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Medical Intervention

Posted on Sun May 17th, 2020 @ 9:21pm by Lieutenant Tobias Nutley 3rd & Captain Anjad Terax

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Captains Ready Room

oocaio: If you used the 'arrived via shuttle trope, I can work that in.

Unsure what you want to JP for my arrival, please give me an overview.

There were still numerous officers throughout the ship who were out of action, the XO and Chief Medical for starters. If the ship stood a chance of breaching this unknown barrier, then we need a full compliment of senior officers. He had already replaced the XO, albeit temporarily with Commander Parker. Now, for medical. He tapped the comm button on the panel on his desk. "Lieutenant Nutley, please report to my ready room."

== Sick Bay ==

Although he didn't need too Toby still wiped his hands after stepping away from the bio bed, it was an afectation he had picked up in medical school after watching old programs about mid 20th century medical personnel. He found it quaint that they had to take such care, of course the invasive methods they used certainly required that level of cleanliness.

"Nurse" He said has he finishing wiping his hands "Please keep a close eye on the executive officer here, any change in his situation please inform me at once. I'lll be in the Captain's ready room.

== Ready Room ==

Pressing the door chime he was surprised that the door opened straight away.

"You called for me Captain?" Toby said wondering how the Captain was still on his feet as tired as he looked "I can't be away from Sick Bay too long I have wounded to tend too."

The Captain nodded in response. "I'll try and keep it brief, but I know they are still in very capable hands. I've been going over your record, and I know you are more than qualified. With the CMO out of action, do you want the position?" He asked, keeping it as brief as he could.

Toby sighed deeply and stretched out the muscles in his neck before responding.

"Given I've been doing the job for god knows how many hours, it would be disingenuous of me to say no now wouldn't it Captain?"

Toby managed a wry smile as he finished, it was the first smile he had cracked in some time.

A smile flashed over the Captains face. "Excellent. I'll make a note of it in the ships log, and have the necessary accesses granted." A momentary, but sharp, pain passed through his head. No doubt, from when he had a fight with the Conn console and lost. He tapped some keys on the small black square on his desk, which replicated a jestral tea. He often found them soothing, though there was likely no medicinal benefit. "Drink Lieutenant?" He asked.

"Coffee black" Tobias said sharply as he watched the Captain react to something he couldn't see, like many other officers aboard the ship, he suspected the Captain was suffering from some kind of injury he wasn't willing to talk about in case he took time away from someone more needy. Tobias shook his head silently as he pulled out his tricorder from his belt and scanned the Captain as he ordered from the replicator.

As he read the Tricorder Tobias tutted loudly.

"Captain" he said as he took the coffee he was being offered "In what world is it okay for the ships Commanding Officer to harbour an injury?"

He closed the Tricorder.

"Any dizziness or ringing in your ears?"

"In a world where half of the senior staff is incapacitated, we are cut off from Starfleet, and about to enter a gravimetric anomaly more than 1000 times bigger than we have seen before. It's not through choice, believe me, Lieutenant. As for the symptoms, minor dizziness, very slight ringing. It comes and goes. Mostly goes. Lasts for a few seconds every now and then." He took another sip of tea. "Once we are in, and out, of the anomaly, I plan to go off duty for a number of hours. Might even find time to sleep." He added, with a slight smile.

"That Captain" Said Tobias as he moved to the replicated at typed in a medical code "is entirely the wrong thing to say when half of the senior staff is incapacitated"

He turned back towards the Captain with a hypo-spray.

"Vertazine 20 cc, to keep you on your feet and active until you can rest"

He placed it on the Captains desk.

"Anything no matter how small you think it is, talk to me. Keeping you in working order is my number one priority now."

Terax looked to the officer, feeling defeated. "Very well Doctor. Though for the immediate future, I would ask for some leeway. We still have no idea what is on the otherwise of that barrier."

"I am certainly not trying to add to your troubles Captain" Tobias smiled and moved to sit down "I just don't think it would look good on my record if my commanding officer keeled over right when we need him?"

"I can promise you no more than being fair to your needs against the needs of everyone else aboard this starship."

"Very well. For the time being, I am feeling much better, so I shall continue with running the ship to the best of my ability. I will, however, try and be more aware of my physical state." He put on a small smile.

"As that is the case Captain I will leave you be and return to sickbay."

"As you were then." The Captain replied with a nod. "And Doctor, thank you. Your advice is appreciated."


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