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Ensign Hannah Peeters

Name Hannah Emilia Peeters MD

Position Medical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75m
Weight 60kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, blonde and ... not quite as handsome as she would like.

Hannah grew up on a Starfleet Science vessel, which was commanded by her father, and where her mother worked on the medical staff. When she was nine, the ship had a close encounter with an unexplained energy discharge, which left it dead in the water, cost her father his life, and severely disabled her mother.

Compared to that, Hannah got off relatively scot-free, but she does have some physical scars that tend to bring the past back to the present whenever she looks in the mirror. With long hair and long-sleeved clothing, she can hide it relatively well. But even if others don't see it, Hannah herself knows perfectly well that she has never quite felt whole again since the day her father died.


Spouse Not married yet.
Children None to date.
Father Captain Kurt F. Peeters (deceased).
Mother Lieutenant Teri (Theresa) K. Peeters, née Smet (medically discharged).
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) None.
Other Family Irene F. Johansen, née Smet. Widowed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hannah is a stickler for rules and protocol if ever there was one. As the daughter of a Starfleet Captain, born and raised on a smallish Starfleet vessel, she grew up in an environment where anything other than that would have been frowned upon. She has since been told repeatedly (even by a few Starfleet Academy instructors, up to and including a Bootcamp DI) to loosen up and let her hair out a bit.

The upside of this, particularly as it relates to her medical practice, is that Hannah checks and double-checks everything she does at least twice. It's not that she can't or won't think outside the box when the situation requires it. She's just a tiny bit anal about making sure all the i's are dotted and all the t's are crossed, before commiting to any particular course of action. Mistakes just don't happen (at least, not as far as Hannah knows). But it can make her a bit indecisive when the stakes are high and time is of the essence. Which is usually less of a problem in medical settings, and more of a problem everywhere else in her life.

Hannah grates on other people's nerves, sometimes. She is (as one former Academy classmate put it) 'annoyingly competent, yet socially awkward'. Hannah herself attributes this to having misspent the better part of her youth as the only child among 80+ fully grown science geeks, otherwise known as the crew of the USS Galileo. That said, although Hannah won't admit this to herself, it may very well be that she is just innately not a 'people person'. She's the kind of woman most people either admire from a distance, or secretly love to hate.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hannah is dependable, smart and driven, but also a loner who seems mostly humorless to people who don't know her very well.

She has been told by more than one person that she should dwell on the past and on her inner world less, and get out more.
Ambitions When Hannah was nine years old, she watched her injured mom lie unconscious on the deck for hours, in a turbolift that neither of them could get out of. She decided then and there that she would become the best doctor Starfleet had ever seen, so that she would never have to feel so powerless to help again. She is still working single-mindedly towards that goal.
Hobbies & Interests Hannah reads a lot, but mostly for professional purposes. When she goes to the Holodeck, her first impulse is always to run a medical training simulation of some kind. Occasionally, under mild pressure, she can be persuaded to play a game of Velocity.

Personal History Captain Kurt J. Peeters was granted command of the USS Galileo, an Oberth class Federation science vessel with a crew compliment of about 80, in the summer of 2362. He was then 42 years old. His name had only just been cleared after the quite lengthy investigation of an unfortunate incident involving the deaths of 8 crewmembers during an away mission under his command; it had taken Headquarters so long to make a decision that he'd almost given up on the idea of ever going into space again. So when the assignment finally came, it came quite unexpectedly, and at quite an inconvenient moment. His wife Teri was just 3 months pregnant at the time.

On the one hand, he absolutely didn't want to leave his pregnant wife behind while he took off on a deep space science mission, knowing full well that she, too, was committed to Starfleet and a born explorer. On the other hand, this assignment was all he could ever have hoped for, especially given his somewhat troubled recent past. He knew he'd regret it for the rest of his life if he had to let it go. So after some lengthy discussion with his wife, he decided to do neither. He took on an extra crewman as a childcare provider, enlisted his wife as the ship's nurse, and took his whole family along for the ride. Starfleet Command declared both of them nuts: such a small vessel obviously didn't have the facilities to provide a growing child with everything she needed, and she'd be the only child around. But nobody really tried to stop Captain Peeters. Hannah Peeters was born aboard ship, a little less than 6 months after takeoff.

After that, Captain Peeters and his wife took their daughter along on all their missions, no questions asked. By the time the kid was three years old, she was pretty much considered a fixture on the USS Galileo, and as she grew older, the girl herself seemed to perceive the ship as her home. The Peeters' briefly contemplated leaving her in the care of Teri's sister Irene at the age of six, so she could go to primary, then secondary school on Earth. To their mild surprise, they were met with vehement protests from Hannah herself. The girl maintained that she could get a proper education on the Galileo, and to prove her point, she talked various members of the Galileo's crew into teaching her within a matter of weeks. So she stayed. In short order, she grew into a precocious pre-teen, who would have been generally seen as just another crewmember, if it weren't for the fact that she spent most of her time studying. She was a loner, but not an unhappy one.

Despite her becoming good friends with some of the crew along the way, her father was every bit as much her Captain as he was everyone else's. He insisted strongly on her proper observation of every Starfleet protocol he could think of. Outside the walls of the Captain's enlarged family quarters, she and her mother addressed him as ‘sir' at all times, just like everyone else did. As Hannah grew up, he also made it very clear to her that her presence on the ship was conditioned upon her continued adherence to orders and to protocol. So Hannah became a stickler for Starfleet rules long before she came even close to joining the Academy.

