Lieutenant Brea Daar

Name Brea Daar MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 119Lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Brea has a natural beauty around her; her slightly creamy skin offset the colour of her Hazel-green eyes. She rarely uses any makeup to hide or change her appearance, Brea prefers a clean and youthful face. She is proud of the slightly dark brown markings running down the sides of her face and down her body, Brea doesn’t care about the stares she gets, it reminds her that she is trill.
Her chocolate hair is actually wavy to the point of soft ringlets; it shapes her round face with slightly defined cheek bones. Though she is slightly shorter than some people she knows, her figure fits her shape and size, she has curves in the right place, but due to her being a host for a symbiont she has had to start doing a bit more exercise, this then, in turn, keeps her slim. Not many people know Brea has a slightly faded scar on her side of her hip, where she had fallen off a hovering speeder.


Spouse Nil
Children Nil
Father Khal Nuzen - Head of Science Insitute
Mother Amara Nuzen (dec.)
Brother(s) Nil
Sister(s) Nil
Other Family *Other host have had children so Brea has connections to children and grandchildren of them

Personality & Traits

General Overview Growing up under her father whom prided himself in his job and family stability without a wife, Brea spent a lot of time being seen and not heard by others, and such behaviour was tailored to that environment.

This young woman is generally poised and well-spoken with an almost sing/song voice, which many of her patients have noted calm them down. Though she was brought up to have eloquent speech, Brea can often become clumsy with her word and tends to ramble when she is really nervous or she won’t say anything at all and will just walk away. This is a bad habit of hers, that she either realises that she is doing or not.

Brea when in a new environment tries to keep a calm and tender air around her at all times, always trying to not put herself on people’s radar but remaining approachable. This, however, can turn at any time when a matter arises, however, there are certain things that will push her buttons or make her slightly jumpy. Her first thought, whenever something happened, is the safety of the people in her care or those she classes as friends, Brea is a protective young lady. Brea still feels that she has some growing to do, she still sees herself as young compared to others even with the shared experiences of those that come before her, one of the reasons she thinks this is because she has a habit of sometimes rushing into things and bending the rules slightly when they are needed too.

Brea always had this take charge and leadership quality around her when she is working, it had always been something that she unconsciously did and something her father tried to stamp out, however, her Symbiont has reinforced this trait more so. Brea has grown into a strong and independent woman. Since gaining her Symbiont Daar, Brea’s personality has changed slightly to reflect the gained experiences she has almost an excited air around her when it comes to things she is interested in. Brea’s isn’t afraid of a good debate when it is needed and now will not be afraid to voice her opinion.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Her collective and shared experiences make Brea slightly more useful then she would have been without Daar. There is political knowledge, a tiny amount of alliance knowledge and the knowledge of how to pilot shuttles (nothing bigger than that, though). Brea like to think she is a quick thinker, good in pressure type situations and a strong physician. Though small in stature she does actually throw a decent punch when needed.

Weakness: She can become slightly excited when it comes to her passions, which makes her have tunnelled vision issues. Because Brea has become bonded to her symbiont, she now cannot survive without it and if anything was to happen to her or the symbiont both will die. New things, new races she has never encountered are also a weakness of hers as all she wants to do is study them. Brea can also be slightly OCD beds need to be straight and sheets need to be tucked in correctly, this comes from the host before her, who liked things in a particular order.

Fear: Brea is not a fan of transporters, she will shut down and get the shakes if forced to use one, and if she can she will fly to wherever she needs to be, she will over those death traps. This fear comes from the first host, where the technology wasn’t up to par and some of the symbionts had ended up dead due to transporting problems.
Ambitions Having the luxury of a longer lifespan than terrains Brea’s ambitions are not so pressing as others. She does not have the desire to command a ship or other things similar to that. Actually, the young Trill wants to learn, she wants to discover what makes different races tick and make them special. Brea does have a soft spot for the advancement of her planet if she was being honest.
Hobbies & Interests Klingon martial arts – this hobby is something she has done since the second host.
Reading old human fiction- Bad romance fiction is her favourite and has been a hidden secret of host number one.
Flying Small crafts - It has now been two hosts that know how to fly and Brea cannot help the feeling of either flying or being in a shuttle.
Baking – Brea herself before the joining always enjoyed cooking, after all, if she didn’t do it her father would never actually eat.

Personal History Brea’s History

Nearly Brea’s entire life has been spent in the care of her father, an educated man and one who heads up one of the Trills main science institutes. Her mother did not last long after the birth of Brea, which was rare for the advanced planet. Though it was a tragic loss, her father made sure Brea grew up with the memory of what her mother was like, photos where ever he could and small trinkets kept in her room.

