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Posted on Sun Jul 21st, 2019 @ 10:14pm by Captain Anjad Terax

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Ready Room
Timeline: MD09 1715

As Captain Terax left the observation room, he headed for his ready room. Captain Yorke called out to him. "Might I have a word Captain?"

"Of course." He replied as he entered the room, heading straight for his desk. "Drink?" He asked.

Captain York shook her head. "No, thank you Anjad." She walked to the chair in front of the desk, and sat, as he replicated himself a drink.

He turned and sat at the desk. "So what can I do for you, Oriana?" He asked as he took a sip of his apple juice.

"About four weeks ago, we hit a gravimetric anomaly. It didn't do much physical damage, but when it hit the shields, it overloaded them and blew out EPS relays throughout the ship. One of the relays that blew was the one in sickbay, which took out some of our medical staff."

A look of shock passed over Anjad's face. "How many were injured?" He asked, concerned.

"Two fatalities. One was an Engineering officer, in for a checkup, and the assistant CMO. But there were seven other serious injuries, including the CMO, and a few other medical officers, and crew. it was physical time, so sickbay was fuller than normal. It also blew out the EMH emitters."

Still, in shock, he paused for a second. "How come you didn't head back for Starbase 249?"

"Our mission is a top priority, and no" she held up a hand to stop Anjad from speaking. "Before you say it, I didn't put the mission before people's lives. We were an hour from rendezvousing with the USS Vindicator. They had some officers from SI, and the Vindicator was heading back to 249. We were simply going to offload all the injured, especially with our sickbay out of commission. The Vindicator simply pushed their engines and arrived within twenty minutes or so. We offloaded the more severely injured to them, and they gave us some of their medical and engineering staff, and they looked after the ones we could fit into the auxiliary sickbay and supplemented my own engineers to get sickbay back up and running."

"That's... a really lucky time to get hit by an anomaly if there is such a thing as a lucky time to get by an anomaly."

A small smile flashed over Oriana's face. "There isn't a good time to be hit by one, but it worked out well. But you are probably wondering why I am telling you all this? We have to remain in the Expanse for the foreseeable future, I can't tell you why, but you know that." She replied with a sly smile. "Well I need to borrow some of your inventory, just a few holo emitters, we don't really have the time to build new ones, so I can get my EMH back online. And the Vindicator crew are no longer required, so I was wondering if you could take them back to 249, on your way?"

"Of course," Anjad replied. He let out a small laugh. "The power of a Galaxy Class starship, and I am reduced to the role of a taxi driver."

She echoed his laugh. "Well, you have the room. There are only sixteen transfers. I'll have them beamed on board at 1800 hours. Should give you enough time to organise them some quarters. And they will work for travel." She let out her own laugh. "So feel free to add them to your duty rosters, I know you aren't heading back for another couple of weeks."

"They know they still won't be going home yet? I don't want to add them to the rosters if they think they are only here for a few days." He asked.

"They know. The head of the medical officers is Ensign Hannah Peeters, she's... an odd one. Likes to keep to herself, but her work is phenomenal. When she is focused on her job, she's one of the finest medical officers I have seen. Ensign Luca Broadhurst was the ranking Engineering officer from the Vindicator."

"Once they beam aboard, have them both come and see me. They can talk to their fellow Vindicator crew, so they will fit in more."

"Excellent." Oriana stood up, quickly followed by Anjad. She put out her hand. "It's been a pleasure Captain Terax."

Returning the handshake, he replied. "It certainly has Captain Yorke. Good luck with your mission."

"Should certainly be easier than your's." He smiled at her, as she returned the smile and left the ready room.


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