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Getting Underway

Posted on Sun Sep 16th, 2018 @ 6:41pm by Captain Anjad Terax & Ensign Loran Kita & Commander Timothy Parker
Edited on on Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 @ 5:06pm

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Bridge
Timeline: MD01 1650

"Bridge to all hands, Alpha shift report to your stations, and begin final departure preperations." He was well aware that right now, it was Beta Shift, but that ended in an hour anyway, and he always liked taking a ship out of a station himself. The Aurora class Starbase 249 was still smaller than a Spacedock, but nonetheless still an impressive sight.

Tim had been below decks, grabbing a quick meal in Ten Forward. Going into the meal, he knew that he didn't have much time to eat and that he would very likely be summoned to the bridge for when the ship was due to leave port. When he heard the Trill Captain's voice over the combadge, Tim's suspicions were immediately confirmed. Finishing the last bite of his sandwich, he rose from the table and departed, intending to head straight to the bridge.

Commander T'Prynn had been on watch when the Captain had assumed command of the bridge and had assumed her seat at his right hand side. She had been making her way through a number of status reports when he gave the order to prepare for departure. "Ensign Kita," she called out from the command pit, "Liaise with engineering and bring the warp and impulse engines online," she instructed with a nod towards the Bolian at the forward Conn.

Jeremiah was in his lab when the Captain's orders came over the comm. Since his own presence on the bridge hadn't been requested, he continued with his work; the article he was working on for the Federation Journal of Applied Physics wasn't going to write itself. His reassignment to the Magellan had put him behind his preferred schedule for submission, but he was still on target. It would just take a little more attention than originally intended.

Arianna was in her office when the call came through, reviewing the latest logs received from the Corridor as well as the latest her colleagues had been able to gather and collate on the new development. She stored the data in a folder she could access from the Bridge and headed there. While she wasn't necessarily Alpha shift in terms of Bridge Watch, she felt this was a monumental enough occasion to warrant her presence.

The turbolift doors parted, allowing Tim to enter the bridge via the forward entry portal. The officer at the operations station glanced up and spotted the Commander. Immediately he saved his work and pushed the console forward so that he could vacate the station.

Tim nodded at the ensign before sitting down and pulling the console back towards him. From there, he began a quick level five diagnostic on the station to ensure it was in full working order.

Terax smiled as the officers appeared on the bridge. "Bridge to all hands, begin final launch countdown. Seal all hatches."

Ensign Kita was busy on his station. "All hatches sealed, docking control reports ready, helm is ready Sir. Control is hailing us Sir."

"Control, this is the Magellan, requesting permission to depart."

"This is Control, permission to depart granted. Sixty seconds, starboard gate. Good sailing, Control out."

"Ensign Kita, clear all moorings, Manoeuvring thrusters to three quarters."

"All moorings cleared, aye. Fifty seconds to starboard gate." Ensign Kita replied.

Terax loved this part. He had taken a ship out of a Starbase many, many times, and it still gave him a little adrenaline boost. The doors of the Aurora class base opened before them.

"Ten seconds, to outer door." Kita paused, watching his screen count down distance and speed of the ship. "Four, three, two, one. We are clear of Starbase 249."

"Bring us to full impulse. Set course for the Gavaria system." Terax told Kita as he stood up. Commander T'Prynn, you have the bridge." He walked to his ready room, to begin planning the next phase of his assignment.

"Aye Captain. I have the bridge," T'Prynn echoed as she rose to her feet and stood at the centre of the command area, her hands clasped behind her back.

Tim remained at his station, awaiting any further orders. Not that he didn't have anything else to do in the meantime, after all, now that they had disembarked, there were plenty of early flight diagnostics to do. He wanted to avoid any surprises before entering the expanse if possible.

Arianna listened to the background chatter, tapping away at her console, making sure the uplinks were working. She'd received last known coordinates of ships along their route and made the information available to Security, Operations and Flight control, as well as the Captain and the Exec.


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