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Lieutenant Commander William Harris

Name William Craig Harris Jr

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/El-Aurian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 215
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slight Muscle Build, goatee, hair cut even all the way around with no side burns.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father William C Harris Sr. (Deceased)
Mother Annette Jones
Brother(s) Joseph and Gregory
Sister(s) Beverly
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Smart and funny, doesn't mind a joke every now and than; never meets a stranger and not a stranger to hard work.
Strengths & Weaknesses Doesn't like stupid or weak minded people, can't stand when someone acts stuck up or superior in any way. He doesn't consider himself a natural born leader, but as been told many times before. Always tells the truth and does mind standing up for people who have been bullied or walked over; never shy's away from a good fight.
Ambitions Doesn't really have any ambitions other than to be a good officer and serve where ever he is needed.
Hobbies & Interests Likes to collect art work from his niece and enjoys listening to different types of music.

Personal History EARLY LIFE:

William was born on August 24, 2354 to William C. Harris Sr and Annette Harris in Houston, Texas, Earth. His father worked as a communication specialist at the Utopia Plantia Shipyards and his mother worked as a Communications specialist for Starfleet Operations. Due to personal issues Will's parents divorced when he was only three years old. His father relocated to Mars while his mother transferred to Starfleet Academy as a Professor in the Communications Field. Will was able to spend time with his father every other weekend, which didn't bother him too much. In fact hanging around the massive shipyards is what peaked his interest in engineering.

In 2368 his Mother Annette married Rear Admiral Roger L. Jones Sr who was a retired Starfleet Task Force XO and currently enjoying retirement. In fact it was his Step-Father who encouraged Will to join Starfleet, and after speaking with his uncles and father who talked about their continued family members who served he decided that when he graduated from High School he would enlist.

ENLISTMENT: (2371-2374)

Will graduated from Carman Ainsworth HS in 2371 and quickly enlisted; and after boot camp was given the rank of Crewman 3rd class and assigned to the USS Clement as an NCO in the engineering department maintaining all the weapons lockers/ and also worked in maintaining the Clement's shuttlepods. It was during this first year that his work ethic caused a promotion and he reassignment to the maintenance team for all Shuttlecraft. During his tenure on the Clement, Will made close friends one in particularly was Petty Officer Richard Nix. He also made a name for himself as a card and pool shark.


Will normally kept up with Starfleet operations across the Federation, via his parents and also the news media. When the Klingon Empire attacked Deep Space Nine and declared open war, he found himself being trained as an combat engineer. At the time war was declared the Clement was already operating along the Klingon Federation border. A surprise quick invasion caught the Clement across enemies lines along with several other Starships, and was forced to fight a retreating action back across Federation lines.

While in retreat the Clement received a distress call from a small mining colony on one of the outer moons of the Axanar system. Responding to the distress signal, the Clement forced a withdraw of two attacking B'Rel Birds of Prey and started evacuation procedures. However the two Klingon ships beamed down Klingon troops which started attacking the colony. Will's combat engineering squad was deployed in three Federation shuttles which landed and created a perimeter to delay the attacking forces and evacuate the 150 colonists.

With 30 more colonists to go more Klingon forces entered the area and beamed down more troops. With the Clement forced to raise shields and fight a delaying action, the remaining colonist were placed aboard the shuttles. While withdrawing to join the Clement in orbit, the Klingons targeted the escaping shuttles and managed to destroy the one with Richard Nix aboard; before the other shuttles and the Clement jumped to warp.

War time found Crewman Harris on a fast track to promotion and by the end of the Klingon Federation war had been promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class. He had been placed in charge of Gamma Combat Engineering Squad, and made the Engineering Group's XO.


After the end of the Klingon/Federation War, the cold war build up with the Dominion Started; and the Clement was transferred to the Fifth Fleet. After the attack on Deep Space Nine and the Destruction of the Torros III shipyards, the Clement and the Fifth fleet found themselves themselves on the receiving end a Blitzkrieg. The Fifth fleet was pushed all the way to Vulcan and reinforced with elements of the Thirteen and Thirty First Fleet fought in space and on the ground for two months. The Fifth fleet and ground forces were pushed back to the sixth plant in the Vulcan System and when reinforcement arrived fought for another eight weeks forcing the Dominion to withdraw from the system.

