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Taking The Detour

Posted on Sat Aug 3rd, 2019 @ 7:11pm by Commander Timothy Parker
Edited on on Sat Aug 3rd, 2019 @ 7:46pm

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD09 || 2355

Nine days aboard the Magellan, and Tim had felt quite comfortable with taking the night shift. The Inconnu Expanse had long been quiet, and the graveyard shift seemed even less eventful. All was just how the Lieutenant Commander liked it, aside from the mission. The parameters seemed to have changed in recent hours, especially after the rendezvous with the Gisborne. Ever since the Alrakis Pact was formed, much had been left to uncertainty. How would the Federation formerly respond to the expulsion deadline? What would be the next step for the Alrakis powers? What would happen to the massive investment Starfleet had already made in the Expanse?

Thankfully, none of these were questions Tim had to answer or worry about. There were more than a thousand people aboard this ship, and each of them couldn’t be too concerned about what was happening outside this ship. That was something Captain Terax had to focus on, and by extension, Tim had orders to follow. Those orders included keeping the ship moving forward into the uncertainties.

“Commander,” called the Ensign at the forward Operations station, breaking the twenty-plus minutes of silence that had encompassed the under-staffed bridge. “I’m picking up a distortion on the long-range sensors.”

Tim frowned, thinking that their echo had returned. “Analysis?” he asked.

The Deltan Ensign frowned. Her fingers continued to fly across the console as she attempted to obtain more information. “The Expanse’s inherit properties are continuing to distort our sensor readings. And its distance is making it even more difficult.”

“Just how far away is it?” he asked, rising to his feet and approaching the operations station to look over her shoulder.

“I can’t pinpoint that either,” the Deltan replied. “The echo is nothing like the one encountered earlier. If our sensors are to be believed, it is much larger in size.”

“Location?” Tim asked, already preparing the order.

She compared the sensor readings and the star charts on file for this sector of the Expanse. “Looks like it’s coming from the Alrakis system.”

Tim maintained his frown. His orders from the Captain had been to follow the anomalies, but hearing the name of a system that matched the name of the pact gave him enough pause. Still, orders were orders. “Continue passive scans, Ensign. Helm, adjust our course. Let’s head for the Alrakis system.”

“Aye, sir,” replied the Andorian helmsman. “Estimated arrival, just over twelve hours.”

“Excellent, helmsman, thank you.” Tim returned to the center seat and picked up a padd that he’d left beside the chair in order to enter the event and decision in the ship’s log. He also sent a message to the Captain for when he awoke. This would certainly impact his morning routine.


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