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Back On Our Feet

Posted on Fri Feb 14th, 2020 @ 11:17pm by Captain Anjad Terax & Commander Timothy Parker & Lieutenant Commander William Harris Jr & Lieutenant Minna Chang & Ensign Solomon Keppler

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Bridge
Timeline: MD10 || 1340

Nearly two hours had passed since the mighty Magellan had collided with the largest gravimetric anomaly on record. Communications had only been functional for the last hour, and the true measure of the crew could finally be taken. Several dozen had been critically injured, including the ship's Executive Officer who now laid in a coma in sickbay.

Tim found himself grateful for the chain of command. This familiar structure had provided a sense of calm and direction to the crew who relied on each other to help put the pieces of the ship back together and recover from yet another crisis. He hadn't left the bridge for the last hour, and used it as a central location from which to coordinate repairs.

He now stood over the vacant Engineering station, taking a look at the ship's master situational display. Several alarms still flashed, but none from the critical systems. Portions of the readouts were not functional, so Tim was left to make a call. He tapped his badge and called out, "Bridge to Engineering. We're in need of a status report."

A few decks below Tim, Ensign Keppler was back to work on the power system. After assisting the crew members and civilians who had been trapped in the mess hall he had gone straight back to his original orders, dealing with those EPS couplings. Things were mostly up and running but it would take time to work out all the little issues.

=/\= "Ensign Keppler reporting in, I was able to get everyone off of deck four that was trapped there."

He wanted to ask about the XO but decided to keep things professional. Sol knew that he would find out in due time.

"Excellent news, Mister Keppler," Tim responded to the offsite engineer. He then shifted to look at that deck on the MSD. "Anything major to report regarding your current status? Any system issues we should know?"

Gathering his tools, Sol responded to the Lieutenant Commander, =/\= "Power systems are back up, however, we're still ironing out the bugs. Any remaining issues should be minor, though. We will keep you in the loop if anything changes for the worse." It meant that no one attached to damage control would be getting much rest but Sol really enjoyed working his way through big workloads.

"Thank you, Ensign." Tim tapped a couple of buttons on the console in order to take a look at a few muted alarms. None of them appeared to be connected to anything new or any major system, so he dismissed them for now. "Let's get those bugs exterminated as soon as possible. We can't keep resting here too much longer."

=/\= "Aye, sir. I'll start to work on them right away and relay your wishes to the other damage control teams."

Sol quickly went to meet up with the other junior officers working to get everything back up and running to relay the message. It was proving to be an eventful day and he wanted to do as much as he could to help. It was time to start a heavy dose of systems analysis. Luckily looking for patterns was a strong suit of Sol's.

Captain Terax sat at his desk in his ready room. He had been given some painkillers, but the hustle and bustle of the bridge, with its various systems in disarray, he was happy for some quiet. He had a good crew, the ones who remained uninjured at least.

He felt like he could be doing more, and in fact, the medics had suggested that he should go to sickbay, but that would make him feel useless. Even here, while he wasn't doing anything directly, he at least felt like he was doing something.

He was going through the various reports of damaged systems throughout the ship. His priorities were making sure defensive systems were online. He stood and walked toward the door to the bridge. It swooshed open, revealing that, while the bridge was still busier than usual, there was an air of calm.

He sat in the empty command chair and pulled up some of the reports on his PADD.

Tag All Crew... what are you up to?

Will had taken to a shuttlecraft amidst the dangers that were present, just for the simple fact that he wanted real time data: and also wanted to know what type of shape his ship was in. It had been nearly an hour and a half since he had been in the shuttle: and with the slow deep intensive imaging scan, he had just finished scanning the neck of the Magellan. =/\=Shuttlecraft Huron to Magellan," said Will as he pressed the comm button on the console.

"Go for Magellan," came Tim's voice over the comm channel. "How are we looking out there, Huron?"

"Completed 75 percent of the imaging intensive scans, should be another twenty minutes before the saucer section is completely finished."

"Acknowledged," Tim responded in kind. "Anything preliminary we need to know about your scans? I'm assuming since nothing major has been reported that we don't have anything life threatening at the moment."

"At the moment most of the damage we have under control, however, I am showing a lot of micro-fractures due to the impact of whatever we hit. Had not the shields not been up at the time we would have taken very critical damage. I've also scanned the repaired nacelle and everything is okay, the reinforcement hull plating we put on it, absorbed most of the shock."

"Do we need to do anything about the new microfractures?" Tim asked the Chief Engineer. "Or will shoring up structural integrity in the affected sections do the job?"

"If we increase power to the SIF that could help out, however, I do not recommend we collide with anything else. Also if we should go to warp, I would not advise anything above warp 6 or the fractures are going to grow and we will be dealing with full scale breaches."

Tim nearly chuckled at the response. It had only been twice in a week that the ship had collided with unknown objects, and had they the ability to see them, then the Magellan would have certainly avoided them. "I'll relay those recommendations to the Captain," he responded. "And I'll work on those SIF generators."

"Okay, I'll report back in once my scans of the saucer section are complete. Also, I'm going to try and modify the shuttle's deflector dish into a modification beam: perhaps I can seal some of the larger micro fractures, shouldn't take more than an hour."

"Acknowledged," Tim reported. "Magellan out." He then turned his attention elsewhere on the bridge.

Minna was no engineer. In fact even by security/tactical officer standards she was behind the curve when it came to understanding what had happened to the Magellan. They’d hit something, it did a lot of damage, and Minna was quite grateful that the ship was full of late 24th century engineers and scientists to figure it out.

What Minna was fully qualified to do was evaluate the Magellan’s security status. Shields were severely weakened over multiple areas of the ship and were actually down on both of the main forward systems. That meant that anyone who wanted to could transport aboard, or beam key personnel off of the Magellan at will.

