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Regrouping and Reconfiguring

Posted on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 8:13pm by Commander Timothy Parker & Lieutenant Commander William Harris Jr & Lieutenant Chase Patton

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD10 || 1355

An hour.

One hour was all they had to finish repairs, retune the deflector and the shields, and get this ship moving again. Tim thought he knew better than to give a lowball estimate to the Captain. He knew in his heart it would really take two hours to pull this all off, and he should have said it would take that long.

Of course, the law of Command Dynamics always required that repairs should be done in half or a third of the requested time, so Tim found himself grateful that that time he originally said hadn't been reduced. That still left a lot of repair work to be done in a short amount of time.

With Commander Harris still out in a shuttlecraft, Tim relocated to Engineering, hoping that he could get the team working quickly until the Chief Engineer could return. "Who's on what?" Tim asked as he approached the center pool table.

[Main shuttle bay]

As the shuttlecraft touched down in the bay, Billy remotely transmitted all the data to main engineering into the 3D modeling image of the Magellan that would pop up on the main center pool table. After the computer confirmed that was all completed, he powered down the shuttle and walked out the rear hatch.

[Main Engineering]

It had taken a few minutes for Billy to arrive from the shuttle bay to main engineering; apparently the only thing still working correctly was the turbolifts. As he walked by he saw a few engineers repairing what appeared to be an EPS conduit that took damage from the impact. As he walked into main engineering he noticed Tim standing at the center pool table and over heard his question. "Jean is working on restoring as much power to the shields as possible. Qurjot is working on the main computer to make sure that everything is still in working order. Thrani zh will be working with me on getting the damaged repaired to the super structure. Keppler and McCall I was going to put them on trying to restore as much power to the weapons as we can spare....why what's going on Tim?" he asked.

"Long story short?" Tim replied to the Chief Engineer. "We hit some sort of subspace anomaly, too big to be natural in origin. While you were out there scanning the ship for fractures, an alien vessel emerged, intact and undamaged, from the anomaly. We're going to adjust our navigational deflector and remodulate the shields so that we can pass through the barrier and take a look at what's inside."

"We are what?" he replied. The Magellan was in way ready to go anywhere much less do any fighting. He could only think about the stress placed upon the hull with the micro-fractures spreading throughout the hull. "Tim, the Magellan is in bad shape we don't even know what is going to be on the other side. What the time frame?"

Chase was working at the table. "The shields look like they are up to about 85% efficiency. There are still a few generators down in the forward saucer, but the engineering teams, and engineering trained officers are working to replace them as fast as they can. For the more severely damaged generators, they are working on the surrounding ones, so we at least wont have any gaps in the field."

Tim ignored Chase for a moment and focused on the Chief Engineer. "Less than an hour," he told Harris. "We have analyzed the scans of the alien vessel we found and we have its resonance frequency, so I'm confident we'll be able to do this without further damaging the Magellan." Then to Chase, Tim instructed, "Have those teams keep on it. I can divert some Operations personnel if needed."

Will sighed as he heard the time frame, as captain's always wanted the impossible. "I cannot have this ship battle ready in less than an hour. I won't be able to seal the larger micro fractures that will turn to breaches by that time," he said as he closed his eyes. "Reinforcing the SIF is fine for warp travel; but she won't hold that well under phaser fire much less torpedo fire at that," he added. Will did not like what he was being told but orders were orders.

"The best I can do is try and focus our efforts on getting the shield's fully repaired and the weapons up to full power. That I can do in less than an hour with all engineering and ops teams focused on those two areas," he replied.

Tim certainly sympathized with the engineer. The Operations and technical side of him wanted to back the engineer in this and intercede with the Captain, but having the burden of Executive Officer thrust upon him, he had to look at the ship's overall status. Assuming that those inside the bubble were hostile, they would have gone after the Magellan long before now. "That's all we need," he told Harris. "Also, just so you're aware, Commander T'prynn's in a coma. Captain Terax made me acting XO. I'll have Lieutenant Patton be your contact down here, but I've got to check on other departments to make sure we're ready in an hour."

"So that impact caused more internal damage than we thought," the stated to Tim. He understood the burden of responsibility thrust upon him. "I hope the commander recovers, until then we will focus on efforts on those to areas. Anything else you need of me sir?" he responded due to the change in status.

Tim shook his head. "I'm still in operations gold, Billy. No need to call me sir, unless this thing becomes permanent." Tim hoped it wouldn't, but this was Starfleet. It was impossible to know that. "All I can ask for now is that you do everything you can."

"Will do," he stated. "The Magellan will be ready to go in less than an hour."

Tim now turned to the long-ignored Lieutenant Patton. "Sorry, Chase," Tim said. "Did you catch all of that with the Chief Engineer?"

"I did, Sir," Chase replied. "It looks like at least two of the seven non-operational generators will be repaired within the next thirty minutes, and one other within the hour. There will be one area of the shields where there is less of an overlap of the shields, but we will be fully shielded."

"How long will it take you to address the area with little overlap?" Tim asked. He knew the ship had been far too weakened by its multiple bumps, but a ship this large needed better failsafes for its generators.

"If I had to estimate, within the next 3 hours, though we would still have one hundred percent shield coverage, it wouldn't be as capable as withstanding much sustained damage." Chase replied.

Tim wondered if Chase had really been listening to the conversation he had with the Chief Engineer. "What can you do in a single hour? We don't exactly have three."

"The overlap wont be as strong as other areas, but within the hour we will be fully shielded." Chase answered.

Tim nodded. Fully shielded was what the Captain had asked for, and that's what he would get. "Great. Make sure to keep an eye on those port power feeds, they've been temperamental this whole time. You might see if you can have a bypass prepared just in case we need it."

"Already on it Commander. I have two bypasses ready to go when we need them. I've also got redundant EPS relays for a few of the shield generators, to we won't have any power disruptions to those either. We already have enough issues with shields as it is, it seemed prudent to prevent some more."

"Tim," replied Billy. "Before you leave, have the CTO reduce the shields to within 75 meters of the Magellan's hull; that should strengthen the overlap that Chase was talking about, should it come to something like that," added Will.

Tim nodded to Billy. "I'll make sure she knows right away. If you need anything, don't hesitate." With that, Tim turned and left to check in on other areas.


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