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Medical Team To The Bridge

Posted on Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 @ 4:45pm by Captain Anjad Terax & Lieutenant Chase Patton & Ensign Loran Kita & Warrant Officer Natalie Acounta

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Bridge
Timeline: MD10 || 1150

Consoles across the bridge were flickering, and some of the EPS relays had blown, and were spewing smoke into the already acrid air of the bridge. Lieutenant Patton looked over to the Captain, who had been thrown onto the operations console.

"Medical team to the bri..." Was all the Captain managed, before falling unconsciously to the floor.

He tapped his comm badge, on the off chance the Captain's call did not make it through. "Medical and engineering teams to the bridge." Patton was now the highest-ranking officer on the Bridge. "Ensign Kita, report." He asked with newfound authority.

"We have power failures on multiple decks and fluctuations on others. Shields are offline. Multiple EPS relays have blown across the ship. Power is down on various decks throughout the ship, turbolifts are hit and miss. Most are offline, there are some shafts blocked, and some shafts are clear. Transporters are down, and communications relays throughout the ship are sporadic at best." Ensign Kita took in more reports that were streaming across his monitor. "There are also microfractures all over the hull."

At least life support is working Patton thought to himself. "See what you can do about communications, and try and get word to the senior officers. I imagine I imagine that Engineering is already deploying teams throughout the ship. There are emergency medical stations on Deck 3, so at least medical help should be here soon." The crewman currently tending to the Captain on the floor was, herself, injured with a nasty cut on her forehead. "Crewman, status of the Captain?" He called over to her.

"I'm only trained in basic first aid, but I've administered zero-point-four cc's of trianoline, which is keeping his brain functional, but this needs someone with more medical training than me."

Which is no one currently on the bridge Patton said internally. A mechanical type of noise was coming from the turbolift doors behind him. The doors were being opened from within the shaft. He called over to the two crewmen on the back stations working on fixing some of the subsystems. They rushed over and helped pry the doors open. Behind the doors and on the ladder were some medical officers and some nurses. "You're a sight for sore eyes Nat."

She looked to Patton. "You too Chase." With a slight smile. "What have we got?" she asked as she pulled herself out of the turbolift tube, before turning to help the people behind her.

"The Captain's hurt pretty bad. Hit his head full force on the console when we stopped. The rest are just cuts and bruises, possibly a few broken bones." Patton responded, and pointed to the Captain lying on the floor. "He's had zero-point-four cc's of trianoline, and he appears stable for now."

"Transporters are all still down, I'll do what I can for him here, but no promises." By this time she had pulled out her medical tricorder and was scanning the Captain, while the other people she brought with her were doing the same to the various other people on the bridge.

"We are working on getting transporters back online. They are a high priority right now, so we can beam out the wounded." Patton replied. "Warrant Officer Acounta, what's the status of the Captain?" He asked, concerned.

"He doesn't have a concussion, but he's going to have a hell of a headache. I'm administering two cc's of tricordrazine."

Captain Terax began to stir. "Oh, that hurt." He said to no one in particular. "Report?" He asked, groggily, as he looked to Acounta.

"You are going to have a bit of a headache, but nothing permanent. You don't have a concussion either. The tricordrazine that I have given you should get you going." She injected another hypospray. "I've just given you four cc's of hydrocortilene which will reduce the headache too. I would suggest that you take it easy and get to sickbay, but we both know that's not going to happen, and I can't get you there anyway. "

Anjad smiled. "You know, that could be classed as insubordination Warrant Officer. But I'll let you off now that I feel more conscious." He stood up, a little too quickly and was helped to his command chair by Acounta. "Lieutenant Patton, I want a full systems report as soon as you are able." Everyone was standing around waiting for their orders. "Let's get to it people, I want this ship fixed as soon as we can. Let's move!"


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