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Shake Things Up

Posted on Fri Aug 17th, 2018 @ 4:38pm by Captain Anjad Terax & Commander T'Prynn & Commander Timothy Parker & Lieutenant Jeremiah Gilbraith IV & Lieutenant Arianna Frost
Edited on on Wed Aug 22nd, 2018 @ 2:13pm

Mission: E1 Only The Beginning
Location: USS Magellan; Briefing Room
Timeline: MD01 1000

Tim was not surprised in the least to learn that he was the first to arrive. Since coming aboard a few hours ago, he jumped right into his department. The Magellan still being docked made it quite easy for him to ascertain the status of things and perform a quick inspection of his duty areas, save the bridge.

Oh, how he was dreading the Bridge. Aboard the Polaris, Tim had a station with several large screens and plenty of room to move around. For whatever reason, the designer of the Galaxy class bridge thought Operations could get away with a single unit at the front of the bridge next to the helm. Tim did not favor this at all and planned to see how much he could work at one of the rear consoles without having to always be at the front. Time would tell to be sure. For now, Tim took a seat at the middle of the table, waiting to see who else would join him. He knew only the ship's captain and intelligence chief. Who else had shown up since there or already been aboard?

Having set up his lab, Jeremiah entered the briefing room with little agenda. Other than some attractive women he'd passed on his way to the meeting, that is.

The doors opened and revealed a brown-haired man in a gold collared uniform. "Good morning," Gilbraith said, his Received Pronunciation English accent showing through in his words. He approached the other man and offered an extended hand. "Lieutenant Jeremiah Gilbraith, Chief Science Officer."

Tim accepted the science chief's hand all the while ignoring his father's voice reminding his son to be courteous and friendly in all first encounters. "Lieutenant Commander Timothy Parker," he replied, standing to mirror the newcomer's posture. "Chief of Operations."

"Good to meet you, Commander," Jeremiah replied. "Have you been onboard long?" he asked, withdrawing his hand and moving towards a seat.

"Only a couple hours," the Ops Chief replied, returning to his seat. "What about you?"

Captain Terax picked up the pile of Padd's from his desk and left his ready room. The walk to the Briefing room was short and he was there within a minute or so. He entered to see Commander Parker already seated, and who he assumed was his new science officer. He nodded to the new officer, and took his seat at the head of the table. "At ease gentlemen," he spoke as he sat, noticing that the two officers had changed their demeanour slightly. "Just a few more to arrive. Give these a glance while we wait." Has told the other two men.

"Nice to meet you Captain," Jeremiah started. "I'm Lieutenant Gilbraith. I am not sure if Starfleet informed you of my arrival."

"They did," Terax replied. "We can catch up after the meeting. We just received new orders, which we are going to discuss."

Arianna arrived moments later, a PADD in hand. Her facial expression and posture were one of unreadable neutrality. Showing you were affected in front of a group you didn't know or trust yet was not acceptable in Frost's book. Gods knew though, that she had been affected. She felt off guard, concerned and a little angry.

"Captain, Commander, Lieutenant." She greeted the three men and took her seat. She chuckled to herself mentally, as she had almost taken the chair of the Chief of Security, rather than the one designed for her.

Jeremiah studied the newest arrival. She had short blond hair, greenish eyes, and great skin. Her femininity was apparent. He didn't even know her name, but then Science Chief wasn't a stickler for such details most of the time. Don't screw this up, Jeremiah, he said to himself. She's a fellow senior officer. You're going to have to work with her. Remember that.

"Jeremiah Gilbraith," he said, standing and offering a hand to the blond woman. "Chief Science Officer."

She'd caught the wandering eye out of the corner of her own as she sat, but gave no outward indication of the same. Instead, she briefly rose with a polite smile and shook his hand, "Arianna Frost, Intelligence." Ari said, her tone carrying a faint aussie twang. "Pleasure, Lieutenant."

With another nod, she released his hand and sat back down. We'll get back to you later. She thought to herself. Bigger problems first.

Entering the briefing room, an elegant Vulcan in Command read and a long, brunette ponytail sauntered towards the Captain from the aft entrance, carrying a data PADD. Upon arriving behind her chair on the Captain’s right hand side, she passed the commander of the Galaxy-class Starship the PADD. “Apologies Captain. This requisition requires your attention if it is to be completed today,” she nodded before pulling out her chair and assuming her seat.

Well that's new. Arianna couldn't help but notice the ponytail on their executive officer. Wonder how else she breaks the norm. But we'll get back to that later aswell.

Tim raised an eyebrow at the Vulcan's arrival. Even though the Andorians and Vulcans had settled their differences shortly after uniting under the Federation flag, there were several Andorians that Tim grew up with that had a few colorful statements to say about their long-lost rivals. But what caught his attention more than anything was that the red-collared Vulcan was doing his job, likely a side effect of being without a Chief Operations Officer for a while. Still, he remained quiet, waiting to see how this unfolded.

Terax cleared his throat, calling for quiet. He passed out the PADD's he had brought to the meeting. If everyone can take a moment to read the FNS article I have just handed you all, I will continue with our new orders.

T'Prynn nodded in response to the Captain's request and began to read the article as directed. It certainly made for an interesting read.

Timothy blinked, looking at the news article. How this hadn't trickled down the Starfleet chain, he had no idea. "This, uh... is this a declaration of war or something?"