The Fifth fleet received a break as Operation Return was getting underway, and the Clement was placed on the outer defensive perimeter of the Vulcan System. The down time found Will trying to shed the clothes of war, and he had a brief LOA on Earth meeting with his family. When news that Betazed had fallen he was quickly recalled back to the Clement, just in time for the Second Battle of Vulcanis. Wil had been placed as XO of Beta Group and was deployed to protect a supply station on the sixth planet. Unable to retreat with the rest of the fleet, Beta Group and the 22nd Army Battalion and the Klingon 321st Shock Troopers fought off wave after wave of Dominion of Jem-Hadar troopers. The fighting lasted for two weeks before the Dominion Fleet was pushed back six light years, nearly 1/3 of Beta Engineering Group had been killed along with the Group's CO.

Will found himself as commander of Beta Engineering Group and a promotion in rank. He returned to the Clement in helping with her repairs nearly a fourth of the crew had been killed in the battle. Several months passed and once again the Dominion Launched an attack against the Vulcan system, the Third Battle of Vulcanis lasted only a few hours, but it was within those hours that mattered the most. The USS Clement had not fully repaired it's battle damage from the previous battle and found herself in the middle of a warp core breech. Will had been tasked to help with evacuating people to the life pods; while evacuating personal. A nearby EPS conduit exploded nearby killing several crew and officers; and Will received wounds to his chest and leg.

With the Clement destroyed, Will was transferred to Starfleet Medical to heal from his injuries. While in the hospital he was visited by his uncles and his Mother; his Step-father had re-enlisted and served as XO to the 12th Fleet. Will's father had accepted a Chief Engineering Position aboard the USS San Jacinto. Because of his experience as a leader in war, his uncles and mother talked him into following an officer's path; and with that he took the entrance exam into Starfleet Academy.


Because of his three years of experience as a Non-Commissioned Officer, Will had tested out of the freshman class of the Academy and was made a Sophomore. He quickly excelled in his studies, and also joined the Academy's boxing team: during this time Earth was attacked by the Breen. Starfleet Academy Cadets were issued out orders to help with repairs and to help keep the peace and help with the wounded. Because of his experience, Will was placed in charge of a group of cadets charged with helping with the wounded and also repairs.

A few weeks after the attack on Earth, the moral of Starfleet Academy was at an all time low, until the boxing team managed to take second place at the Boxing Championship. The Academy Boxing team hadn't gotten second place in the last twenty years; but the high note would all come crashing down. The Alliance had been defeated in the Second Battle of Chin'Toka, and it was then that William learned that his father had been killed in battle.

The rest of his Academy years went by quickly, after being made Captain of the Boxing Team after the Senior class graduated; he helped push the team to a back to back Championship victory. It was also during this time that Will met the love of his life Grace Colter, and the two of them became heavily involved to the point of marriage. However it was broken off when Grace discovered upon graduation her posting would be on a deep space mission for four years. Will was devastated, but he learned to cope with the difference.

During his senior year Will had been assigned as a training cadet to the USS Dakota in engineering. After serving on the Dakota for three months under Captain Devereaux, he returned to Starfleet Academy where he graduated 10 out of 365 cadets. He was given the rank of Ensign and he found out that Captain Devereaux had asked for him to join the USS Dakota once he graduated.


Ensign Harris now had been assigned as to the Shuttlebay for maintenance and repairs during the Beta shift, and during the gamma shift was ordered to Engineering to over see propulsion. Will worked this shift for nearly two years straight, and during that time he found the work to be rewarding; considering the Dakota was dealing with old shuttles that constantly needed to be worked on and upgraded. After those two years in 2379 Will was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was assigned as Head of Shuttlebay Maintenance and assigned as Asst. Lead on the Gamma Shift.

While aboard the Dakota Will created a weekly poker game with the off duty engineering officers and NCO's; he remembered what it was like being a NCO and they hardships they faced, and he wanted them to all know what with him he treated them like he did everyone else. In 2381 Lt. JG Harris was assigned to a shuttlecraft team in charge of maintaining the craft while escorting a Federation Ambassador to a trade meeting on Churchill Prime. During that mission, Orion pirates attacked the Dakota and tried to kidnap the Ambassador's to force the Federation in giving up captured Orion Syndicate personal. It was during that mission that Will managed to protect the Ambassador during the ambush along with the remaining two security officers. Being the senior most officer he managed to escort all the ambassadors to the Runabout they were using while being wounded.

