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The Danger With Assumptions

Posted on Sat Sep 8th, 2018 @ 9:44pm by Lieutenant Chase Patton & Commander Timothy Parker

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Bridge
Timeline: MD01 1030

Lieutenant Patton walked onto the bridge and headed for the Operations chief, who was using the communications console to the side of the bridge. Though there were designated stations, any console could be reconfigured to any department. He had been on the Magellan for a couple of years now, so was used to changes in staff.

"Commander Parker, I am Lieutenant Chase Patton. I've been told to report to you for instructions." He stood to attention in front of the Commander.

Timothy very easily could have used the operations station at the fore of the bridge to contact Starbase 72's dispatch to receive all of the filed flight plans, as well as any data they might have on ships and colonies within the expanse. The bridge's communication station possessed a larger working area, as well as multiple screen with which he could use to cross reference data and not have to squint as he reviewed the data packets. Timothy certainly could see himself moving back and forth between multiple stations on the bridge, taking advantages of the increased resources. Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad.

Looking over to the Lieutenant who just approached, Tim took note of his stance. "At ease, Lieutenant," Tim said, grinning, wondering if he'd ever been so formal with a superior other than the captain. "We've got our work cut out for us," Tim said, gesturing for the arrival to take a seat beside him. "We will be embarking soon on a courier mission, checking in on every ship and colony."

Chase relaxed somewhat. Maybe the new Operations Chief wont be as much of a stickler as the last one. "Every single ship and colony? Do we have many colonies in the expanse? Is this anything to do with that Alraky Pact that was all over the FNS feeds?" He asked the Commander, all too aware that the Commander couldn't necessarily tell him much, if anything.

Tim wondered if by correcting the Lieutenant's improper naming of the new Alpha Quadrant power he would be confirming the junior officer's suspicions. Electing to take a different route, Tim answered, "The Inconnu Expanse is known for various gravimetric phenomena. Because of that, communications are often interrupted. Consider this a routine check in."

"I've heard that, but I have never been in the Expanse. I have a friend on the USS Trinculo. They were on a patrol in the Expanse and went through one of the anomalies, and it fried half the secondary systems. No one was injured, which was good, but he said they had to use ration packs for a few days before the replicators were back online." He wondered if he was talking too much. "With communications being interrupted, I assume we are making sure that every Starfleet ship has received the message to leave?"

This guy wasn't just going to leave it alone, was he? Tim resisted the urge to look beside him at the Lieutenant. "Assumptions have a knack for landing people in trouble when they shouldn't be," he simply replied. "Of course, now that you mention it, we should make sure we are prepared with extra rations. Have the quartermaster put in a request ASAP."

Chase stiffened up a little. "Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir." He felt his cheeks redden with some embarrassment. He realised what the Commander was doing, and decided let the conversation change. "Ill put in a request to Chief Rafas. If I recall they also had some issues with their EPS conduits." He checked his PADD. "We have 150 on board, but I'll ask the Chief if we can have an extra 100, just in case."

"Good," Tim said, adding a curt nod to his approval. He honestly hoped that this was the end of the conversation, but only time would tell. "Don't let it slide though. With the quarter shuffle and all of this prep work, it'll be pretty easy to see items lost in the shuffle. We should also run a Level Two diagnostic on the shield grid and prepare some contingency plans for if our defenses get disrupted inside the Expanse."

"Aye Sir. We can try and isolate some of the more critical systems with a localised rotation shield frequencies. That had some effect." He added.

Tim nodded, considering the idea. "Sounds like a plan," he quickly said. "Let's work with engineering on implementing that immediately. Shields, rations, what else? Perhaps we need to make sure our raw materials are at a full stock for the replicators. In case we need to service some of the colonies we come upon."

Chase moved around the corner of the console, and accessed the panel behind Parker. He pulled up the inventory. "We have enough materials to build 16 replicators from scratch. While I am coordinating with engineering, I will see about shielding off the industrial replicators on Deck 12 too. We have plenty of spare parts for those too but if we can keep them online we can replicate any parts we need, and extend our supplies."

The lieutenant commander provided another confirming nod. "Once the musical quarters situation is settled, we'll need to make sure we have a few VIP cabins ready as well. This way, should we need to pick up a guide or two on the way, we'll be ready for that." Looking over to Lieutenant Patton, Tim added, "But that's something I can delegate to another officer. You've got your hands full already."

"I can take care of it. I just finished the cabin assignment for deck 8. I'll make sure any unassigned crew cabins are kept in a habitable state." Chase waited for either conformation or an alternative.

"Then we've got until 1600 to get it all accomplished," Tim confirmed. "Pull whoever you need to make it all happen."

Chase nodded, and headed for the turbolift.


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