Arianna shook her head lightly, glancing over at Tim with the same neutral expression. "Not yet. This is an announcement of secession and union. The fact that they are giving us an option to withdraw and receive existing assets in their newly claimed territory suggests they are definitely wanting to be taken seriously rather than just another nation state wanting to spite us, or the Klingons or the Romulans."

"The Lieutenant is correct. There has been no officially declarations of anything, other than this new 'Alrakis Pact' establishing their borders and asking for everyone else to leave them. The fact that they gave everyone 3 months to vacate their territory is putting them in a positive light, as opposed to ejecting everyone immediately which would put the borders species instantly on the defensive." He looked at his PADD and tapped it, bringing up the new orders.

"Not every starship in the Expanse will have received the message, due to the gravimetric storms. Our orders from Starfleet are to proceed into the Expanse, to the furthest location last recorded from any logs sent to Starfleet Command. The Klingons and Romulans say they have no ships in the Expanse, however if we are to come across any, we are to relay the message."

"Proceed the opposite way and do what exactly, sir?" Arianna asked, "help people evacuate, gather intel, possibly ticking them off doing so?"

"So, we play courier?" Tim asked. The only positive aspect to this was the thought of gathering intel, but he was no intelligence officer.

"To a point," Terax replied to both officers. "We aren't helping evacuate, so much as informing anyone we find of the new state of affairs, as we know there are a few Starfleet ships in the Expanse who aren't due to check in in the next month or so, who have been out of comm range. We are also on the look out for an alleged station that is in the Expanse. Ferengi border stations have picked up movements of ships and a sensor echo somewhere within a few lightyears of the former location of Deep Space Seven. But the echo cant be confirmed because of the storms. Our other mission is to find the station, or at least confirm its existence."

"In the eventuality that we should locate this station, what jurisdiction do we have?" the Vulcan executive officer enquired. If the station was not a Federation one, it was perhaps unclear as to what role they could actually play there.

"We are not to approach, or cause any such diplomatic incident. Our orders are simply to ascertain its existence definitively. If we detect the station, our orders are to withdraw to comm range, inform Starfleet command, and then continue to the last recorded location of the USS Gisborne. The Gisborne is ship furthest in the expanse.

"Affirmative Captain," the Vulcan nodded, her ponytail swinging slightly behind her head as she moved. His orders, and those of Starfleet, were both logical and consistent with the situation that was developing. It was pleasing to see she had not underestimated him. It would no doubt prove to be an interesting assignment on the Magellan. "What is the last known assignment of the Gisborne? It may help us to ascertain a likely location within the expanse," she queried further.

Arianna kept quiet through most of the exchange, quietly observing those assembled as she listened to the information being exchanged. The orders however worried her. One didn't simply walk into an area, now that it was claimed by a union with clear dislike of one's own, and simply confirmed a location of the new union's HQ. There was nothing simple about their task.

Avoidance of a diplomatic incident was all well and good, however in cases such as this, and many others, it wasn't the intent that mattered, it was how said intent was perceived. Frost was worried it'd be perceived negatively for the Magellan and the Federation, if they got caught. If.

She did agree however that they needed to know where said base was.

"Their last assignment was a simple exploration. They were just outside of the Gienah system, a few lightyears from the Breen border. They were cataloguing some of the larger gravimetric anomalies. They have been out of comm range from the nearest buoy for around 3 weeks now, which isn't that long considering the Expanse. But during that last contact, they submitted their flight path for the next month, so we have approximate coordinates." Terax replied to the XO.

Arianna glanced over to Terax as he spoke, then at the Vulcan. She let out a slow breath as she recalled reading up on the known assets in the corridor and their missions. The USS Gisborne's one was one of the more interesting ones. I wonder.

Tim nodded, his head starting to think of everything they would need, from additional supplies, medications, and even fuel since this seemed like it would be a longer than average mission. Immediate and extensive diagnostics would need to be performed on the sensor arrays, and any overdue maintenance would need to be completed. "Are we going to have to be picking anyone up as we go through? Colonists? Refugees?"

Terax looked to his Operations Chief. "Its a possibility. There may be civilian vessels within the Expanse. We know the anomalies that make the expanse as dangerous as it is also attract a lot of civilian science agencies. So we will be on the look out for those. As far as we know, there are no colonies within the expanse. But of course we are keeping an eye out for those also."

"I'll get in touch with Federation Security, see if they can provide us with a list of ships and/or assets in the area that we should be on the lookout for." Arianna spoke up finally.

Federation Security was the civillian equivalent of Starfleet Security and Intelligence in one, focused on the civilian aspects of Federation life, and the two agencies, along with Starfleet Security often shared information and cooperated on cases.

"Do you have any orders for departments that have not yet had senior officers designated to them?" the Vulcan woman queried with a raised eyebrow as she thought of the other departments not represented at the meeting.

"Department heads will have arrived before we depart. For now, liaise with assistant department heads. We are departing at 1700 hours. If there's nothing further?" He asked the assembled officers.

Arianna shook her head negative silently.

Tim also had nothing to add. In lieu of responding, he checked his notes a final time to make sure he had anything that he hadn't overlooked. Satisfied, he looked back up to the Captain and awaited dismissal.

"Nothing at the moment," Jeremiah said, turning his head, but not his eyes, towards the Captain. "I might want to talk to you later though," he continued, his eyes finally pulling themselves away from Frost. "Staffing and resources."

Terax nodded to the group. "Dismissed."


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