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Status Report

Posted on Thu Jan 9th, 2020 @ 9:36pm by Commander Timothy Parker & Captain Anjad Terax

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD10 || 1245

Turbolift access to the bridge was blocked. Tim had checked six different turboshafts on three decks, and it seemed that both lifts were jammed in the shafts between Decks One and Two, and the Emergency Bridge was sealed, barring any attempt to use the direct line to Deck One. In his determination to get to the bridge, only one option presented itself... the long way.

Tim was now on Deck Three, which was the highest any turbolift would take him. From here, he'd have to use a Jeffries tube to gain access to Deck Two, and then use the staircase to emerge beside the head and conference room on the bridge's starboard side.

He had to know what would expect him when he got there, so as he trekked, he tapped his badge. "Parker to Bridge."

"This is Terax. Tim, it's damned good to hear someone else on this ship. Are communications back up ship wide?" He really was thankful to hear his voice. He still had no idea where Commander T'Prynn was.

Tim smiled, actually grateful to hear the Captain's voice. "Yes, sir, they are for the most part. We haven't informed the entire crew lest they overwhelm the system."

"Sounds like a good plan. If you can, for now, try and keep the comm channels restricted to major areas, bridge, Engineering etcetera. Also anywhere with heavy damage, so we can get a complete overview of the what the status of the ship is." The Captain replied, slightly more sluggishly than he would have liked. Meds can only do so much he thought to himself.

The Ops Chief entered a Jefferies tube near the center of the deck and started to climb the ladder. "I've already been in contact with Engineering. Commander Harris is taking a shuttle outside for a visual inspection of parts of the hull where we believe are microfractures. External sensors are also out of alignment, and I'm coming to the bridge to finish their realignment."

"Let's prioritise the sensors. I want to know what the hell we hit. It can't have been one of the anomalies, because that would make this the biggest of the anomalies on record."

"Got it," Tim stated, stepping off the ladder onto Deck Two. Thankfully, the staircase was not far from the Jefferies tube access. Tim entered the bridge a few moments later and made his way to the forwards Operations station to relieve the officer there. "This will just take a few minutes, Captain."

"Excellent. Do you know the status of any systems? We haven't been receiving many reports, and it would be good to get a good overview of the ship, or at least the parts you are aware of."

Tim kept tapping away, but his progress slowed while quickly running back through his memory with his conversation with the Chief Engineer. "Shields and engines are out. Main power's been knocked out on several decks, including Deck Four. Aside from the hull microfractures on the engineering hull, as well as the automatic switchover systems, that's what we know of the primary systems. Engineering and Operations details are checking out the other systems."

"Sounds like it could have been a lot worse. Though from the looks of the bridge, it could have been a lot better." He said, with a hint of humour. Everyone seemed pretty tense, understandably so.

Tim didn't reply as he refocused his efforts on his controls. "There we go," he muttered as a few key sequences were acknowledged by the computer. "Diagnostic mode engaged, and we're got manual control of sensors. Running the logs back now." Tim began to scroll through the logs to determine what sort of speed bump they'd hit this time.

"That's..." he said aloud, but softly. "That's not right."

Concern filled the Captain's mind. "That doesn't sound good. Report Commander?"

"We definitely hit a gravimetric anomaly," he reported to the Captain. "But it's path... and size... It appeared very suddenly, which is why we didn't detect it. But we've never encountered anything this big before."

"What are your thoughts, Tim?" Terax's thoughts were all over the place right now. There could be any number of reasons why. Daega, his second host, was an astrophysicist, but his knowledge was over 100 years old.

An exasperated Tim fiddled with the controls for a few more seconds. Finally, he closed his eyes, bowed his head and sighed. Tim spun in his chair to look at the Captain. "There's no record in the computer's archives for anything of this magnitude. If I had to wager a guess, I'd say this is artificial in origin. Almost like someone was trying to stop us in our tracks."

To generate a field of this size, that requires skills and knowledge that the Captain just did not think the Ravagers had. "If someone wants to stop us in our tracks, there is obviously something someone doesn't want us to see. How long until we are movable?" He asked, with a renewed sense of purpose.

"Hopefully within an hour or so," Tim replied. "This is, of course, pending Commander Harris' assessment of the hull structure."

"Excellent. Let's see about restoring what systems we can, and we can give Commander Harris all the extra personnel he needs."

"Aye, Captain," Tim said with a nod before turning his fingers loose on the Operations console's controls. There was so much to do, and hopefully there was enough crew to do it with.


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