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Jarhead Ahoy, Cap'n!

Posted on Tue Jun 2nd, 2020 @ 7:06pm by Major Kachiko Bayushi & Captain Anjad Terax

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Captains Quarters
Timeline: MD08 || 1250

Kachiko had received her quarters assignment, where she stopped to let Reiko go lay down.

"Behave in there and don't run off anywhere until I get back," Kachiko told the pre-teen."Get some sleep, sweetie."

"Okay, Mom!"Reiko chirped before Kachiko let the hatch slide shut and moved back towards the turbolift. Touching the left side of her jaw, she activated her subdural communications implant, "Computer, location of the Commanding Officer?"

The computer chirped then replied. " Captain Anjad Terax is located in his quarters."

"Thank you," Kachiko replied to the computer, out of habit. Stepping onto the lift, she said, "Deck Two."

Three minutes later, she was at the hatch of the Captain's quarters, pressing the call key.

"Enter." The Captain replied to the door chime.

Kachiko entered as bidden, slightly nervously adjusting the black plated Type-II phaser at her left hip. She spoke up, "Captain Terax?"

The Captain looked up at the Marine standing in the doorway. A quick glance at her rank reminded him why she was in his doorway. "Major Bayushi, welcome on board." He gestured to the chair in front of his desk. "Care for a drink?" He offered.

"Certainly," Kachiko said dryly. "A glass of pineapple juice would be amazing, Captain."

"Apologies for the interruption on your time off, Captain," Kachiko took the proffered chair. "We were expecting you dozens of light years away and I have no explanation for how my lil ship suddenly arrived two hundred meters from the Magellan's port bow."

Then the Major amended her statement, "Sorry, we being my daughter, Reiko... and I."

Terax tapped some buttons on his desk, which replicated the pineapple juice on the drink replicator built into his desk. Once fully formed, he handed it to the Major. "Yes, our course changed slightly, and evidently more conveniently for you to arrive. What do you know of our mission?" He asked.

"I don't, Captain," Kachiko sighed."I prefer not to be read in prior to arrival, specifically because it could be a problem if I am waylaid along the way."

"I need to brief you first, Captain," Kachiko sighed as she withdrew what looked like a glossy black concierge bell. Setting it on the desk, she tapped the button on top of the device, which promptly began to emit a faint barely perceptible buzzing.

"Sorry, sir. I can't take the risk that I will be overheard," Kachiko looked apologies.

The Captain looked at the Major with no emotion on his face. "I don't know who you think is listening, but I can assure you that my ready room is secure."

"Captain, I'm Major Bayushi Kachiko, Starfleet Marine Covert Operations. I... my last assignment didn't end well, which is about all that I'm permitted to say on that front," Kachiko is glad that she didn't have to go into detail, as the details still gave the petite woman nightmares.

"And yet you appear to have already said too much." He made a mental note to dig up the records. And failing that, he had a few favours he could call in at Starfleet Intelligence. "Regardless, welcome to the Magellan. I trust your quarters are big enough for yourself and your daughter?"

"I take no risks, Captain," Kachiko sighed."I just spent an Earth year as a sex slave after someone at Command burned my cover while I was on a deep cover assignment. I'm hoping that you have a well-vetted counselor, as my seeing one weekly was a requirement to be released from the funny farm."

"As far as the quarters, they're more than sufficient," Kachiko smiled. "Reiko will enjoy decorating. She's not been aboard a Galaxy before, and was not prepared for just how spacious our quarters would be."

"I'm hoping that your doctor won't mind allowing Reiko to start doing her Nursing clinicals in Sickbay in a few months?" Kachiko asked. "She's working towards her Medical Degree and decided to start by becoming a Registered Nurse."

"There shouldn't be a problem with that. If you reach out to the CMO, we can get the groundwork ready for then. I imagine you plan to stay on board for a while then?" He asked.

"I don't do anything in half measures, Captain," Kachiko chuckled."I'm here until the Corps sends me somewhere else, which is unlikely after my last undercover assignment."

"Which is what I'm looking for. Reiko needs some stability, ever since my wife was murdered and I came home a broken woman," Kachiko was suddenly more dour. "It hasn't been easy for her."