With his actions came several commenations, and two medals; one for Valor and Wound for being wounded during the away mission. Because of these actions he was promoted to full Lieutenant. While the Dakota was undergoing a major refit, his commanding officer Captain Devereaux and his CEO Lt. Cmdr Benjamin Foster recommended that he take an Asst. CEO position that opened up within the fleet on the Goddard. He asked if he could have a week to think it over, and after a few additional talks took the position and found himself transferring to the USS Goddard.

While aboard the Goddard, the ship was assigned to a Three year Deep Space Exploration Mission in the Beta Quadrant. During that time the ship charted two nebulas and discovered 25 new star systems; monitored three pre-warp civilizations and greeted three warp civilizations. It was an interesting period in Will's life as this was his first DSM, and the fact that he grew culturally and happy to see Starfleet in the role that it was designed for...exploration.

When the Goddard returned to Federation space, Lt. Harris was recommended by his Commanding Officer to a project involving an old Federation outpost along the Klingon Federation border. The Old outpost was being activated again after being powered down for over fifty years. His job would be to refit the outpost within a year to full condition, Starfleet felt the area needed a new supply station; while Starfleet Intelligence was placing a secondary remodified battlestation on the Klingon border incase the Klingons and the Federation were plunged into another war.

Will was made the Chief Engineer on board the old outpost, and even though the work kept him busy. The Commanding Officer of the new Base Commander Jessica Standwick was a tyrant and one of the most disrguntled CO's he had worked with. Within six months two XO's requested transfer's along with the Operations Chief. Will managed to remain on as CEO for a year and a half. However one day while working Will stuffered a panic attack, and it was at that time that William requested a transfer.

He was transferred to the USS Churchill a Challenger Class Starship, who's CEO had been promoted to XO of the USS Piedmont. In 2386 Will met a girl he fell madly in-love with and her name was Jean Harrison. The two dated for a year before separating on good terms, as they felt the relationship was putting a strain on them working together. Now his best friend Jean and Will started up the engineering tradition of weekly poker and pool games and a bi-monthly poker and pool championship games. In 2387 Will had published an engineering paper on the Warp Theory and Warp Field Conversion for older starships. His paper was published in Engineering Corps; and his methods were added to be taught at Starfleet Academy. With this great honor he found himself being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

In 2389 the Churchill had been posted to patrol duties along the Romulan Border. On fifteen different occasions the Churchill caught smugglers and spies trying to ferry across the border from Federation space. While patrolling the border the Churchill received a distress signal from a disabled freighter who had wondered within in the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Churchill responded and as soon as the shields dropped to start transporting the colonist and freighter crew the Romulans sent three bording teams aboard the Churchill and opened fire upon the Starfleet ship.

Lt.Cmdr Harris locked down main engineering and managed to keep the ship operational. Unknown to the crew a Romulan spy had been planted on the Churchill, and managed to lower to forward shields of the ship and disabled the ship's long range communications. . Commander Silver the ship's XO disovered the spy on his security team, and killed him but was mortally wounded in the process. Before the shields could be re-established the Romulan cruiser opened fire and destroyed the bridge killing the majority of the senior staff officers.

Commander Harris discovered what happened an re-wrote the ship's command codes and being the senior most ranked officer still active along with the ship's CTO Lieutenant Beverly Newman; took command of the Churchill via the battle bridge. They fought the Romulan cruiser until long range communications were established and they sent out a distress signal. The Churchill managed to hold off the Romulan ship while protecting the freighter until helped arrived; the USS Piedmont and Virginia arrived to help the Churchill fight off the Valdore class warbird.