Brea grew up on a Trillius Prime, raised to respect the tradition of the joining and that life experiences were important for growth and development.

Brea’s father prided himself on education, so he pushed his only child, letting her develop a curiosity about things and always encouraging her to learn anyway she wants. He found out that Brea was more a hands-on learner, preferring to get into the thick of things, instead of only reading about it. Though her father encouraged her to grow in knowledge, Brea also learnt early on the importance of responsibility and she stepped up to take that off her father. He began working slightly more, so Brea would always make sure he ate well, slept enough and took care of himself. Some would say this is where Brea started to take an interest in health, she would say that it was just what any daughter would do.

Brea always excelled in the biology base subjects, this was where her interest in health started to come about. However, it wasn’t as holistic as some would think, Brea saw medicine and health as a hands-on window into biology. So with her father’s blessing and a small condition that Brea put her name in the pool to be a host; which was seen as a huge honour due to the decreased population of symbionts, she agreed and pushed herself more to get the marks needed to go into medicine.

It was a momentous day for Brea when she got into the selective medical program on Trill. It was going to take four years of her life but that didn’t matter, so long as it came to the outcome she wanted, a doctor that can leave the planet and work for anyone in Federation space.

It was almost the end of her medical degree when Brea found out she was selected as a host for the Daar symbiont. He father was so proud, being an unjoined Trill he always had hoped to experience the shared collective memories of a joining but his time never came, so his daughter being selected was the next best thing. To Brea she was slightly scared, she knew the percentage of being chosen for a joining was low, but never thought she was smart enough or colourful of a person enough to attract the attention of the elders.

The day of the joining was interesting however, she went to one of the smaller undestroyed pools to accept the Daar Symbiont. Brea had heard that the Daar Symbiont preferred male hosts and was also fussy. She never experienced something as a whole and filling as the moment she became joined and known as Brea Daar. The experiences of the past host seemed her own, the little quirks and traits adopted in her everyday life, she was different but not at the same time.

The finishing medical school would have been a new experience for Daar and knowing that her symbiont has travelled, it made things easier for Brea to leave her father and Trill, to explore for a moment as a freelance doctor. She jumped on a merchant ship, the SS Sydney and started her adventures from there until the ship ended up lending aid to a federation ship.

The Federation ship had lost their Doctor due to a virus attacking the ship, the SS Sydney did not want to get involved by Brea stubborn nature was not going to let them leave. She was given a choice by her Captain, ignore the call due to the civilians they had on their ship or transport across and stay on the USS Saber. The Captain played on her symbionts fear of transporters hoping that she would stay on the ship.

Brea surprised everyone on the SS Sydney, agreeing to the terms and left it to help out the crew of the Saber, working alongside the surviving medical and science team to create a cure. Brea did not get away helping the Starfleet vessel without a scolding from Trill, the commission had found out what she did and where rather unhappy with the idea that Brea was putting Daar at risk.

Brea decided from that moment she was going to join or in Daar case rejoin Starfleet. She did not have to redo her medical and surgical training, she was also given some leeway with the officer’s school due to Daar previously having been one on the host before her. Brea declined this, not caring that she was slightly older than those in her class, and she wanted to do the coursework and the training.

After completing the course she was assigned to the training ship USS Merlin as a doctor, truth be told it was slow and uneventful time on the Merlin, she had hoped for something more interesting remembering what Hedik had gotten up to. Post the training cruise Brea was assigned to the USS Odyssey as a medical officer, but they had goals to move her on up to Assistant Chief medical officer due to her previous experience of having run a medical department on a merchant's vessel. It took almost two years before Brea was given the Assistant role and there she stayed on the USS Odyssey until her boss recommended her for a promotion in the role, putting forward that she would make a great CMO. Having on multiple times run the department on the Odyssey without the help of the CMO, even taking over some roles they did permeant to help the department run more smoothly.

Brea was surprised to find out that she was recommended for a Chief role and decided to go for it, interested in seeing what ship would pick up a joined trill, as she came as more than a doctor, there was a bit of pilot in her and diplomat.

Host One: Garreth Daar

Garreth was the first host of Daar, who been in the pools 155 years before taking its first host. Garreth was a notable and vocal politician who lived well into his years, banished from the political circle and becoming a travelling Ambassador, only to die of an untreatable medical condition, leaving behind no children.

