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Stumbling in the Dark

Posted on Tue Nov 19th, 2019 @ 12:02pm by Commander Timothy Parker & Lieutenant Commander William Harris Jr

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Timeline: MD10 || 1230 hours

It had taken Timothy longer than he'd hoped to restore communications. An entire bank of isolinear chips in the computer core had been shorted out by an energy surge, including the chips that managed the automated switchovers between primary and secondary systems. While enough spare parts had been set aside in the control room for such a drastic occasion, the panel connectors had been fried, requiring that Tim's attention first be focused on replacement and cleaning. A full twenty minutes later, secondary computer systems had been re-initialized, and partial computer control restored throughout the ship.

A single tap of his badge to hear the familiar chirp was enough to confirm to Tim that systems were coming back online. "Commander Parker to Commander Harris. What's our status?"

=/\="Status is that we are somehow still alive," he said as the comm system was somewhat a bit staticky. Granted he was trying a bit of light hearted humor to try and lift the mood, but something said that this mood couldn't be lifted that quickly. "Shields are down, and I don't know the time frame yet to get them back up and running. Main power is down on decks 4, 6, 9, 18-20 and then decks 23 and 30 also went off line as well. We have power fluxuations on deck 33 but I've sent an engineering team to try and fix that before we lose that deck as well. We had a power overload in main engineering so I rerouted the primary lines into the secondary lines and the backup systems to compensate. We've also sustained mircofractures in the hull, I'm not sure how many we are dealing with; but we are trying to isolate the number and get them repaired."

Tim grunted his disbelief. He'd never been aboard a ship that both suffered from this much bad luck and also so much damage in a short amount of time. "I'll send Operations teams to help with the power failures. Can you focus your engineering details on the hull and defense systems?"

"I can but I need access to external systems, I need to take a detail scan of the ship's hull so I know where the micro-fractures are and how many. Also I can work on trying to restore the shields, but with the system monitoring suites down on deck 6; i can't tell which state the shield generators are in from here in main engineering. I'll have to send a team to check and see if any damage has been done to the generators themselves."

"External sensors are malfunctioning," Tim said, standing over another control console that was providing diagnostic information. "If you can give me a minute, I'll see if I can correct them from here. If not, I'll have to head for sensor control."

"Sure that's not a problem," replied Will as he walked past a nearby console and brushed off derbis from a nearby blown console. "If we can't get them up and running, we can use the secondary shuttle bay and launch a shuttle; with the shuttles sensors we should be able to get detailed scans as well. Do we have an idea as to what the hell happened?"

"We could," Tim replied, starting to tap away. "With all of the gravimetric distortions, it's going to be dangerous out there for it. I'll alert the shuttlebay. Did you want to provide the pilot?"

"Sure I have a pilot in mind," replied Will as he gave a smirk after his comment. It would be him, granted he wasn't the best pilot in the world; but he was more than up to the task to get it done. "Myself, and I know it's dangerous but I won't be venturing far from the Magellan."

Tim paused, his hand hovering over a diagnostic control which he hoped to use to put the sensors in manual override in hopes he could force them back into partial alignment. The Chief Engineer's statement surprised him, but Tim of all people knew what it was like to personally take charge in a situation like this. "You sure about that, Harris?" he asked over the comm. Tim looked up at a monitor, as if to face Billy, even though there was no one for him to see. "If something goes wrong out there, it'd be a hell of a time to lose our Chief Engineer."

"Sure as sure as can be," he said to Tim. "If something should happen to me I promise you that Jean is more than capable of stepping into my shoes and getting the job done. Besides, we need someone who knows what to look for in this situation," replied Will as he was assured that this had to happen.

Tim knew he couldn't stop the man, especially since they were in the middle of a crisis and had to get a handle on things. "Just be careful out there, Harris."

"Don't worry I'll be okay, also I set up a remote comm sat near the ship: that should allow us to begin talking with the other parts of the ship...well in theory at least."

"I've got communications covered," Tim replied. The console in front of him let out a series of beeps, indicating that he'd successfully entered the sensor's diagnostic mode. "All right, I've got something going on here. External sensors are now functioning at thirty percent accuracy. The saucer's pallets are mostly in alignment, but are lacking power, and the engineering hull's lateral array isn't responding much at all. If you can have someone check the EPS tap on deck forty, I should be able to get control of them back at the bridge."

"Not a problem I'll send an engineering team up there to try and get a look to see what's going on; hopefully it isn't too bad, " replied Will.

Tim logged out of the console and secured it. "I'll contact the shuttlebay and have them ready a Type-6 for you. Keep an emergency transporter armband on you and be safe out there."

"Will do Tim, and hopefully we find out what the hell happened to us," he said as he closed out the channel and started heading for the shuttlebay.


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