Hannah greatly admired her father. He was her bright and shining role model. From a very young age, she had been determined to once become a scientist and a Captain, just like he was. Those plans would dramatically alter, however, just after her ninth birthday.

In July of 2371, the Galileo was involved in a freak accident during the charting and exploration of a never-before-seen spatial anomaly on the outskirts of the Badlands. For reasons that still haven't been entirely clarified to this day, on July 26, 2371, the Galileo sustained heavy damage and multiple casualties during an energy discharge from the anomaly that the ship's shields were woefully unequipped to compensate for. The ship was left adrift in space with weapons, transporters and subspace communications off line. About a fifth of the crew died instantly when the energy discharge hit. Among those lost was Captain Kurt Peeters, aged 51.

At the time of his death, the Captain's wife and their then nine-year-old daughter were in the turbolift, on their way to Sickbay, only minutes after having had an argument. Hannah, recently having been given some basic training in first aid from her mother, had practically begged Teri to let her help out in Sickbay during the crisis. Teri, of course, had protested vehemently at first. She gave in mostly due to the fact that she didn't have time to argue much longer.

While the two of them were in the lift, however, another discharge hit, and Teri's head was slammed against the bulkhead with great force, severing her spinal cord just above the fifth cervical vertebra, and causing a subdural hematoma near her visual cortex. Her daughter, who was already leaning against the turbolift wall at the time of the explosion, was substantially unharmed, aside from a nasty gash on her forehead and some minor burns on her lower arms, where she had been touching metal inside the lift when the discharge hit.

Hannah has always believed that they would have long forgotten about that particular incident by now, if she'd been able to get her mother out of there quickly enough, or if her medical knowledge had extended far enough to do something else that could help. Due to shipwide malfunctions, however, the two of them were locked in there for hours, and although Hannah had climbed out through the shaft to call for help, in all the confusion amid cascade failures throughout the ship, nobody came to their immediate assistance. For a long time, Hannah could do nothing but helplessly sit next to her completely paralyzed, unconscious mother, trying not to cry, and above all, fervently wishing she could do something more. By the time an engineering team finally managed to free them, Hannah felt nothing but fury, because without being able to explain how, she knew they had come too late; too late for all of the cortical damage to be repaired.

Teri Peeters never regained complete control of her body. Although she could walk again fairly quickly using motor assist bands, and a neural transducer was later placed into her spinal cord to give her a reasonable amount of control over all four of her limbs again, she couldn't possibly work as a nurse anymore, mainly due to the fact that the tissue of her visual cortex had been damaged beyond repair. On top of that, her cognitive abilities were greatly impaired. She suffered from intermittent disorientation, later joined by frequent hallucinations, and eventually, an early onset variant of dementia.

Nobody could ever determine with certainty which of her maladies were directly related to the energy discharge aboard the Galileo, but it took Hannah many years to stop feeling guilty. Partly because of that, she kept one promise she had made to herself on the day of that freak accident: she would become a doctor. She would become the best damn doctor Starfleet had ever seen. Because she never, ever, ever wanted to be part of a situation again where she had to watch helplessly while someone she cared about was irreparably hurt.

Ever since, she's been working incessantly on achieving that goal, and she did it (surprising exactly nobody) through the most direct possible route to becoming a career Starfleet Officer. She joined the Academy when she was 16, having benefited from personal, highly specific tutoring on the Galileo in her youth, and sacrificed large swathes of leisure time to studying later on, which enabled her to take and pass the Academy entrance examination a bit earlier than most. While she did extremely well academically, she initially struggled in leadership courses because she was perceived, by many of her peers and even some of her instructors, as 'taking herself way too seriously'. In the first two years of her residency aboard the hospital ship USS Vindicator, she was tagged by her superiors as extremely knowledgeable, but strangely lacking in the interpersonal skills department. The situation improved somewhat after a new batch of residents joined the Vindicator in 2388, and Hannah hit it off with Ensign Kiara Hansen, who had en irreverent streak that somehow managed to loosen the stick up Hannah's butt a bit.

When the Vindicator came to the aid of the USS Gisborne in the Inconnu Expanse in March of 2389 and found that most of its medical staff had either been killed or disabled by a gravimetric distortion, the Vindicator's CO sent Kiara and Hannah TAD to the Gisborne to help out, while himself ferrying the most badly injured of the Gisborne crew to the nearest Starbase. Before letting Hannah go, he bestowed on her a field commission of Ensign, even though promoting Starfleet School of Medicine grads to Ensign before they had completed their residency was not standard operating procedure. He knew, had she stayed aboard, she would have finished the residency and been promoted to Ensign in a matter of months, anyway. He also knew she might have trouble convincing a new CO who didn't know her very well that she was officer material. So he made it a non-issue, knowing that under the circumstances, the field promotion was unlikely to be revoked by the bigwigs at home once it reached them for approval.

Once Kiara and Hannah had helped nurse the Gisborne's remaining injured crew back to health, and since the Gisborne was on a classified mission that could not be interrupted, Captain Yorke of the Gisborne subsequently decided to transfer both Ensigns to the USS Magellan, when it came by to warn of the Alrakis Pact.
Service Record

Rank Years of Service Rating Unit/Ship

2378 - 2382 Premed Cadet Starfleet Academy

2382 - 2386 Medical Student Starfleet School of Medicine

2386 - 2389 Resident: Emergency Medicine/Traumatology USS Vindicator NCC-23911

2389 - Present Medical Officer USS Magellan NCC-71820