"I'm sorry to hear that." He paused for a second remembering his second host Daega Terax. Daega has lost his husband in a skirmish with Klingons in 2257. A moment of sadness washed over him, but he quickly brought himself back into focus. "I don't imagine it has. Obviously, the counselors are available for you anytime."

"I will have to send in to MARSOC to run a background on any counselor I see, sir. Unfortunately, just about everything to do with me is pretty seriously classified," Kachiko shrugged. "I still don't know what all I should tell you, beyond what could pose security threats to the Magellan."

"All of the counselors on the ship have all the clearances they require, to treat anyone, Major." The Captain replied.

"On that front, Captain, please remember that everything we're discussing is compartmented information and need to know," Kachiko's face suddenly became an impassive mask. "First, after the Fleet's losses at Wolf 359, a particular... extra legal paramilitary intelligence outfit decided that drastic measures were required to bolster Fleet personnel numbers. They were running a clone program for specialized assassins and intelligence gathering purposes. That cloning program was repurposed to introduce capable young recruits to Starfleet Academy."

"I was the first successful clone to survive more than a few days. I am the first of thirty-two, all but six not including myself, have since been killed," Kachiko continued."I am aware of the disposition of all but one. Three are or were in Starfleet, one is a child and one, the future me, is out in the Outer Perseus."

"Unfortunately, one other spent years as our creator's pleasure slave, which she later took out on me," now the Marines voice went dead with no infections. "She took possession of me after my capture and chose to have me whipped and raped, constantly." Kachiko stood up and turned her back to the senior officer, lifting the back of her uniform tunic, displaying the pale white of her back, the skin criss-crossed with lurid whip scars, the skin of each an even brighter white. "I was her property for an Earth year."

"I don't really know how to respond to that. But I certainly would recommend counselling sessions, as soon as you are all settled down. And that's not a request, Major. That's an order."

"I know, Captain," Kachiko shrugged."It's already an order from Starfleet Medical. They're more concerned with my stability regarding my wife's murder. She helped liberate me from my captivity, but in destroying the illegal colony I was sent to investigate, she killed my wife, in addition to another eighteen thousand colonists. I had to watch my wife burn in plasma and be reduced to violet ash."

"I will probably need the counselor to see Reiko as well," Kachiko frowned."She has seen my nightmares of the event. Which reminds me, Captain. I am a P-12 on the Psi Scale, as a telepath. One of the reasons MARSOC recruited me as an infiltrator."

"Reiko is likewise a telepath, though a more mundane P-8," Kachiko smiled.

"Good to know." The Captain replied stoically. "The first sign of any kind of..." he paused as he thought of the most appropriate word. "Any kind of issue with yourself, I will have no problems locking you in your quarters pending a full psych review."

"That's probably for the best," Kachiko's smile evaporated."If I lose my shit, I can be particularly dangerous. I doubt it will be an issue, but just in case, it would be good to have contingencies planned in advance."

"I'll talk to the XO about it. Though obviously the preference here is to not lose it at all." He replied stoically.

"Indeed," Kachiko smiled. "I don't anticipate it being an issue, as I have an impressive amount of self-control. It's good to be prepared, especially for someone with my level of access."

"Do you have children, Captain?" Kachiko asked.

"Not currently. Though I have had, in past hosts." He replied.

"Right, I did read that you were joined," Kachiko remarked."The thing is, beyond my duties, my first priority is the safety of my little girl. Though she's now taller than I am." The diminutive Covert Operator smirked. "I can guarantee that no matter my state of mind, I'm not going to put Reiko at risk. So we have that going for us."

"Do we have any Intelligence people aboard?" Kachiko asked the man.

"A few officers. Not as many as some other ships, but there are some."

"Well, a good few years ago, a past assignment had a member of the senior staff collude with an enemy force, enabling them to board the ship and attempt to either take it or destroy it," Kachiko frowned. "They killed sixty crew and twelve civilian family members, including three children before Security and my Marines were able to retake the ship and expel boarders."

"The signs in that staff member were seen, but no one was talking to anyone else about it. Since then, everywhere I end up, I start establishing an information sharing network, coordinating with Intelligence and Security. With your permission, Captain, this is something I would like to continue doing here?"

To Be Continued


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