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That's Unexpected

Posted on Thu Dec 5th, 2019 @ 9:46pm by Captain Anjad Terax

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Observation Room
Timeline: MD09 || 1700

"Dismissed then." Captain Terax ordered his officers. They filed out, one by one until just Captaine Yorke and her two officers remained.

Yorke spoke next. "Can you both wait outside, please? I would like a quick word with Captain Terax." They nodded in unison and exited the room. "Lieutenant Frost is to be transferred to the Gisborne. She has knowledge of a particular incident and we require her expertise."

"That's unexpected. I imagine you are loaning me a replacement?" Terax asked, a little concerned at the sudden change. He didn't like changes in his crew at such short notice.

"Yes, Lieutenant Jessika Brandt. She's... unique, in a good way, Captain. It's all authorised from SFI, I can transfer the paperwork over to you."

Terax nodded in agreement, then smiled "I don't really get a say, do I Oriana."

"No, Anjad. You know how us spooks work by now." She laughed. "Frost has already been informed of the change. She sends her regards. Sorry, she couldn't do it in person. But things are changing out here, and not for the better."

"You don't need to tell me twice. 'Good hunting' seems like an apt farewell."

"God help us is what we will probably be saying, but thank you. Until next time Captain Terax."

They both turned towards the door of the observation room. "Good hunting, Captain Yorke."


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