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Welcome Aboard

Posted on Wed Mar 6th, 2019 @ 12:15am by Captain Anjad Terax & Lieutenant Reilin M.D

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Ready Room
Timeline: MD01 0815

"I think this is the last meeting before the XO." He said out loud to the empty room. "Terax to Reilin, please report to my Ready Room."

Meanwhile, in the depths of the decks below, Reilin had to wonder sometimes if the Federation designers of thirty years past had a particular talent for understatement…

That particular thought played loudly within her mind as the mature Orion moved with an almost sultry air about her new domain, long and limber digits gliding along one of the biobeds with a playful smile on her lips. Sadly, the older models that blended more with the ochre-tones of the ship had been replaced with more modern variants, creating a sort of disharmony between the equipment and the decor, and she would have admitted to being in the most peculiar of mindsets. She loved the new toys, but the decor and design of late 2350’s and 2360s certainly was a welcome change from the “machinist’s wet dream” that modern Starfleet ships adopted, especially considering her previous assignment.

But more than anything, she was struck by how… odd it was to call this place a “sickbay”. The designers must have had a particularly warped sense of humour given that the facilities about this “Galaxy”-class behemoth were just one step beneath a full hospital aboard a starbase (and a very, very small step indeed). Even the vaunted first assignment she had with the Heinlein didn’t have nearly as big of a playground as this!

An almost sinister giggle left her lips as she darted out a dark green tongue, running it along the edges of her pearly white teeth. The main ward was nothing, the amount of medical science labs (and the variation of those labs) promised that she’d not get bored anytime soon. She took a moment to look around, ensuring there were no staff members about, the poor dears might have thought she’d be plotting something nefarious, taking a perfectly healthy reaction to a bevy of toys.

She leaned over the biobed arch, caressing it gently with a purr. “Oh yes, we’re going to have such delightful times.” Reilin grinned playfully, biting her lower lip as she wondered how much time she had to avail herself of the labs before she had to go off and be personable.

Then… came the request from a Terax. Her brain taking less than a moment to recognise the name, that was the big swinging one. The boss.

She signed heavily, pouting girlishly, moving to wrap some of her long, lush crimson hair around a finger as she brushed her face with the locks. ‘Just when I was getting into the mood too.’ She raised her hand to tap her combadge.

“Aye, Sir.” She left it at that, she needed to see this Captain face to face before she decided how she’d approach them. With that, she tucked her hands into the dark blue medical overcoat which she had become quite fond of, the benefits of her new billet definitely agreeing with her as she proceeded to stroll out of the sickbay with a lazy gait…

Her unspoken complaints about being interrupted aside though, Reilin was nothing if not prompt as within the space of five minutes did the doors to Terax’s ready room open, revealing the voluptuous form of the Orion, her arms resting behind her back, causing her chest to press out and her back to arch. Not quite at military ease, but certainly seeming the very embodiment of poise.

“You summoned me, Captain?” The voice of the woman bore a most curious accent as she spoke, “smoother” some might say than some Orion accents and almost comparable to some of the more Romantic languages of Earth. There was neither a harshness nor clip to her words, more of a natural flow.

"I did, please come in and take a seat Lieutenant." He pulled up some files on his monitor. "How are you settling in so far?" He stood and walked to the replicator, replicating himself a cup of tea.

Reilin's eyes glanced to one of the seats, the Orion moving with a calm saunter to the table, pressing a delicate looking hand upon the backrest as she ran it over the material. Just like the sickbay, a mix of the warm tones of the past and the cooler tones of the future. [i]Very eclectic, very retro almost... in a 2250s sort of way, of course, they had leather as she remembered from the holovids[/i]

"I've no complaints, you brought me from effectively a mobile clinic to what's effectively a full-fledged hospital so I am quite the contented woman." The woman adding a hint of a purr as she spoke.

"I'm glad you like it." Remembering details he had read in her file, he took a moment to sip his tea. "Would you care for a drink Lieutenant? What made you want to leave the Tolstoy?"

"Normally I'm a fan of wine with a gentleman, but given the circumstances, I'll be fine with a cup of Russian Caravan," Reilin replied, slowly moving around the seat before depositing her hind-quarters firmly within the well-padded seat, one leg thrown over the other. "As for the Tolstoy, I'm afraid the story is simply a case if simply finding the offer to come here just the more appealing. Four years in the Gamma Quadrant after two in and around in Cardassian space, one desires a bit of change from worlds touched by the Dominion." Reilin's lips quirked. "As I said, moving to my flying hospital with all of its facilities has left me a most contented woman."