Garreth had a very polarising stance, he did not agree with the commission’s rules that the host of symbionts could not interact with those from a previous host’s life. Many thought it was because Daar was young and new, but this was not the case it was a shared thought between the two, they did not want to go through there life restricted. Another thing that the politician was very vocal against were those symbionts that took full control of their hosts, he deemed them to be unfair and even a form of punishment. Daar did not get along with Oden at all.

Though Garreth rocked the boat at home on Trill, he was excellent in dealing with the federation as an Ambassador. A stubborn streak and no-nonsense was the perfect balance to deal with other races, he did think that he was given the role of Ambassador so he would stop causing an issue at home, but did not care because he will always let his thoughts be known.

Sadly the host had started to become ill while on a diplomatic mission, he was travelling with his bodyguard Tyrell another unjoined trill and some other members of his staff. Garreth worried that he was getting sicker and sicker relying on Tyrell more and more to help him. Garreth needed to see this diplomatic talks through, he could not pass it one even if it was going to cause problems.

The talks had finished with enough time to Garreth to make it back to Trill, to give up Daar and not cause his symbiont any more troubles having worked the poor thing close to its own death. Garreth who had been so vocal about his thoughts on the commission, asked them for a favour, one he was surprised to get. Daar wanted to join with Tyrell, it was weird for a host to request a new host for the symbiont especially one who had not gone through any of the commission’s trials but Garreth said it was a trial of his own and they both were very sure about it. Worried that a symbiont was going to die if did not agree to the terms was the main factor for them agreeing.

Host Two: Tyrell Daar

Tyrell was the second host of Daar, he was an unlikely choice by the commission, Tyrell actually he was chosen by the first host. He was not an educated Trill but an adventurous one that did not live to a ripe old age, he was mortally wounded and this was his reason that Daar was returned to the pools.

Though Tyrell could not read or write, which was unheard of for a Trill he did not grow up on Trill but another planet when his parents left Trill for unknown reasons to him. Tyrell did not see himself as dumb, he was quite intelligent in a different way, survival and curiosity. Tyrell met Garreth when the man had entered into being an Ambassador, he was originally just meant to provide a bodyguard service but that did turn into more of an assistant role as Garreth became ill.

At first, there was no communication between the two men, only time Tyrell spoke was about safety measures and such, but Garreth was always charming and could get people to open up and talk. This was where Garreth felt sorry for the young man, he wants to travel, experience things and live a life, not just be a bodyguard because his prospects were limited. Garreth actually told Tyrell he wanted Daar to go to him on his deathbed, to Tyrell this originally felt like a betrayal as the old man knew that he wanted to travel and not be tied down. Garreth, however, convinced him that this would actually be a new open door.

When the joining was complete it was a huge shock to Tyrell what has happened, he was in control but felt like he had gained so much. He now understood why Garreth was saying it was going to be okay, he had part of Garreth in him. Daar had actually let him see the man’s life and Tyrell could feel the longing of heading back home to Trill. Tyrell made plans to head back to Trill but thought he would go the long way about it. He became a freelancer working for whoever paid the most or offered the best experience, like hunting criminals or finding missing objects or people; this is one of the reasons he learnt to fight like a Klingon.

Tyrell also learnt how to fly, so he didn’t have to rely on jumping onto merchant's vessels or lifts anywhere he wishes. He accessed funds from Garreths accounts which were a nice little nest egg left to him to buy the ship and staff it with two other crew members, one a Human who was only out for profit and gain and the other an Andorian who only wants a good fight. They came in handy when Tyrell got himself into trouble, especially when he was mortally wounded, they took him back to Trill at his request and so that Daar could be placed into another, joined properly in one of the pools.

On arrival back in Trill, the two crew members wanted Tyrell to have treatment and keep living but he knew for the health of Daar he needed to do this, it would be too much stress and he was worried Daar would not survive. It was bred too much into him that the survival of the symbiont was more important than the host.

Host Three: Teela Daar

Teela was the first time Daar had chosen a woman as a host, she was actually another odd choice for the Daar Symbiont, already being past prime age and in a boring stable job she was someone the complete opposite of the two previous hosts. Teela already was married and had two children of her own before Daar went into their life.

Though Teela appeared the boring woman who worked for the Symbiont commission, she actually learnt how to play behind the scenes and use that power to push others she played with slightly in the direction she wanted them to go. The Daar symbiont added to Teela’s ability to subtly get what she wanted which was to rise up in the ranks in the commission, but due to who she was joined with Teela now knew she would never be head of the commission. After the joining, it surprised Teela the experiences of the previous two host was nothing like what some of the other symbionts had gone through. She knew Garreth was vocal about of the rules her work had put into place but now understood why.

