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Does It Have A Bathtub?

Posted on Sun Aug 11th, 2019 @ 5:05pm by Ensign Hannah Peeters MD & Captain Anjad Terax

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Ready Room
Timeline: MD09 1810

Captain Anjad Terax sat in his ready room, waiting for two officers to arrive. They had been on the Gisborne, but were originally from the Vindicator. He read over some of the reports from Captain Yorke while he waited for them to arrive.

Meanwhile, outside, the turbolift slowed and came to a stop. Before she walked out, Hannah said with a smile in her voice: “You may have to find a new secretary to keep track of when and where you need to be. I quit.”

Hannah was sure some clever retort was on the tip of Kiara’s tongue, but she didn’t get the chance to voice it before the turbolift doors opened up onto the main bridge. From there, it was a small hop to the Captain’s Ready Room.

A few pairs of inquisitive eyes turned to them as they walked onto the bridge. “Ensigns Hannah Peeters and Kiara Hansen, reporting to the Captain’s Ready Room as ordered,” Hannah said in their general direction. Then she rang the Captain’s chime.

"Enter," Captain Terax called out to the room, as the door opened. He didn't stand from his desk, and just waved the two officers to the chairs in front of him. "Come in, have a seat."

Kiara didn't so much as blink before she plopped down, with little or no regard for grace. Hannah, for her part, carefully made eye contact with the Captain, greeting him silently with a slight nod before she carefully lowered herself onto the other chair. "Thank you, Captain," she said.

She didn't just mean thank you for the chair, or for taking the time to have this meeting -- although, there was that. "I understand you're willing to take us on temporarily, until we can rejoin the Vindicator. We are ... grateful."

She stole a glance at Kiara before she went on. "Ensign Hansen and I have been sharing quarters for the past few weeks. With the extensive repairs needed after her run-in with gravity, space was at a premium on the Gisborne. Compared to that, the accommodations on a Galaxy class ship will be positively palatial. And your medical facilities are almost as good as those on the hospital ship we originally came from. There will be much to do and learn here."

Out of the corner of her eye, Hannah saw Kiara nod. "Speaking of hospital ships, though, Captain ... any idea how long it will be before we're back on the Vindicator? Unlike my bright-eyed colleague here, I'm still in the middle of my residency. Will that be put on hold?"

"I don't see why it has to be put on hold. I'll get Lieutenant Reilin to review your record, and see what you need, to continue. We are scheduled to only be here for a few weeks, but as you know, that's not always a guarantee. Because it's a few weeks, do you both have any issues if I add you to our duty roster? Ostensibly, to continue your residency, Ensign Hansen. but for you Ensign Peeters, you seem like the type who doesn't respond well to long periods of nothingness."

Kiara snorted. Hannah blinked. "Honestly, sir," she said, "it never actually occurred to me that we might be sitting idle until we get off this ship, whenever that may be." She sounded almost ... panicked, and sat up even straighter in her chair than she already had been. "If we're going to be here for weeks, of course we will work."

Kiara pointed a thumb at the woman beside her. "I'm with her," she said with a small shrug. "I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm all for a good long vacation every once in a while, and a two-hour soak in the bathtub every other Wednesday. Plus, I have it on good authority that some of your holodeck programs are quite the rage. But if you're willing to let me continue working towards my residency requirements while I'm here, well, I'd be rather dense to turn that down, wouldn't I? What shifts would you like us on? "

The Captain smiled at at the officers sitting in front of him. Wonder who is going to tell them that junior officers don't get bathtubs in their quarters he chuckled to himself.

Hannah looked at Kiara briefly with a frown, then turned back to the Captain. "I noticed there was a sample duty roster attached to your message summoning us here, sir. Since the Magellan runs on a four-shift rotation, and the Department Head and Assistant stand watch during Alpha and Gamma shift respectively, may I assume you'll want us standing our watches on Beta and Delta shift?"

Terax nodded. "That's correct, though I am sure we can iron out the specifics assignments tomorrow but for now, Ensign Peeters, take Delta shift. Ensign Hansen take the Beta shift. With Lieutenant Reilin on Alpha shift, it would be a good time to catch him, and discuss your residency."

Kiara smiled. If the Magellan ran on the same clock as the Gisborne -- and so far, she'd seen no reason to assume otherwise -- that meant 'her' shift had just ended. She would get a full 18 hours to settle in, explore the ship, go to the lounge or to the arboretum to meet some fresh faces, get a good night's sleep, and maybe even check out some of those holodeck goodies, all before she had to report in. Bonus: she wouldn't even have to get up much earlier than usual to catch the CMO on duty right before her shift. "Will do, boss," she told the Captain with a little mock salute, leaning back in her chair a bit.

Hannah, for her part, gave a curt nod and a crisp "Aye, sir," before standing up into what might well have passed for parade rest at the Academy -- it certainly would have at Kiara's ROTC program, but if Hannah was to be believed, that didn't mean much. "Will there be anything else, Captain?" she said, hands clasped behind her back, feet at shoulder width, and probably staring at some point on the bulkhead right above the Captain's forehead, though Kiara couldn't see that from where she was sitting. It took her a bit of effort not to roll her eyes.

"No, thank you Ensigns. Link up with Commander Parker, and get assigned some quarters." He nodded to them both. "Dismissed."

For a second, Hannah looked like she might actually want to click her heels before she turned and left the Ready Room. Kiara pre-empted it by jumping to her feet and grabbing her by the sleeve as she began moving towards the door, pulling Kiara gently with her and then letting go. "See you later, Captain," she threw over her shoulder with a smile. The Ready Room door opened, and they walked out.


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