Medical officer enroute

Posted on Sat Feb 29th, 2020 @ 10:17pm by Lieutenant Tobias Nutley 3rd


“It is strange” Tobias Nutley the 3rd mused to himself as he idly tapped a command in to the runabouts console “How Starfleet will allow me to travel several days alone aboard a runabout. They won’t however” He paused dramatically for an imagined audience as he took a sip of his piping hot coffee “they won’t let me man the bridge of a star ship.” He completed his sentence as he placed his coffee down again.

He was perhaps three days in to a five day journey heading to some as yet undetermined location to meet rendezvous with the USS Magellan. He had so far spent his time preparing wisely, reading and re-reading all of the personnel files he had been given, preparing a list of senior staff he needed to meet for a medical based on their last reported contact with sickbay. As was often the case most of the senior staff had not stepped foot in Magellan’s Sickbay for several months, maybe even a year according to their records.

As well as attending to his duties Tobias had also spent time reviewing and learning his lines for a stage production of Sherlock Holmes where he was to play the part of Moriarty something he was completely looking forward to. He wasn’t about to let the mere fact of several thousand light years prevent him from performing with his former crew mates.

"37 minutes until rendezvous" The computer announced breaking his train of thought 37 minutes was just enough time to tidy up after himself and change in to a clean uniform.

"USS Magellan here I come" Tobias said with a wry smile.