Sadly Teela’s relationship with her family became a bit of a struggle after the joining it was a new experience for Daar, she knew this could happen but thought it had to do with the symbionts. Trills were taught the when joined romance and love are not a normal thing, that it was just a connection to help with reproduction. Teela was lucky that her husband was understanding, basically doing everything again the first dates and such, to help the Daar part of his wife fall in love with him again.

This was all new to the Symbiont and due to Daar’s already nonconformist nature, it worked out well for his host and the family. It felt like to Teela that she no longer thought so black and white about romance, after that is was a relaxed and normal life, only to sub come to old age.

Host Four: Hedik Daar

Hedik was a Starfleet shuttle and Fighter Pilot, a full-blooded Trill born to unjoined Trill couple that worked for Starfleet as well as science officers. He grew up with different values and thoughts that made him stand out from the crowd, he was also the second host to live to old age and die from natural causes.

Daar was in the Symbiont pool for a while, becoming really fussy over the host that was chosen for him and others. It was becoming frustrating for the commission worried that Daar would be in the pool for a while, they started to realise that Daar needed someone not standard, who was a bit different from the everyday Trill with interesting future prospects. That’s was when Hedik became the perfect choice.

Hedik was trying to discover his heritage and history something that sat in the back of his mind from the academy days, then his first mission on the USS Independent had hit him in the feelings about where his family came from, how that gave people a sense of belonging. That was what made Hedik decide to do the Trill initiate program to see if he would be joined. Truthfully Hedik did not think he stood a chance, he was average in intelligence and did not grow up at all on Trill.

So when he was picked it came as a shock, but he felt honoured. Hedik got permission to travel to Trill, he flew himself there and back. Another surprise was when he found out how different Daar was to everything he had learnt and read about, he also likes how a previous host knew how to fly it helped with forming a connection to the shared experiences that assaulted him.

Hedik went back to work, back on the USS Independent and had noticed people comment on the slight change in him, he was not a completely different person but had become more mature, skilled and stronger in his thoughts and opinions. His bosses found him a bit more a pain in the backside but everyone else said that this was a change for the better. His piloting style also had changed slightly, it used to be very regimented and proper, with a little graceful flare to it, now it was more rugged and real. Tyrell’s evasive high flying shining through.

A romance was around the corner for Hedik, he had read about the thoughts and feelings of romance with Trill and he was happy with that, but after the joining knew that Daar did not follow to them which was good and confusing. Hedik feel in love with a Megan a Female human science officer on the ship he served on, he feels previously he would not have had the guts to approach her or ask her out as he did if it was not for Daar. Megan and Hedik ended up getting married and having two sons, this was a first for Daar. The prior host Teela already had children and a fully formed relationship, so starting from the beginning was different.

Hedik and Megan enjoyed themselves on the USS Independent with their little family but there came a time where they had to think of that family. Hedik wanted to discharge and go back to Trill but knew Megan was the one whose job was flexible but it difficult to get a place, she had agreed to go to Trill is she was able to work at one of the science intuits as a Starfleet officer as well. So doing something that is frowned upon Hedik contacted one of Teela children who was head of one of the institutes, Daar had helped to get Megan a position and it meant the family moved to Trill.

So living in Trill Hedik took on civilian piloting, shuttling dignitaries back and forth on the surface of the planet. It was a good way to catch up with what has been happening, let the little bit of Garreth slip through, it was even surprising they type of people he ran into that have heard of Daar and the different opinions that the symbiont always had.

Hedik did not live until old age for a Trill, he actually chose to leave and give Daar back when his wife died. Hedik could not live without his soul mate and the woman his world revolved around, his children supported the decision though sadden by it. This was something that Daar also allowed to have happened the symbiont did not really want the burden of pain, that’s why Hedik always said he felt so peaceful with his decision.
Service Record Brea Record

Medical and Surgical Degree - Trill Academy
SS Sydney (merchant) - Doctor to assistant ship surgeon
USS Saber - Civilian Doctor Assisting the ship with Viral incident

Starfleet Acadmey - Commissioning and Officer training.
USS Merlin - Training ship Medical Officer
USS Odyssey - Medical officer promoted to Assistant Chief medical officer.

Host Record

Host One Garreth Daar - Politician/Ambassador
Host Two Tyrell Daar - Freelancer/Bodyguard/Bounty hunter
Host Three Teela Daar - Symbiont Commissioner
Host Four Hedik Daar - Starfleet Shuttle and fighter Pilot (retried with rank Lt. Commander)