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I'll Be in Touch Captain

Posted on Sun Jun 14th, 2020 @ 10:01pm by Captain Anjad Terax

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Captain's Quarters.
Timeline: MD14 || 0318

Sitting at the desk in his quarters, he had spent the last few days compiling the information from various departments about everything they had discovered. The 'Ravagers' were actually a species known as the Wi-u-Kai, and rather than just being the hired help of the Alrakis Pact, they were, in fact, key members of the Pact.

The sensors had recorded quite a lot of data, and it would take Starfleet Intelligence a good few weeks to comb through everything. But that wasn't his problem. It was going to be SI's problem. If they could ever get through to them.

They had left the ship construction facility almost four days ago and were now heading out of the Expanse as their best possible speed. With the damage sustained to the ship, they were already pushing against upper limits, but this information needed to be brought back to Starfleet as fast as they could.

Reading through some of the acquired data had definitely taken a lot of his time. He was meant to be on Alpha shift in the morning, but he had swapped with his acting XO, although from what the doctor had said, it seemed unlikely that Commander T'Prynn was going to be out of her coma, let along a working, active office again, not for a while.

Lieutenant Commander Parker now had the Alpha Shift, and Anjad now had the Beta shift. Tim had really proved himself during this acting phase, and with the unlikely event his current XO was going to be returning to duty, he was going to change position from acting to permanent, including the promotion in rank to Commander.

He replicated another cup of jestral tea. It was probably the only thing keeping him awake at the moment, and another cup probably wasn't the best idea. But he was still going through some of the new files Captain Yorke had sent from the Gisborne. Their job in the expanse had doubled in importance, and they had used some of the data from their own scans and combined it with those of the Magellan, which gave a bigger picture to the dealings within the expanse.

He pushed some buttons on his console, which attempted to transmit the message to Starfleet again. He knew it was a long shot, but the closer they were to Starbase 249, the more likely a signal would be received and forwarded on the subspace network and reach Starfleet within a matter of minutes. They were still about 5 days away from 249, but they should be within signal range within a matter of hours. Which, he had convinced himself, was the reason he was still awake.

They were still a bit far out for real-time communications, but they would hopefully receive something within a few minutes of it being successfully transmitted. Of course, he had no idea what exactly he was sitting around reading for. A watched transmission never sends, to paraphrase the human idiom was. But here he was, sitting here waiting for the transmission to send. He rubbed his eyes. They were beginning to hurt, no doubt from the injury sustained on the bridge, combined with the lack of sleep, and the four or five cups of tea.

He picked up the cup, and a PADD, and moved from his desk to couch under the viewport, sitting down and instantly realising that he had spent far too much time in his chair, or that he needed a new chair for his desk. He placed the cup down, after taking another sip, and leaned back, putting his feet up on the table.

He opened his eyes, after what he thought was a long blink, and checked the time on his PADD. 0442. Just under an hour and a half, and yet he felt quite rested. He picked up the tea, and took a sip. It had been long cold, but one of the bonuses of jestrel tea was that it tasted as good cold as it did hot. There was a light flickering on his desk holo. He stood up, suddenly feeling slightly apprehensive.

He sat at his desk with a groan, I definitely need a new chair replicating he thought to himself. He brought up the notification window. It was a message from Starfleet Command and Starfleet Intelligence. He tapped the buttons on his desk, he still preferred the physical buttons when it came to manipulating the holo screens, but he was getting used to them. A warning flashed across the screen. Code 47 Message Stored
This meant that once he had viewed it, it would erase itself, and no record of it would ever exist anywhere. He took a few gulps of his tea. He couldn't afford to miss a thing. The Starfleet Intelligence logo replaced the blank screen, quickly followed by a human woman, a Vice Admiral. This was not the call back he was expecting.

"Captain Terax, this is Vice Admiral Keira Desai of Starfleet Intelligence. I'm contacting you on behalf of Admiral Glash. Your findings in the Inconnu Expanse are troublesome and have implications that expand beyond the Federation, and involve most of the major powers across two quadrants. We will obviously need to verify a large portion of your information, but given that a lot of it corroborates the same intelligence from Captain Yorke on the Gisborne, that's already a good conformation. You are en route to Starbase 249 already, and this has not changed. You are ordered to Starbase 249 where I will rendezvous with you, and debrief you personally. You can inform your XO, but no one else currently, and you are also to lock down all outgoing communications immediately. I'm not on Earth right now and should be arriving there within about 7 days. I'll be in touch Captain, Desai out."

He sat back after what felt like ten minutes but was closer than one. He took another sip of his tea. This was clearly something big, why else would the director of Starfleet Intelligence herself travel to debrief him, add that to the fact that she was also contacting on behalf of the Chief of Starfleet Operations. He had evidently stumbled into a hornet's nest, and for the first time, that feeling of apprehension made sense. What had he just found himself in the middle of? For the first time in a long time, he was genuinely worried about what was next.


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