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Lieutenant Kahona A’Shan

Name Kahona A’Shan

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Caitian Hybrid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kahona is extremely lithe, even for a member of the Caitian race. She is also mostly devoid of fur, thanks mostly to her human heritage, though she retains the feline ears and tail of her Caitian parent. Her fur color is a strange mutation that seems unique to her and is generally considered to be an unfortunate side-effect of the genetic splicing required to produce her.


Father Toshi Naoe, Lieutenant Commander (RET)
Mother S’Tess, Commander (RET)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Kahona has extremely sensitive ears and is no less a skilled tracker despite her dual linage. Her reflexes favor her Caitian parentage, making her a very agile woman.
Weaknesses: Kahona does not possess the same visual prowess as other full-blooded Caitians. Her visual acuity is just slightly better than a human’s but is far inferior to her mother’s. She is also far less tolerant of colder climates given her almost total lack of fur.
Ambitions Kahona dreams of making a discovery so grand that her name is recorded in the annals of history, though she has yet to even get a paper published.
Hobbies & Interests Kahona is an avid reader and spends a great deal of time writing science papers, all of which generally receive little or no attention. She is also fond of lounging on the holodeck in as little as possible in a beach program.

Personal History Kahona A’Shan was the product of genetic splicing to facilitate breeding between a human and a Caitian. While she is technically a genetically engineered child, she was not subject to the ‘enhancements’ that would have placed her parents and herself in danger of violating Federation law. She was the sole offspring between her parents, and a miracle of modern medicine. Despite being almost completely hairless save on her head, ears, and tail, she was everything her parents could have hoped for.

Kahona grew up on the starships and stations her parents were assigned to. Her mother, a Security Officer, spent the first ten years attempting to teach her daughter to be a huntress just as her family had taught her back on Cait. Kahona didn’t take to the lessons easily and only managed to hone her listening skills and reflexes but otherwise remained rather distant from the whole concept of killing prey. After her tenth birthday she confronted her mother and explained that she had no intention of being a hunter. S’Tess was understandably disappointed but her father stepped in, one of the few times in Kahona’s life he’d ever spoken up against his wife’s wishes for their daughter, and forced the Caitian to allow her child to seek her own path.

Kahona’s father had been an engineer, and while Kahona’s natural curiosity was constantly sated by asking a thousand questions of her father when he would take her along on various jaunts throughout the ship or station they were living on, the whole idea of turning a wrench didn’t really appeal to the girl either. She absorbed the theory behind things marvelously, but she wasn’t overly fond of the actual footwork it took to make the theories a reality.

Just before reaching the age of 18, Kahona came into contact with her first archeological dig and fell in love. She’d been allowed to go on an away mission with her parents to a dig site their ship was excavating. The dig was on a small world that had been colonized by the Federation some hundred years previous and a new archeological find had been made. The young girl spent most of her time digging in the dirt, finding little trinkets, and generally immersing herself in something neither of her parents seemed overly interested in. When the mission drew to a close, Kahona had made up her mind that she was going to be a Scientist, and Starfleet would help her do it.
Service Record Service Chronology:
2372-2373: Cadet First Year, General Studies, Starfleet Academy
2373-2374: Cadet Second Year, General Studies, Starfleet Academy
2374-2375: Cadet Third Year, Scientific Studies, Starfleet Academy
2375-2376: Cadet Fourth Year, Advanced Scientific Studies, Starfleet Academy
2376-2379: Ensign, Science Officer, USS Nautilus NCC-1833 (Miranda Class)
2379-2384: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Ulysses NCC-66808 (Nebula Class)
2384-2387: Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer, USS Valiant NCC-20000 (Oberth Class)
2387-2389: Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer, USS Valdemar NCC-26198 (Ambassador Class)

Service Record:

Kahona’s time at the Academy was spent rather studiously. She went to classes, she studied as if it were going out of style, and generally didn’t do anything else. This, however, didn’t keep her from making friends during her four years of study. Her grades in the scientific areas were always near perfect, though she suffered and struggled in the Tactical and Flight Control lessons during her fourth year. Several of her teachers even commented that she would likely never make it beyond Lieutenant in the Fleet because of her inability to learn things outside of her chosen and preferred fields. That did not, however, discourage the young girl when she set out for her first assignment aboard the USS Nautilus.

Ensign A’Shan performed admirably aboard the Nautilus; contributing a great deal to the various missions she was a part of. Though the chances for standing out aboard the ship were few, Kahona never shied away from the chance to be part of away teams or be part of a high priority research project in her own department. If nothing else, her enthusiasm and willingness to be involved earned her a good deal of respect and even a promotion.

When Lieutenant Junior Grade A’Shan received her first transfer orders, she was delighted to see that they had given her the chance to assist in heading up a department. And along with her new position, she was granted a great deal more chances to be involved as the Ulysses was constantly being dispatched on scientific missions of discovery. In two short years, Kahona had made her mark on the Ulysses, and even had the chance to step up and make a live-saving call that kept the ship from being severely damaged by rogue special anomalies.

Her dedication was rewarded in 2384 with a promotion to full Lieutenant and a transfer to a vessel in need of a Chief Science Officer. The fact that the USS Valiant was an Oberth class vessel didn’t dampen Kahona’s spirits or drive in the least. Her tour with the Valiant saw her discovering rogue planets, mapping new worlds, and all the other things that made the young Scientist contented and happy. Her only regret from her time aboard the ship was being unable to get a single scientific paper published, something she’d been hoping would happen for her once she was in command of a department.

Her transfer to the USS Valdemar came abruptly in 2387. The Valiant had just been recalled to Earth for a minor refit and she found herself shipped off. Her Captain had seen to it that she be given a commendation for her service, but Kahona thought herself somewhat unworthy of it given her failures to get the Valiant noticed through her many submissions to scientific journals. Her former Captain had told her that the Valdemar would give her ample time to make up for it, as it was going on a deep space survey mission toward the Galactic Rim.

Spending two years in deep space give Kahona all the chances and more to prove she’d earned the commendation. Her department’s contributions to stellar cartography and several other areas of study more than justified the Half-Caitian’s recognition. On the return trip, Kahona was asked to take the Bridge Officer’s exam, something she’d never considered before. Reluctantly, Kahona agreed to undergo the examination and was stunned to discover that she was far more than just a meek little scientist.

Upon their return from the deep space assignment, Kahona was handed transfer orders yet again, this time taking her deep into the Alpha Quadrant, another chance to make a wealth of contributions to the scientific community.