she was saying, shadowy bullcrap, reactor explosions, child, wife he figured he had enough information to get started with his exam. He was very pleased he had chosen to deal with his hangover before interacting with the lady, trying to listen and follow along feeling as queesy as he had wouldn't have workd for him.

Tapping a command in to the computer built in to his desk he transferred the relevant medical records to a PADD, which he had already checked was locked just for his use as the CMO, as he stood he spoke.

"Alright Major thank you for your succinct overview of your history. If you would follow me to the biobed over there we can get started my suggestion is that we simply check you against your last medical at this point and see if anything has changed. I think for anything deeper I will need to read this." He tapped the PADD in his hand.

The Major rose from the chair and followed to the private examination room, "Normally I'm asked to disrobe for this part. Not to mention that I'm overdue for my next gynecological exam. Given that I'm radiation resistant, I'm not nearly as easy to scan as the average person."

The pair moved across to the biobed, Tobias indicated for the major to get on after she had done so he began to scan her.

As the scans began, Kachiko suddenly remembered, " Oh! I almost forgot. The organization responsible for creating me? They attacked me and in a bid to try to exert control over me, implanted a number of self-replicating devices in me. They replicate new copies if any fail or are somehow removed. They create and wrap mono-molecular fibers around my nervous system. When activated, they vibrate, which is probably the most painful sensation a human being can experience."

"Unfortunately, even when dormant, they're constantly vibrating at a low frequency, so I'm always hurting. I have an isolinear rod with a neuro-toxin compound used to keep the devices dormant," her hand produced a small rod from a hidden pouch just inside the wrist of her sleeve. "The devices only function if I hear the command word. The remote access function was disabled in the past by a prior physician, quite by accident. Once you have the compound, I'll need the rod back, please."

Tobias nodded and got to work, first scanning the rod before returning it to the Major. Then allowing the biobed to do what it could before finishing the rest of the exam quickly and efficiently.

"Well Major, I cannot see anything that is abnormal when compared to your last results." He turned the scanning devices off and tapped on the PADD inputting a few notes.

"I think if you give me a few weeks to review your records fully we take your care from there, is there anything in particular which is concerning you at the moment?"

"Medically, beyond the continued hurt from the injuries suffered from my violation, which are taking longer than they should to heal, not really," the Marine shrugged. Before a dawning look crossed her eyes, "Oi... I have a near-eidetic memory, Doctor. When we reached about two hundred light years from where we were supposed to meet the Magellan, both Reiko and I blacked out and I can't figure out why. According to my ships computer logs, we suddenly jumped more than sixty light years in scant seconds, just off the Magellan's hull. Which isn't where the ship was supposed to be, either. I realize that you aren't the one to explain the spatial relocation, but the passing out is what troubles me."

"My runabout has medical grade sensors on the interior, always watching over me and my daughter. I will bring you the logs if you could look over them?" Kachiko asked.

"Indeed I can Major, I'm not quite sure what light I'll be able to shed especially as you've pointed out you don't scan very well but I'll certainly look." The chrono bleeped reminding Tobias he was due to meet the Chief Medical Officer from the station shortly "I'll have pick this up later. I'm due aboard the Starbase for a meeting."

"Please transmit the records to Sickbay for my review." He said as he moved away to replace the PADD on his desk. It would be perfectly safe there keyed as it was to his own biorythms.

"Sure thing, Doctor. I will contact your scheduler to get Reiko's intake physical scheduled," Kachiko chuckled. "I'll be in touch."


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