Minna’s first order of business was to assess casualty status, and once she knew what she had to work with, she got busy assigning security teams to all sensitive areas of the ship including engineering and sickbay. Minna herself, once satisfied that her teams were deployed and in communication with her and with each other, finally made her way to the bridge.

With the lift erratic, she made the long climb up the access shaft and finally emerged through the grating and onto the bridge. Like the teams she’d deployed to other sensitive areas, Minna herself was armed for bear with both a phaser rifle slung over her shoulder and the ancient 22nd phase pistol, the same issued to her on the NX-01 Enterprise more than two-centuries-ago clipped to her belt.

“Security teams deployed to all sensitive locations” she reported in person.

"Thank you," Tim replied to the Security Chief with a nod. It was then that he noticed her unusual weaponry. It always amazed him the number of security officers that liked to carry non-standard weaponry, especially pieces that were outdated. It wasn't his position to judge or dispute, however. "What's the status of our shields and phaser banks?" he asked her.

"Not good" she replied before giving the details. "We have a gap in forward shielding zone 4 of 30 centimeters and in zone 6 of 42 centimeters."

"Gaps?" Tim echoed. Given the size of the Magellan, the gaps seemed like nothing more than the hole a pin made in a sheet of paper, yet he knew as well as anyone how dangerous those gaps could be, especially with all of the strange phenomena lurking in the Expanse.

"Exactly, anyone can beam on to or off of the ship so long as those gaps are open. Phasers are also at only 40% power, but honestly I'm more concerned about the shields at the moment."

Tim couldn't agree more with her concerns, though with no other ships around, discreet transport activity didn't seem to be a problem. "Have you considered setting up forcefields in the affected sections, especially around key areas? Or increasing patrols there for now?"

"I did, but nothing we project out as far as the shields can block transport, so in our current state it's probably a waste of power. I've got armed patrols in all sensitive areas, including me up here on the bridge" Minna replied, her modern phaser rifle and ancient phase pistol making the point as well as her words ever could.

The Operations Chief would have continued to consider the Security Chief's preparations to be an overreaction had the proximity alarm not sound. "Captain!" called out the ensign at the forward operations station. "Sensors have picked up something, fifty thousand kilometers off the port bow. Looks like..." The ensign turned to face the Captain. "Sir, it's got a warp signature."

"What?" There were no ships on sensors a few moments before. "Where the hell did it come from?" The Captain said, with a renewed sense of urgency.

"I..." he stammered, turning back around to his console. His supervising officer, Commander Parker, began to walk to the front of the bridge. The ensign continued to type away at the console, frantically trying to locate the origination of the signature. "I... I can't... it seemed to have come out of nowhere!"

Tim looked over the ensign's shoulders to see the readouts for himself. "There's no visible impulse or warp trails," he added. "Believe it or not, the ensign is correct."

"Tim, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" He asked, with a sense of dread.

Commander Parker turned to face the Captain. "I'm thinking that just came out of the anomaly."

Minna quickly switched places with the officer sitting at tactical, handing off her phaser rifle to the young man as she sat.

"Orders, Captain," Minna asked as she calculated firing solutions without actually locking onto a target.

He would have called for yellow alert, but the ship was still at yellow alert. "I want every detail from the sensors. Estimated course, speed, everything. I want to know the shoe size of the cleaner. How did it penetrate the anomaly, and we..." He held his hands up in the air gesturing the various systems not online, and the damaged consoles. "We hit the dam thing."

"That suggests to me that perhaps the anomaly isn't an anomaly at all and that this ship's intentions are not peaceful" Minna replied.

Tim tapped the ensign on the shoulder, indicating that he wanted a go at the controls. The ensign gladly leapt out of the chair and vacated the station for Commander Parker, who quickly sat down and started to take a closer look at the sensors. "I'm starting to get a clearer picture of what's happening out there," Tim confirmed. "First, the vessel in front of us appears to be using a modified deflector to pass through the anomaly. Second... the anomaly looks to be quite large, almost... almost as large as a Spacedock class starbase. I'm guessing we just bounced off the edge of it. Had we collided head on, there wouldn't be a Magellan left."

"You're saying that we can enter the anomaly that stopped us dead in our tracks?" The Captain asked. Entering the anomaly, if possible, would become their top priority.

Tim looked down at his controls and saw that the surprise contact had already disappeared, launching away at warp speed. "I'll review the sensor logs. I bet if we can tune our deflector to match whatever our friends were using, we should be able to breach the barrier."

"Let's get the ship as fully functional as we can, before we attempt entering it then. How long do you think it will take Commander?"

"Fully functional?" asked Tim. That question was a loaded one, especially since the damage they'd sustained would be several weeks worth of repairs and would require the assistance of a starbase. But, getting most systems functional would be sufficient. "We could be up and running within an hour," he answered, thinking of the Chief Engineer who was still out in a shuttle checking for fractures. "We can have Structural Integrity and the deflector reconfigured by then as well."

"Then let's get it done people. Lieutenant Chang, you have an hour to get weapons and shields fully functional. Commander Parker, you're acting XO, until Commander T'Prynn is back on her feet. Let's get it done."

"I'll do what I can" Minna replied, knowing that the task was impossible in the amount of time given. She put a priority on closing the gaps in the shields as even at 40% the phasers were at least functional, not to mention backed by the torpedo systems that were at 100%.

Tim blinked. Executive Officer? That was something he was absolutely unprepared to do, but it did make sense. For now, he'd just continue doing what was expected of him, which was coordinate the repair efforts. Hopefully, this would just be temporary. What concerned him most was whatever was on the other side of that anomaly.


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