Terax replicated the drink and returned to his desk. He handed the Lieutenant her drink and sat down. Memories from the Dominion War came flooding back at the mention of the Gamma Quadrant. He had visited the Gamma Quadrant a couple of times. His Previous host, Kanal Terax, has been on the USS Hokule'a for a few months. It was during a skirmish with three Jem'Hadar fighters that the Hokule'a had been damaged. For an Akira class ship, she held her own, but she took a lot of damage, which is where Kanal was injured. Anjad had been on the USS Bondar, another Akira class, which had rendezvoused with the Hokele'a and taken on some of the injured. It was here that Anjad was joined with the Terax symbiont.

"Having been stuck in a few sickbays over the years, I can certainly appreciate the larger ones." He smiled. "It seems that you are going to enjoy it here then."

"Early indications are quite promising, yes." Reilin replied, taking hold of the tea as she raised it to her nose, replicated yes... but the aroma was nonetheless delightful. "So then, did you summon me for a check-up and a bit of polite conversation over fine tea or is there some way I can be useful to you at this point in time?" asked Reilin, that same mischievous half-smile resting on her lips.

"Both. You are new to the ship, and I wanted to see how you were settling in. And it never hurts for a Captain to check-up on his officers." He liked her bluntness.

"Consider yourself lucky that you're not due for a check-up for at least another three months, or I might have taken an opportunity to lead into physicals." Reilin took a sip of her tea. "But otherwise I'm content with the facilities, brought my little menagerie along after much protestation and I think one of my nurses wanting to take one of my animals home as a pet." Reilin giggled as she remembered what happened when said nurse squeezed the "cute" being a little too tightly and... earned a certain umbrage from the being. "I imagine though you're probably wanting to discuss that little note in my file from the Heinlein." It was a fairly typical conversation she had in many of her postings after all.

Terax smiled. "Little note." He let out a small giggle. "It was one of the topics I had planned to bring up, so you saved me the job. Though from what I am aware, you saved their lives, did you not? They would have died before you reached the Starbase?

"Some would say I got lucky, but I stand by what I did regardless of protestations to my methods." Another sip of her tea, her eyes glancing towards Terax casually, though it was obvious that she had made her position clear. If there had been some "lesson" to be learned, she had not heeded it nor would she have made any form of apology towards her methods at the time. "The fact that you requested my services would make one think you're naive or not quite so by the book as some superiors I had." Reilin's eyes turned to meet the eyes of the Trill. "Now you are a Trill, and judging by the look in your eyes I would say you are far from naive and most likely joined... or perhaps having seen far more than a man should by your age."

Terax smiled. "I am joined, yes. And no, most definitely not naive. Sometimes the rules need to be bent to ensure a win for the home team. As long as I am in the loop, we shouldn't have any issues. Especially in the case of medical issues, I don't have much in the history of medical experience in any of my previous hosts, so I will defer to your judgment, if and when it should be required."

Reilin quirked her lips playfully. "Pity, I like a little bit of a fight in my men." The Orion sipped her tea for a moment, her lips still quirked in that playful grin as she savoured the tea for several moments. "That was a joke, though on that topic you can be assured I'm keeping to a regiment to ensure my pheromones don't ignite the blood of our fellow officers." The redhead not hinting of a certain... Domme phase in her past, she be certain that would have been received in poor taste.

Terax smiled again. "The joke was not lost on me. And I am aware of your regiment. I trust your medical expertise to keep on top of that, but I would still like you to get a monthly checkup with Doctor Sebak, just to make sure you don't build any tolerances to your medication."

"Of course." Reilin perhaps not sharing the detail that she always made a point to store some of her pheromones before such visits. She didn't know the good captain well enough to share such a thing with him, and while she didn't quite care for her reputation, oversharing with one's colleagues who aren't quite so knowledgeable about the benefits of more esoteric research into other applications of her pheromones is probably something that would be produce an annoying squeamishness in the crew. A lot like that Parker fellow.

"Excellent. Do you have anything further to add?" Terax asked.

"Nothing pertinent to this conversation or quite to the level that would require your attention, Captain." Reilin offered simply. "I think we've either gotten through or circumvented a lot of the issues I usually find myself with when reporting to a new CO anyway." Reilin finished the rest of the cup of tea as she rose to her feet. "Fine tea though, though if you're interested I keep a few real batches."

"I do enjoy a good tea. Perhaps next time then?" He stood and extended his hand. "Dismissed Lieutenant. Welcome aboard."


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