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Speed Bump

Posted on Sat Sep 29th, 2018 @ 9:48pm by Captain Anjad Terax & Ensign Loran Kita & Commander Timothy Parker
Edited on on Sun Sep 30th, 2018 @ 11:27am

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Bridge
Timeline: MD07 0745

Terax was sitting in his Command chair, reading through the reports that were coming in from the department heads. He had plenty of time to read them, during the second 6 hours of his shift, when he was either in his ready room, or from time to time, the office in his quarters. Either place was acceptable, as long as he accomplished his work, which largely consisted of reading reports, checking duty rosters, crew evaluations, and a plethora of other reading.

He looked around the bridge, admiring his new crew. There were no bad feelings on his previous chiefs leaving their positions, especially as they were moving up in the world, onto better things. His former XO, Derek Freshia had been promoted to Captain, and given command of the USS Berkshire, which was one of the newer Vesta class vessels. It had taken alot of convincing from Terax for him to take the offer, especially as the Berkshire was one of the newer Vesta class which had the Quantum Slipstream Drive added during the last few months. He hadn't wanted to lose Derek, he had known him for years. But it was an opportunity that Terax had not wanted Derek to lose.

He paused, and looked to the console on the right arm of the chair. He could have sworn that he felt something. He looked around once more, noticing some of his officers had evidently felt something too. The general noise on the bridge has subsided, and he was pulling up reports. "Repor..." he never finished his sentence, as a jolt shook the whole ship. The red alert sirens replaced the silence in the room.

"Ensign Kita, report." He called out to the Bolian Conn officer, with a sense of urgency in his voice.

"We are encountering a gravimetric anomaly. I'm trying to pin it down, but its huge. Its affected alot of subspace, and is making warp unsustainable."

The ship jolted once more, almost throwing the officers to the floor. Terax called over to Kita. "Take us out of warp now!" The ship jolted once more, then the shuddering stopped.

"We are all stop Captain. It should be noted, we are only about 5 minutes full impulse away from the site, or rather, former site of Deep Space Seven."

"Lay in a course, half impulse." He tapped his comm badge. Commander T'Prynn to the bridge. Commander Parker, damage report. What the hell was that?"

"Standby." Tim had been at the rear of the bridge, running through the communication logs again and correlating them to the places and ships they'd contacted so far when the ship had jolted. He'd just sat down at the forward Operations station the moment the Captain fired off his inquiry. "Gravimetric distortions, sir. They're quite dense and widespread, though we are really just on the outer edge of it all."

He then realized that he didn't satisfy the Captain's request for a report. "There's hull buckling in the starboard nacelle from the sudden drop from warp. Structural integrity is at seventy-two percent. Warp drive is offline. Secondary power systems are functional. I'm shutting down non-essential systems now to prolong our power stores."

"Are the shield modulations not working? I thought they were designed to negate the effects of the distortions." He was sure they had been implemented. They had been adapted from the shield of Deep Space Seven, specifically designed to withstand the various gravimetric anomalies in the area. The scientist in him was running through various possibilities in his head.

"We made the proper adaptations based upon years of study of the Expanse," Tim answered, not looking up from his console. Had he not still been trying to figure out what happened, he would have faced the Captain. "What hit us and what I'm detecting is something entirely new. I'm picking up trace amounts of radiation which is consistent with what we know exploded generators look like. If I had to guess, I would say that when D S Seven exploded, it caused new damage to subspace as well as intensified and altered the existing gravimetric distortions."

"That's... new." He tried thinking of more to say, but that was the best he could come up with. "Is there anything we can do to mitigate it? Or is it simply a case of getting out of range?"

"I believe we can mitigate it," Tim answered, turning now to face the Captain. "We'll have to modify the main deflector, as well as the structural integrity field. Not to mention stabilizing the starboard nacelle and making sure we can reinitialize the core. Five hours at the most."

"So you are saying 3 hours?" Terax asked with a hint of humour in his question.

Tim raised an eyebrow, not aware the Trill was familiar with the Engineering and Operations playbook. "It could be complete in three hours if we pull in all hands. I can't guarantee we'll be able to triple check our work though."

"Organise damage control teams to the starboard nacelle. Can we extend the shields around the nacelle, so we can get some EVA teams to check? Will that protect them if we remain stationary?"

"With the gravimetric distortions, I'd recommend using the workbees with shuttles nearby providing sensor data," Tim replied. "It might not be wise to have someone out there in just a pressure suit. These uprated anomalies could prove fatal if we're not careful."

"Noted. Ok, workbees it is. Use runabouts though. They may be able to stand the anomalies a bit better than shields." He confirmed.

"Aye, Captain," Tim said with a nod. Assuming that was an order, he pushed his console aside and stood up, intending to leave the bridge to get started.


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