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They Will Be Waiting

Posted on Fri Jul 31st, 2020 @ 5:27pm by Vice Admiral Keira Desai & Captain Anjad Terax & Major Kachiko Bayushi
Edited on on Fri Jul 31st, 2020 @ 8:35pm

Mission: E2 P1 Let's Take A Breath
Location: Starbase 249; Admiral Desai's Office
Timeline: MD09 || 1340

When the Vice Admiral returned to her office, the lights were off, only the light from the wide porthole to the expanse of space offering any illumination.

Before the Admiral could call for the lights, a voice spoke up, "We meet again, Vice Admiral." This was followed by the computer trilling lightly and the illumination increasing just enough to see. Leaning against the bulkhead in front of the Admirals desk was a petite human woman wearing the unmistakable all-black uniform of Starfleet Marine Covert Operations. Her white hair and skin almost seemed to glow in the low-light.

"Apologies, ma'am. Not only do I like to remain unseen, but I see better in the dark," Kachiko offered a smile as she remained seated. "Did you have a good lunch?"

Admiral Desai's face remained stoic. "I'm sure you have been told about breaking into peoples private spaces before. Computer, lights." The room illuminated. "What is it you want Major? Our debriefing isn't for another 3 days." She tapped some buttons on the console on her desk.

"Oh yeah, that's protocol, isn't it?" then the recently demoted Majors face soured. "I guess that I forgot about the protocol, much like the asshole in your division, Admiral. The asshole who burned me to the worst possible person and saw me kidnapped, enslaved, whipped, tortured, gangraped and mounted by animals!"

"Besides," the Marines voice flattened once more. "Officially, I'm not even here yet. I wasn't supposed to meet up with the Magellan until tomorrow, but there was some odd spatial anomaly weirdness afoot and I found myself only eight hundred meters off the Magellan's hull."

Kachiko withdrew an isolinear rod from under the wrist of her sleeve, "This is all of the data my runabout sensors picked up. Maybe your people can find something in there. Something about the unexpected spatial jump has left my mind foggier than usual and I have had a bit of trouble keeping up. My personal bioreadings, along with my little girls are in there." The rod was set on the desk.

"What spatial jump?" The Admiral asked. What did the sensors say it was?"

"That's just the thing. I don't know. From what I could gather, my personal runabout travelled sixty light-years in about thirty seconds. Meanwhile, both Reiko, my daughter, and I were rendered unconscious."

"Admiral, the Tzenkethi and their allies are using some kind of subspace technology out there, and we know that subspace weapons are never good, for anyone," Kachiko sighed. "I had a quick peek at the gathered intelligence from our time inside the rift and there's a lot to break down."

"When I was assigned to the London under Admiral Uvar, I was tasked with sussing out some issues aboard, utilizing my investigative training and Intelligence abilities," Kachiko got to the meat of why she was there. "Do you have orders for me aboard the Magellan?"

"You're assigned as the Marine Commanding Officer, yes? Your orders for the Magellan come from General Koraz." The chime went off for the door. "Enter."

The doors opened, revealing Captain Terax. "You wanted to see me, Admiral?" The Captain walked into the room and stood to attention.

"At ease, Captain. From the mission logs you provided, there is no need to introduce you to Major Bayushi. I entered my private quarters to find him waiting for me." The Admiral noticed a look of disappointment from Captain Terax. "He is due to be debriefed in 3 days. Please have him confined to quarters until then."

The Captain stood even more straight than he before. "Yes, Ma'am."

"Anjad, we will catch up later, around 1600 hours. Just a few little bits to cover. Now both of you, get the hell out of my office."

Walking out of the Admiral's office, Anjad looked to the Major. "What are you doing, Major? What part of breaking into the Director of Starfleet Intelligence's office seemed like a good idea?"

"I worked directly for the previous Director of Starfleet Intelligence, Captain. It was her standing order to try and remain as unseen as possible. Even and especially when visiting her office," Kachiko grimaced. "I also don't have to follow her orders, as a MARSOC Operator I am outside of her chain of command. Though you do have to listen to her, so if I leave my quarters, it won't be to anywhere public except Sickbay and I will ensure that no one sees me."

"Captain," Kachiko said after a pause as the two continued to walk. "I apologize for this... incident. I understand that I can be a bit difficult to get used to, but you'd understand if you had seen and done the things that I have."

"I have no desire to make life any more difficult for you, Captain," Kachiko sighed. "Which is why I refrained from telling the Admiral to f*** off back there. She really should know better than to try and push an Operator around, stars or no stars." Truth be told, it had been learned that should an Operator like the Major ever lose their cool and go off the reservation, their top level access would prove to be catastrophic. "I would rather try and get along and chose to report in as soon as I could. I wanted to spend some time shopping with Reiko instead of worrying about making my report, and now that.... Damned woman, just ruined my time with my little girl. If I wasn't trying to keep your head off the block, I would return to that office and remind her of just where things lie." Now the Major was audibly growling as she spoke, more stalking than walking as the pair reached the turbolift to the docking ring.

"My head will be perfectly fine. But pull another stunt like that, and it won't be your quarters you are confined to." He turned away from the Major, as they continued to walk toward a turbolift for the airlock. He tapped his comm badge. "Terax to Magellan. Commander Parker, can you please have security waiting at the airlock."

"Of course," A hint of confusion in his voice. "They will be waiting, Captain."

"Thanks, Tim, Terax out."


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