Unable to go to warp the Churchill was towed to Starbase 10 by the USS Piedmont. While at Starbase 10 the repairs to the Churchill were going to take 2 years to complete. While things were happening more urgently in the Alpha Quadrant; Lt.Cmdr Harris and 1/4th of the Churchill's engineering personal were transferred to the USS Magellan.
Service Record Service Record:

Enlistment: May 24, 2371:

Rank: Crewman 3rd Class

Posting: USS Clement NCC-12537 (Destroyed 2374): Captain Stacy Pierson

Class: Apollo Class

Duties: Combat Engineer

Assignment: Squad 5: Team Beta

Promoted: Crewman 2nd Class: October 30, 2371

Duties: Combat Engineer

Assignment: Squad 4: Team Gamma

Promoted: Crewman 1strd Class: April 9th, 2372

Duties: Combat Engineer

Assignment: Squad 4: Team Gamma

Promoted: Petty Officer 3rd Class September 10, 2372.

Duties: Leader of Squad 4 and 3: Team Gamma

Promoted: Petty Officer 2nd Class June 10, 2373.

Duties: XO of Team Gamma: Leader of Squads 3&4

Promoted: Chief Petty Officer February 12, 2374.

Wounded: Third Battle of Vulcanis (Caught in explosion, sustained wounds and burns to chest and leg.)

Awards: 2 Purple Hearts, 3 Letter of Commendations, Bronze Star

(Transferred to Starfleet Medical to treat wounds. While there took entrance exam test to Starfleet Academy and passed)

Starfleet Academy: 2374-2377:

Graduation Class of 2377: Rank upon graduation: Ensign

USS Dakota NCC-61914: New Orleans Class (2377-2381)

Commanding Officer: Captain R. Devereaux

Ensign: (2377-2379)

Duty: Weapons Maintenance and Shuttlecraft Maintenance

Shift: Delta and Alpha shift

Injured in a shuttlecraft accident on Stardate 56032.68

Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on Stardate: 56470.23

Lieutenant JG: (2379-2381)

Duties: Asst. Head of Shuttlecraft Maintenance and Gamma Shift Asst. Lead Engineer

Promoted to Full Lieutenant on Stardate 59424.25.

Awards: 3 Captain Letter of Commendation, 1 Starfleet commendation for Bravery, 1 Legion of Valor on Stardate 56921.25 for Rescuing 2 Federation Ambassador’s during the Assault on Churchill Prime by Orion Pirates. 1 Purple Heart for being wounded during that mission.

Transferred to USS Goddard NCC-60012: Nebula Class Starship

USS Goddard NCC-60012: Nebula Class (2381-2384)

Commanding Officer: Captain Henry Washington

Duties: Asst. Chief Engineer

Reassigned to Outpost Gamma 7 as Chief Engineering Officer

Awards: 2 Commendations

Outpost Gamma 7 (Klingon/Federation Border: 2384-2385)

Commanding Officer: Commander Lisa Wright

Duties: Chief Engineering Officer

Requested transfer: Granted

Transferred to USS Churchill NCC-47020: Challenger Class Starship

Awards: None

USS Churchill NCC-47020: Challenger Class Starship (2385-2389)

Commanding Officer: Captain Vera (Died 2389)

Executive Officer: Commander Philip Silver (Died 2389)

Duties: Chief Engineering Officer

Reassigned to USS Magellan NCC- 71820: Galaxy Class after decomission of USS Churchill.

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander on Stardate 64739.03.

Note: USS Churchill was assigned to patrol along Romulan Neutral Zone, received distress signal from damaged freighter within Neutral Zone. Proceeded to location of freighter when attacked by Romulan warship. Ship was boarded by Romulan Security forces, trying to obtain information on Starfleet forces. Stopped boarding action, Commander Silver wounded while repealing boarding action and later died of injuries. Captain Vera killed when bridge took direct hit from Romulan weapons. Lt Commander Harris being the senior most officer in rank on ship, took command via the secondary bridge. Fought the Romulan ship to a standstill and forced a withdraw. Managed to repair the Churchill enough to emit distress signal; USS Piedmont and USS Virginia arrived to aid. Upon arrival @ Starbase, numerous testimonies by both Captain Wills and Captain Davenport and members of senior staff and crew found the actions of Lieutenant Commander William C. Harris Jr to be heroic and above the call of duty. Awarded the Starfleet Cross with clusters and a commendation to be entered into his service jacket. Rear Admiral Tabetha Stallworth.

USS Magellan NCC-71820: Galaxy Class Starship.

Chief Engineering Officer