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Traversing the Tzenkethi Border

Posted on Tue Jul 30th, 2019 @ 10:47pm by Captain Anjad Terax & Lieutenant Kala Anjar & Ensign Loran Kita & Commander T'Prynn & Commander Timothy Parker & Lieutenant Commander William Harris Jr
Edited on on Sat Aug 3rd, 2019 @ 7:46pm

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD09 1730

"First Officer's log, supplemental. Twenty minutes have passed since the departure of Captain Yorke and her team. Our course has been adjusted to take us to Starbase Two-Nine-Five. Our sensors continue to work most efficiently as they monitor the expanse whilst we traverse the length of the Tzenkethi border."

Commander T'Prynn, as calm and collected as ever, had been getting a lot of command time in during the last few days and was, yet again, in charge of the bridge whilst the Captain saw to matters elsewhere. She had implemented his orders upon returning to the command center some twenty minutes earlier and continued to monitor the bridge personnel for effectiveness. If it hadn't been an emotion, she would have probably felt pride at their work ethic. Instead, she simply appreciated their efforts.

"Ensign Kita," she called out in her monotone voice, "estimated time of arrival at Starbase Two-Nine-Five if you please?" she asked as politely as she could muster.

"Maintaining current speed, approximately 6 days 10 hours. Though we should be back in communication with Starfleet within 4 days or so."

"Very well," the Vulcan nodded in response before turning her attention towards the Operations station. "Have there been any changes regarding the anomalies, Commander?" she queried.

"There are variances," reported Tim, turning to face the Vulcan woman. "They have not left our sensor range, though they have fluctuated between one hundred to three hundred thousand kilometers."

"Continue to monitor them," and with that, she turned to walk back to the command chair, only to stop in her tracks. "Any sign of communications or vessels from the Tzenkethi side of the border? I wonder if our presence has been detected," she pondered.

Tim quickly replied, "I have not detected any unusual activity, or even the increase of activity. Either our watchers have entered radio silence, or they're just not that concerned about us."

"Exactly the way we need it to be," T'Prynn nodded slowly as she returned to the command chair at the centre of the bridge.

Will had been sitting at his engineering station, he agreed that the lest contact with whoever was watching them was the best. The one thing he did not feel like doing was having to repair all the battle damage to the Magellan should it come to something like that. "Well honestly it feels good to be moving again, however; I feel like I'm being stared at from a distance, it makes everything feel eerie."

Lieutenant Kala Anjar was manning the tactical station at the moment. Given their locations, she also had live sensor feeds to a few of the more powerful sensors, something that wasn't usually required. Something caught his eye. A momentary flicker, but there was definitely something there. "Commander T'Prynn, I'm not quite sure what I saw, but the anomaly following us, there was a flicker. It looked like a ship for a fraction of a second."

"Display your readings Lieutenant," the Commander ordered, pointing at the viewscreen.

Anjar tapped his console and brought up the sensor flicker on the screen. It was for such a short amount of time, he told the computer to pause it. On the screen was a blurry, vague outline of something solid. It might be a ship, or a probe, no one could tell. "That's the best I can do Commander."

T'Prynn silently observed the image on the screen for a few moments as she contemplated what indeed it was she was looking at for certain. "Maintain course and speed. Do nothing that will draw attention to us," she instructed as she rose to her feet. "Commander Parker, the bridge is yours," she declared before making her way to the ready room and pressing the chime.

"Aye, Commander," Tim called to the Executive Officer. The Ops Chief rose from his station as a relief officer came from one of the rear stations so that Tim could take the center chair.

Will continued monitoring things from his bridge engineering station, all the read outs from the nacelle that had been previously damage were still coming in clear. Will looked at the view-screen and for once he wanted to know what kind of ship that was? Was it an alien species they have never encountered or was it a foe that have had countless encounters with.

Entering the ready room, the Vulcan approached the Captain's desk. "We have further evidence that the object following us is some sort of probe or vessel," T'Prynn reported, "the distortion around the object fluctuated for a short time and we were able to ascertain the outline of the object. Without more intense scans, we will not be able to get further information," she concluded in her normal, matter of fact way.

"It's likely that any more intensive scans may cause them to adjust whatever it is they are using to create this... cloak, for lack of a better term. We can use this. Continue scans, but try and restrict them to passive. I want to soak up everything we can before they realise we can see them. Your thoughts, Commander?"

"I am inclined to believe that the probability this object is hostile decreases the longer they observe us," the Vulcan spoke up from her fixed position before the Captain. "Regardless of size, I am certain they have had ample opportunity to attack if that was their intention, such is the amount of time they have been following us. At this junction, I believe they are simply observing us," she revealed, "but it would be foolish to rule out the possibility of their intentions changing."

The Captain nodded. "Agreed Commander. Keep the ship on yellow alert. I want to know the moment that ship does anything that doesn't conform to what we already know about."

"As you wish Captain," T'Prynn nodded in confirmation and acknowledgement of her own orders. "Any other orders for the departments?" she queried.

"Standard security drills. We don't know what is out here, and I don't want to be caught with our pants down." He replied to the Vulcan.

"Consider it done," the Vulcan nodded before turning and returning to the bridge to carry out his orders. "All stations maintain current operating status. We are to remain at yellow alert until further notice," she revealed to the bridge crew before turning her attention squarely on the Bajoran tactician. "Lieutenant Kala. You are to begin security drills at once. Report to me on the success of your drills on the hour, every hour," she ordered as she returned to the command chair, stopping only briefly before sitting. "And I expect successes Lieutenant. Failures will not suffice. Understood?"

The moment the XO left the ready room, Tim vacated the center seat and returned to his station at the fore of the bridge. Security drills. Sensor echoes. He shook his head as he logged back into the station. This quiet tour of the Expanse was really anything but. There was an old adage from Earth when it came to things like this: Hurry up and wait. "Power reserves are on standby should they be needed," he reported. "All non-essential systems have been shut down."

Will tapped his side console and brought up the engineering procedures for yellow alert. All of his senior engineering staff that wasn't on duty just reported to their posts, and a level five force field erected itself around the warp core. All damage control teams were being dispatched to the main and secondary critical areas on the ship. "Level 5 force field is erected around the warp core Commander, all damage control teams are reporting to primary and secondary critical areas on the ship."

And so, the bridge crew of the Magellan settled in what what appeared to be a long evening...


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